The Brilliant Fighting Master
537 Beat the Gongs and Withdraw the Army
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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537 Beat the Gongs and Withdraw the Army

"You should have told me earlier," murmured Jiang Chen helplessly after a good while.

Before the three people beside him could pose any questions, he said, "The ward the Dragon Rebel Army is going to deploy only needs seven cities in the basin to work, no matter where they're located.

"But since there's Black Yellow Gas, I'm sure they'll build the seven cities at strategic locations."

Then, looking towards the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop, he asked, "Can the ward of the map detect underground conditions?"

The commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop shook his head right away. He said, "No, the algorithm used for detection doesn't include underground."

Then he said with hesitation, "That being said, if you know how the Black Yellow Gas moves underground, we can take our findings back to the warship so that the masters can work out another algorithm. That way, we'll know where the cities built at the strategic gates of the Black Yellow Gas are located."

"That's right. I know a few of the characteristics of underground Black Yellow Gas that can be used for the algorithm." That was exactly what Jiang Chen had wanted to hear.

"Great!" The commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop was also excited.

"But how can we take the news back?" The new commander of the Tiger Troop posed a tricky question.

Their communication with the warship had been cut. No matter how hard they tried, there was no response from their tokens.

"In fact, we can."

Holding the token in hand, Zhao Wenhao said, "We can send a letter, though it'll definitely be intercepted by the Dragon Rebel Army."

"In other words, the Dragon Rebel Army will know that we know," the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop said.

Then the three commanders looked toward Jiang Chen.

"Let's do it. It's more important that we know where the seven cities are than the Dragon Rebel Army knowing we know," Jiang Chen said.

"All right!"


At the center of the battlefield, the Third Legion and the Black Dragon Troop of the Dragon Rebel Army were still in a desperate battle.

The warship was already in a terrible condition. The Dragon Rebel Army had also lost many of their warships.

"General, if things go on like this, we'll be defeated when they've built all of the seven cities," the military counselor said.

Of course, Du Zhenfei also knew this, but looking at the three dimensional map on the table, the detailed landform of the basin was clearly shown, including the thousands of yellow dots.

They were all of the cities the Dragon Rebel Army was building. If the information was true, two days were far from enough for them to eliminate all of them.

"They can't have so many cities. On our way here, we didn't see any cities built at the locations indicated by the yellow dots."

The First Lieutenant flew into a rage. He yelled at the three masters of the dynasty, "They must have used some sort of camouflage to deceive us. Don't you have any solution?"

The three masters were sweating heavily in anxiety. They were respected people in the dynasty, but these vulgar military men didn't care at all.

If they couldn't satisfy these people, they would be killed.

"We have to know what method they've used. That will require a field investigation at places marked by yellow dots. Then we'll work out a way to modify our algorithm," a ward master with a long beard said.

"Right now the battlefield is isolated by the blue rays, and we're under the attack of the Black Dragon Troop. Why didn't you say something earlier?" the lieutenant yelled.

In a battle, tactical formations, wards, and weapons were the most important elements.

These things had always been the dynasty's advantage. But this day, they had been restricted by the Dragon Rebel Army.

"So there's nothing we can do if we can't leave?" Du Zhenfei asked calmly, staring at the ward masters.

The three masters shook their heads, indicating they had no other way.

"General, a clever wife can't cook without rice. There's nothing we can do."

"Beat the gongs and withdraw the army," Du Zhenfei said decisively.

His words provoked a great disturbance. The lieutenant came up to the table and said emotionally, "General, if we give the Black Yellow Gas away to the Dragon Rebel Army, they'll actually have the strength to fight against the dynasty!"

"So what do you think we can do?" Du Zhenfei said coldly.

The lieutenant didn't have an answer. If they kept fighting, their energies would be in vain.

It was better to retreat and figure out a way to make it up.

In this regard, the lieutenant wasn't as decisive as the general. He also realized what his weak point was.

"General! General! This is urgent!" At this moment, a soldier ran in, holding a parchment up high.

"A letter? Give it to me!"

After unfolding the parchment, Du Zhenfei burst out laughter after only a few seconds.

The big change in his mood made people wonder what had happened.

"Come have a look!" Du Zhenfei beckoned the three masters, the lieutenant, and the military counselor over. They all came up to the table to read the parchment.

"This is...?!"

The three masters took a deep breath, looking at the two equations written on the parchment.

"The Shadow Pursuing Troop and the Bright Moon Troop are worthy of their names. And this Jiang Chen from the Red Flame Battalion..." the lieutenant murmured.

"What are you waiting for? This is what you need, isn't it?" Du Zhenfei shouted loudly.

The three masters ran up to a wooden board beside the table right away. Their fingers were glowing.

Every time their fingertips touched the table, a strange rune would appear.

As the best masters of the dynasty, they showed their high performance.

When they had finished, they looked towards the three-dimensional map nervously. Du Zhenfei and his lieutenant were staring at the map as well, completely focused.

The densely packed yellow dots were disappearing from the map in batches.

In the end, only around three hundred of the thousands of yellow dots remained, which reflected the reality of the basin.

"It's correct. It's correct!"

The three masters were the most excited. They added the second equation given by Jiang Chen without being urged.

Soon, under the yellow dots on the 3D map, red rays appeared.

"General, the red rays represent the strategic gates where there's Black Yellow Gas. It doesn't contradict the first equation, but wherever the red ray is, there's a city. This can't be a coincidence. This means the two equations are practically flawless!" The master who had been in low spirits was glowing. He even raised his voice.

"Inform the battle groups to eliminate these seven cities at all costs!" Du Zhenfei said.

It wasn't time to beat the gongs and withdraw the army, since they had found the key to turn the tide.

"General, these two equations are both from the lieutenant of the Red Flame Battalion, Jiang Chen, the same youngster who found the existence of the ward?"

"Yes. And you said if he really had found it on his own, his skill in tactical formation would make him one of the best in the Realm of True Force. It's him," Du Zhenfei said.

"No, no, no. Not one of the best. Now we're sure. He's the best master in the Realm of True Force. We want to be his apprentices and learn from him!"

The three masters were more than 50 years old, but they were behaving like three impulsive teenagers.

"If he had been on the warship, he would have known the blue rays were untouchable, and we wouldn't have lost the Flying Dragon Cannon," Du Zhenfei murmured.

The others in the cabin also realized that if they had kept Jiang Chen there, they wouldn't have fallen into such a bad situation.

"General, we were just following the process. That was the only way to keep spies out of the management team."

"That's right, but now we know he's trustworthy," Du Zhenfei said helplessly.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》