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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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539 Recognized

The approaching troop was formed by the War Chariot Troop, the Holy Wind Troop, and the Black Dragon Troop, which were all elite among the elites.

There were more than 30 Venerables.

The Third Legion would normally send an upper troop to confront such a lineup, but they only had two battle groups from the middle troop and the Shadow Pursuing Troop at that moment.

The Shadow Pursuing Troop usually acted on their own, as they weren't even a battle group.

Facing such a huge gap in strength, Zhao Wenhao pulled a long face.

"The Dragon Rebel Army's overall strength isn't a match for ours. Since they've sent so many elites here, their force must be weak in other places. We just need to try our best to not lose this place," Jiang Chen said.

"Yeah." The three corps commanders agreed with him. They looked around for good locations to deploy the defense.

There weren't endless rounds of battle on the battlefield. The Dragon Rebel Army didn't waste any of their time. A few thirty-yard-long chariots charged over before anyone else could.

These chariots were almost the biggest Jiang Chen had seen since the start of the war. They were like moving castles.

They were so powerful that even before they reached the enemy, they could already be heard muffling.

The chariots didn't lose speed because of their big size. The friction with the air generated a layer of flames on their surfaces.

"Get out of the way!"

This wasn't something the middle troop could deal with. As soon as Zhao Wenhao gave the order, all troops and battalions got out of the way.

At the same time, a chain as thick as an arm reached out from the end of each chariot, blocking the whole width of the sky.

This was a strategy usually used in battles fought on the sea—to bar escape routes with iron chains.

Although the chariots had failed, the Bright Moon Battle Group and the Tiger Battle Group separated from each other due to them. As a result, they could neither combine their formations nor fight together.

The Holy Wind Troop and the Black Dragon Troop waited for a moment to launch a fatal attack, like a hawk staring from the air at a rabbit on the ground.

Suddenly, the Red Flame Battalion left the team and flew in a different direction alone. It seemed like they were escaping, but no one believed it to be true, since this was the Red Flame Battalion.


Then the Holy Wind Troop and the Black Dragon Troop, fully prepared, attacked right away. They followed the Red Flame Battalion.

"The Red Flame Battalion did this to keep us safe!"

Jiang Chen was the enemy's final target. Since the Red Flame Battalion had left, the Bright Moon Troop, the Tiger Troop, and the Shadow Pursuing Troop were all safe.

"Damn it!" the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop cursed. This helpless feeling was killing him.

"Jiang Chen can't die. He plays an important role on the battlefield!" Zhao Wenhao said. He was going to send a letter to the warship again to ask for their help.

"Don't worry about me. Set out for another one of the seven cities. Quickly."

However, Jiang Chen's voice came out of the three commanders' tokens. Since all of them were in the southeast, they could communicate through their tokens.

Jiang Chen spoke again, as if he was afraid they wouldn't listen to him. "Consider the big picture. We can't allow the Dragon Rebel Army to deploy the ward!"

"We can't abandon the Red Flame Battalion. That's unfair to you!" Zhao Wenhao shouted loudly towards his token.

Everyone on the scene thought the same.

Putting the loss of the Red Flame Battalion aside, since the start of the war, they had played a crucial role.

The soldiers of the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion all felt guilty.

"As you said, they're targeting me. As long as I'm alive, you can take advantage of the precious time to turn the tide of the battle and win."

Jiang Chen's voice was as calm as ever, as if he wasn't being chased.

"But there's one thing. My hometown is suffering from the turmoil brought on by the Dragon Rebel Army. If the dynasty wants to do something for me, please help resolve the crisis there."

Then the tokens went quiet.

"Jiang Chen?! Report your direction! Jiang Chen!"

Zhao Wenhao's eyes turned red. By then, even the War Chariot Troop that had tried to stop them had left. They were left alone there.

But no matter how much they shouted, no more voices came from the tokens.

After a good while, Zhao Wenhao said in a hoarse voice, "Go to the first city!"

"Comrades, will you waste the chance the Red Flame Battalion gave you?" the commander of the Tiger Troop yelled loudly, holding his knife high.


The Tiger Troop, always considered to be the bravest, found their courage after being assigned a new commander. Every soldier was strong and as crazy as a beast.

"Let's go!"

They headed in the opposite direction that the Red Flame Battalion had gone.


As for the Red Flame Battalion, their morale was still high, because the situation didn't allow them to grow depressed.

The three troops of the Dragon Rebel Army were in hot pursuit. Fortunately, like fire, they traveled fast.

But the Holy Wind Troop from the three troops traveled faster. The distance between them was growing shorter and shorter.

"Why are you still struggling? You have no way out. Surrender." The commander of the Holy Wind Troop was a young man in his early twenties. Fair-skinned, he had an impressive appearance.

Qiu Yan's pretty face was downcast when she saw him. She gnashed her teeth.

"It was the Holy Wind Troop that defeated us last time. The commander's brother tried to cover for us, but in the end, he was killed by this man," Commander Wang Qiang said.

It dawned on Jiang Chen that the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion had only been scheming, but it was the Holy Wind Troop who killed.

Qiu Yan suddenly said, "Let me use my vitality. Let's try our best to kill as many people as we can."

"Our situation isn't that desperate."

Jiang Chen wasn't a man who gave up easily. He looked around, trying to find a solution.

He kept switching on the formation center status so that the three elite troops couldn't catch up with the Red Flame Battalion.

The commander of the Holy Wind Troop wasn't a patient man. Seeing that the Red Flame Battalion wasn't give up, he gave an order.

"Change the formation!"

A pair of wings suddenly appeared on the formation of the Holy Wind Troop, thanks to which their speed doubled.

When the Red Flame Battalion and the enemy were already very close, a large amount of low-level demons suddenly appeared. They stayed between the two opposing sides to keep the enemy away from the Red Flame Battalion.


The commander of the Holy Wind Troop was struck dumb, but he didn't slow down.

The whole army was like a giant blade made of wind, so the demons couldn't stop them at all. They were torn apart as soon as they made contact with the Holy Wind Troop.

"It's not working. Tang Zhengyi, separate the formation." Jiang Chen made a decision. He didn't want to get the whole troop in trouble.

Like a part separated from a machine, the fire cloud, made up of more than 100 people, wasn't even wide enough to cover the soldiers' figures.

"Jiang Chen!"

Murong Long finally recognized Jiang Chen with complicated feelings.

He had never thought that Jiang Chen, who was supposed to be in exile, would be serving in the Flying Dragon Dynasty's army.

He knew from the 10,000 war merit points that he had that Jiang Chen must have made great achievements.

This guy just won't stay quiet, no matter where he goes, Murong Long thought to himself. The only thing he felt lucky about was the fact that Jiang Chen wasn't a Venerable yet, although he had made progress from the last time they had met.

I have to kill him before he achieves that.

He was even less confident than Ning Haotian. He knew clearly that once Jiang Chen became Venerable, he wouldn't be a match for him.

Once Murong Long got the chance, Jiang Chen would be killed.

"Jiang Chen, you son of a b*tch!"

Qiu Yan suddenly realized she had lost the control of the formation. The whole Red Flame Battalion was flying on its own.

It was even less feasible for her to go back to rescue him.


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