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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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533 We Won!

For the other members of the battle group who were looking on from a distance, this was a spectacular scene. As if oil had caught on fire, the numerous demons were swallowed by the sea of fire.

The fire phoenix of the Red Flame Battalion broke out of the encirclement and flew towards the center of the swirl that the demons had formed.

However, two sixty-foot-long chariots suddenly flew out of the clouds from the left and right sides. They charged towards the battalion from both sides, intending to sandwich the latter between them.

But before they managed to approach the Red Flame Battalion, two shining lights flew over and hit them.

The Holy Moon Cannon!

The two chariots were completely destroyed.

"Go for it."

Zhao Wenhao didn't even take a look at the Holy Moon Cannon, which had broken as well. If it was within the shooting range of the cannon, he wouldn't feel it a pity to use all of the Holy Moon Cannons to open a clear path for the Red Flame Battalion as they flew up.

"Don't disappoint the Bright Moon Troop!"

"Ahhhh!" the Red Flame Battalion shouted in anger.

They didn't see any more chariots as they flew up. After about ten seconds of silence, the battalion reached the limit of the altitude.

The stars were so close to them. They raised their heads and saw them, but the stars in the Alien Battlefield didn't glow on their own, like the moon, so there wasn't any starlight.

"It's nearby."

The eight groups of spiritual beings that Jiang Chen was carrying with him started to move, because the Buddha's power was reacting to the celestial demon.

By then, the Red Flame Battalion was in a spacious layer of clouds that was almost as big as a city. That was where the celestial demon was hiding.

After about 30 seconds of searching, the members of the Red Flame Battalion heard the reciting of scriptures.

It sounded as if a high level monk was reciting there. They all felt very peaceful. All of the aggression and killing intent was gone.

When the place had been cleared of clouds, the battalion was amazed by what they saw.

A celestial demon was sitting on a lotus throne altar, with a chain as thick as an arm carved with tadpole-like runes entangling his body.

The recitations came from the chain. There wasn't actually a monk there.

Sitting on the lotus throne altar, the hideous-looking celestial demon looked like he was peaceful, which gave his audience a bizarre feeling.

"Attack!" Qiu Yan ordered immediately.

"Hold on!" Jiang Chen said. "There's no guard here, because once we make a disturbance, this celestial demon will wake up and kill every living creature he sees."

"Celestial demons are… very strong." Qiu Yan hesitated.

She meant that they were strong compared to the whole Red Flame Battalion, so celestial demons were very strong indeed.

"Do you have a solution?" asked Qiu Yan.

Jiang Chen nodded and said, "I think I can take over control of this celestial demon so that the demons down there will listen to my orders."

"What are you going to do?" Qiu Yan didn't think he could do it, but his face looked like everything was under control.

"I'll try first. Give me a minute."

Jiang Chen took a step forward. It put him out of range of the protection of the Cooling Formation.

Even an arrow could have killed him, but he didn't seem to be afraid. Approaching the celestial demon, he took the eight groups of beings out.

"Asura, come!"

The he started to recite scriptures. Deva and naga flew out of the book, and the vast power of Buddha swept over them like waves.

It turned out that Jiang Chen was going to make this celestial demon one of the eight groups. That was what he had meant by "take over."

It seemed to be working. The chain on the celestial demon's body lost its light, and the sound of scripture recitations had also disappeared.

The celestial demon opened his eyes, which were completely red, with pupils as small as two dots.

He started to struggle violently. A dreadful power burst out from under his dark skin and unchained him.

He wanted to kill Jiang Chen, who was right in front of him, but upon seeing the latter reciting scriptures while sitting on the ground under the protection of Azure Demon and the black dragon, he gave up that idea. He simply intended to flee.

But Azure Demon and the black dragon stopped him right away. Before they attacked, he felt like Jiang Chen was reciting into his ear.

It made the celestial demon dizzy. He lost the power to resist. Azure Demon and the black dragon forced him to follow them back.

But unlike them, he didn't do this of his own free will.

However, it didn't stop them from being successful, because it was called "influence" in Buddhism!

Once the celestial demon was transformed to Asura, he would lose his evil qualities and listen only to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen immediately ordered the celestial demon, or now, Asura, to bring the low-level demons below under his control.

Struggling hard underneath them, the Bright Moon Troop, the Shadow Pursuing Troop, and the Holy Arrow Battalion soon felt less pressured.

"The Red Flame Battalion made it. Jiang Chen made it!" Zhao Wenhao was very glad, and he found the result was even better than he had expected.

The annoying low-level demons had helped them deal with the Dragon Rebel Army's chariots, which was a big help.

"Deploy the ward!"

The Shadow Pursuing Army didn't let this hard-won chance slip away. They charged down at a high speed and put the equipment on the ground after landing to deploy the ward.


Deafening drum beats came from the Dragon Rebel Army. All their chariots were charging towards the Shadow Pursuing Army in a straight line, as if they had made up their minds to stop them, even at the cost of their lives.

And it looked like a suicide attack.

"That damn Dragon Rebel Army."

Zhao Wenhao empathized with the soldiers in the chariots. They weren't willing to do so, but what else could they do?

The chariots almost fell onto the Shadow Pursuing Army's head, which created a big disturbance.

But with the reinforcements of the Bright Moon Troop, the Shadow Pursuing Army managed to finish their task.


They finished the deployment of the ward as they had promised.

What was done couldn't be undone. The Dragon Rebel Army retreated decisively.

The battle had lasted no more than 20 minutes, though they felt like time had moved much slower.

"We won!"

The blood of the soldiers was boiling. Their chests were heaving up and down rapidly, as they all felt very excited.

The demons, who were as annoying as flies, had also vanished.

When the Red Flame Battalion came back, they enjoyed a lot of attention and were treated like heroes.

At the same time, the Tiger Battle Group returned to pursue the fleeing soldiers of the Dragon Rebel Army.

Many soldiers had put their weapons down and surrendered on the battlefield.

"Jiang Chen, good job. Why don't you join my Bright Moon Troop after everything is done?" Zhao Wenhao couldn't help but offer.

Although it was the Red Flame Battalion who had completed the task and its commander was Qiu Yan, everyone here knew it had definitely been Jiang Chen who had played a crucial role.

"General, my Red Flame Battalion will be short-handed if he leaves," Qiu Yan said unhappily.

Zhao Wenhao said generously, "Don't worry. You can have however many people you want."

"Corps commander, let's have this discussion after everything is said and done," Jiang Chen cut in.

"No problem." Zhao Wenhao wasn't in such a rush, although he was too excited to calm down at that moment.

"Jiang Chen, what shall we do to the deserters of the Tiger Troop?" Qiu Yan asked in a low voice.

Looking at the Tiger Battle Group, who had returned by then, Jiang Chen found them disgusting.

"It's been said that troops don't accept captives. Let's fight to the last second."

At the same time, hundreds of captives were discussing with each other in low voices. A bald captive said, "We'll die anyway. Why don't we die with honor?"

A voice interrupted him. "Honor? What honor? You think the Dragon Rebel Army will remember us after we die?"

Some excited captives calmed down again.


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