The Brilliant Fighting Master
538 Another Crisis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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538 Another Crisis

Out of the warship, in the Black Dragon Troop, the Black Dragon General also heard the news.

"Report! General, we intercepted a letter sent to the enemy's warship."

It was a piece of paper, but the Black Dragon General knitted his brows tightly after throwing a few glances at it.

"Bring the military counselor here," the Black Dragon General said seriously.

Murong Long, not far away, had a hunch that something bad had happened. He also looked serious.

Soon, the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop walked over slowly. He was walking so slowly not because he wanted to, but because he was physically weak.

He was a nearly bald old man who wasn't far from his death. He walked with a cane, bending his back.

But Murong Long knew this military counselor was actually no older than 30 years old, and he had once been a talented guy with a promising future.

He was like this because he had offended a powerful man from the Flying Dragon Dynasty and had been therefore given the most severe punishment.

The punishment was to lock him up until all of his vitality was released.

It wouldn't kill people directly, but it turned a youngster into a weak old man without many years left.

The mere thought of such a punishment intimidated Murong Long. If he had been the one who was punished, he would have rather died.

The military counselor had lost his physical strength, and his life span was shortened, but he still had one amazing talent—tactical formations and wards.

Murong Long knew he had graduated from an institute of the Flying Dragon Dynasty as the outstanding graduate of that year.

"General," the military counselor said.

"You told me that no one from the Third Legion could crack the camouflage you had deployed for the seven cities built at the strategic gates of the Black Yellow Gas, didn't you?" the Black Dragon General asked.


The military counselor looked up with pride. He said confidently, "The three masters of the Third Legion are all from my institute, but in my opinion, they're pretty average."

"Take a look at these two equations. Could they crack your method?" The Black Dragon General handed him the paper.

The military counselor felt disdainful. He didn't believe anyone could crack his deployment. He cast a casual look at the paper.

In less than ten seconds, he opened his eyes wide in shock, as if he had seen a ghost.

Upon seeing the military counselor's reaction, Murong Long felt like he had experienced the same thing.

Although he didn't know who the guy from the Third Legion was, he had been shocked by someone like this before.

There were always some people beyond comprehension, able to accomplish what one thought impossible.

Jiang Chen! That figure popped into Murong Long's mind. He knew if he couldn't kill that guy before he died, the guy would be a persistent shadow for his whole life.

"That's impossible. The Third Legion can't have someone like this! Jiang Chen? No, no, no. No one from the Flying Dragon Dynasty is at such a great level. It's impossible that I've never heard of such a person."

Losing his nerve, the military counselor said incoherently, "Jiang Chen?"

Murong Long was shocked. His expression was interesting.

"So he cracked your defense?" That was the only thing the Black Dragon General cared about.

Sitting on the ground, the military counselor nodded weakly. He said, "Yes. The Third Legion not only knows how to crack the camouflage, but also knows the locations of the seven cities."

The Black Dragon General closed his fists instantly. The military counselor's word made him tense.

"Listen to my orders!"

The Black Dragon General kept giving orders to deal with the possible changes in the war.

Looking southwest, he said, "Pass on my order: whoever kills Jiang Chen, the lieutenant of the Red Flame Battalion, will be awarded 10,000 war merit points!"

Some people behind him asked for battle assignments as soon as his order was given.

To the Black Dragon General's surprise, Murong Long, the newbie, was also among them. This was beyond his expectations.

"Go ahead." The Black Dragon General didn't ask him any questions. He just waved his hand.

Murong Long hit the road with the other generals with an extremely long face. He had to confirm whether this Jiang Chen was the same Jiang Chen he knew.

"General, please send me to the seven cities. I'm sure they'll go to destroy the cities!" the military counselor said suddenly.

Unwilling to admit his defeat, he intended to have another competition with Jiang Chen.

"Go ahead."

The Black Dragon General was friendly to him. Although their defense had failed, it was thanks to him that they had suppressed the Third Legion on the battlefield the first time.

As long as they could kill Jiang Chen, he could still use the military counselor.


As the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop had expected, the Tiger Battle Group, Bright Moon Battle Group, and Shadow Pursuing Troop were headed for one of the seven cities that was located in the southwest.

When Jiang Chen's equations had been applied from the warship, the Shadow Pursuing Troop's dynamic map had also been updated.

"In the long term, we have to crack the wall of the blue rays. Jiang Chen, what do you think?" Zhao Wenhao said on their way.

"Corps commander, do you still remember how the blue rays appeared?" Jiang Chen asked.

Zhao Wenhao thought for a while and then nodded.

The blue rays had first gushed out from the cracks on the ground and were then released into the sky to form a wall.

This hint helped Zhao Wenhao. He said, "To stop the blue rays from appearing, we have to do it before they appear. These blue rays are energy that's already been released. We can either get rid of them with great effort or..."

"Wait until they disappear," Jiang Chen finished for him. "And the Dragon Rebel Army will probably be able to do it again, maintaining the blue rays persistently."

"There's nothing we can do?" Zhao Wenhao said, unsatisfied with such an answer.

"We don't have the spare force to deal with them. But after the disappearance of these blue rays, before they release the next batch of them, we'll have five minutes," Jiang Chen said.

"Lieutenant Jiang, where did you learn all of this?" the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop couldn't help but ask.

His question piqued the curiosity of many people. Zhang Tianyi, who had been totally convinced by Jiang Chen, also looked at him, expecting his answer.

"At home," Jiang Chen told the truth.

Unfortunately, no one believed him.

At this moment, they heard the sound of the horn and saw the Dragon Rebel Army appear not far away.

And it wasn't the War Chariot Troop, which was cannon fodder, but the Black Dragon Troop and the Holy Wind Troop, led by senior generals of the Dragon Rebel Army.

"This is one of the more dreadful things about the wall of blue rays. They can send reinforcements anytime, but we can't," Zhao Wenhao said.

"Our message must have been intercepted. Have they come to prevent us from destroying the seven cities?"

"No. They seem to have come for Jiang Chen!"

The commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop noticed the Dragon Rebel Army was only paying close attention to the Red Flame Battalion. He realized right away that things were not good for them.

"General Zhao, did the letter give away Jiang Chen's identity?"

"I reported his basic information briefly and codified it. They couldn't have decoded it so quickly!"

Zhao Wenhao found it hard to believe. He said, "I thought it would taken them at least take three days to decode it, when the war would have been over."

"Jiang Chen, this is my fault." Looking at Jiang Chen, he apologized.

"No, you're not the one to blame."

Gazing at the approaching Dragon Rebel Army, Jiang Chen's eyes landed on a figure that was familiar to him.


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