The Brilliant Fighting Master
536 Black Yellow Gas
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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536 Black Yellow Gas

"We want a new corps commander!"

Influenced by the Red Flame Battalion, the soldiers of the Tiger Troop walked away from the commander as soon as the voice was heard.


The commander of the Tiger Troop's face was distorted in anger. He threw a furious look at his subordinates.

"Before you became our corps commander, the Tiger Troop had been a strong troop, a trump card that could intimidate the enemy. But since you came into the office, you've always taken conservative measures, claiming that in this way, we could reduce casualties. But look at this! Today we all became deserters!" the lieutenant said in anger.

"You want to take control of the troop, don't you?"

The commander of the Tiger Troop glanced at his trusted aides, but none of them had come forward.

Like this, he couldn't even enter the tactical formation to escalate matters in the same way the North Mansion Battalion had done.


Jiang Chen didn't bother to deal with the Tiger Troop again. Instead, he pulled Han Siming aside, eager to ask the latter about the current situation in the Dragon Field.

"The Murongs have a wild ambition. Although they've tried very hard to slander the Sacred Institute and the Hero Palace, people still don't like them.

"The Hero Palace was destroyed while we were still at the Sacred Institute. The lord of the palace and a lot of grand elders died in the battle."

Han Siming felt very sad at the mention of this.

Jiang Chen didn't show any emotion on his face, but his look was dreadfully aggressive. He was holding his temper, but the anger was on the verge of breaking out.

He hadn't really had a good time during his stay at the Hero Palace. The people there had kept elbowing him out and never accepted him. All this had been terrible enough for him to desert to the Evil Cloud Palace.

However, he had managed to become a Reaching Heaven State in such a short time, for which the Sacred Institute and the Hero Palace deserved credit.

He had only been in the Mental Wander State before he had gone to the Dragon Field.

"You know anything about the troop stationed in the Realm of Nine Heavens?"

"They're the Dragon Rebel Army's guard troop. That's all I know," said Han Siming.

Then Jiang Chen asked about the Gaos carefully. After receiving an answer, he felt totally relaxed.

"That's good. That's good," he said, smiling. The Gaos situation was better than he had expected.

So his mother must have been fine. As for the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the Fire Field, Han Siming knew nothing about them.

Dragon Rebel Army, I don't care what grounds you started this war on. You hurt my family and friends. I swear I'll destroy you! Jiang Chen swore to himself.

Qiu Yan walked over and asked, "What are you going to do with these captives?" That actually should have been decided by the Red Flame Battalion, but as battalion commander, she asked Jiang Chen about it, which showed how much she respected Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, these people were forced into the army. They have no loyalty to the Dragon Rebel Army at all," said Han Siming.

"Let's let them live."

By then, the battle on the southwest side had ended.

The three elite troops of the middle troop—the Shadow Pursuing Troop, the Tiger Troop, and the Bright Moon Troop—were discussing the next step.

They had lost communication with the warship. The reason was obvious. A mere glimpse at the center battlefield would explain it. The warship had been besieged by the enemy.

"We have to go to their rescue."

"But we can't pass the wall of those blue rays."

The new commanders of the Tiger Troop and the Shadow Pursuing Troop looked towards Zhao Wenhao, waiting for the decision of the First General of the middle troop.

Looking at Jiang Chen, who was walking over, Zhao Wenhao asked, "Jiang Chen, what do you think?" He didn't sound like he was brainstorming, but seriously asking for his advice.

However, Jiang Chen was still a lieutenant of the seventh rank of the secondary class.

The commanders of the Tiger Troop and the Shadow Pursuing Troop didn't have any second opinions. They even thought that this was reasonable.

"Don't forget about our task. The Dragon Rebel Army is only distracting us. Their army isn't strong enough to fight against the Third Legion. Their last resort was to deploy a ward here," Jiang Chen said.

The three commanders couldn't help but nod. The fog before them cleared up.

"Exactly. Even if we resolve the crisis of the warship, once their ward is successfully deployed, the Third Legion will still be in trouble."

Then they waited for Jiang Chen's opinion again.

"Continue destroying the cities. We still have two days. Destroy the cities in our area first."

"All right!"

The Shadow Pursuing Troop took out a long reel of parchment. When it had been completely unfolded, it showed a three-dimensional map of the basin.

With the deployment of the ward, not only the warship, but also the troop, had access to the map.

Two glowing dots on the map, one red and one blue, represented the two opposing sides. The key point was the yellow dots, which represented the cities, and they were everywhere.


It was despairing that those yellow dots were so many in number. There were thousands of them. Even two months wouldn't be enough to destroy all of them, not to mention two days.

"This is a camouflage. They can't have so many cities. They're taking advantage of the detecting formula of the ward of our map to make this many yellow dots show on it," Jiang Chen said.

He's so calm. Zhao Wenhao had been observing Jiang Chen. He found the latter not influenced by the yellow dots at all. He was calm and emotionally steady, completely focused on the current matter. His eyes had a depth of wisdom.

Zhao Wenhao didn't think himself a match for Jiang Che, though he admired the latter. Then he touched his nose in an unnatural manner, but something occurred to him, so he hurried to move his hand off his nose.

"I need to know what resources are available here that are worth so much efforts," Jiang Chen said.

The three commanders looked at each other. This was top secret. Soldiers and commanders in the lower troop had no right to know it, but Jiang Chen was a special case. They thought for a while and told him the truth.

"Black Yellow Gas?! There's Black Yellow Gas in the Alien Battlefield?!" Jiang Chen looked like he had heard something incredible. Then he tumbled to the realization.

There were all kinds of energies in the universe.

They were in the solid state, liquid state, or gas state. Most of them were unstable and dangerous.

Only a few of them could be used by practitioners, and there were many restrictions.

But some of them could be used as weapons. That was why there were strategic resources and practice resources.

Some energies were both strategic and practice resources, like Black Yellow Gas.

This energy existed in the universe, but it was traceless. Average people had no way to discover its existence.

However, the energy of the universe that practitioners absorbed came from Black Yellow Gas.

It was said that only grand Venerables were able to see the Black Yellow Gas that existed in the universe.

But there were always exceptions. All over the Nine Realms, there were places that Black Yellow Gas existed in a liquid or somewhat solid state, waiting for people's exploration.

According to the dynasty, the Black Yellow Gas was flowing like crude oil under the basin.

Jiang Chen'd had no idea of this, even in his previous life when he was living in the Sacred Zone that there was Black Yellow Gas in the Alien Battlefield.

He was excited. There was one good thing about the strategic resources—they were powerful enough to supply a large troop for a long time.

And if they were also a practice resource and could be used by practitioners, he wouldn't have to worry about resources throughout his Venerable period.

He wouldn't even have to stay in the Realm of True Force. It would be no problem for him to practice in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"No wonder the Dragon Rebel Army is willing to make such a great effort."

Frowning, Jiang Chen went on analyzing the situation after he had calmed down.

Zhao Wenhao and the commanders of the Shadow Pursuing Troop and the Tiger Troop didn't disturb him. They waited quietly, expecting him to continue.


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