The Brilliant Fighting Master
532 Fight to the Death!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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532 Fight to the Death!

As long as the ward was successfully deployed, it would work efficiently for a long time. It wouldn't be cracked, and they wouldn't have to be stationed there.

"Are you crazy?! The Dragon Rebel Army has managed to get the demons under their control. It's such important information, but we had no idea about it. That's a severe intelligence failure. We won't sacrifice our lives for nothing!" the commander of the North Mansion Battalion shouted loudly. He left the formation's center position in advance.

The Tiger Battle Group started to retreat as if they had agreed with the commander of the North Mansion Battalion.

The two battle groups, already at a disadvantage, were facing a great catastrophe, since they disagreed with each other.

"Shall we retreat, too?!"

The Holy Arrow Battalion lost the resolution to fight, too. The countless demons and chariots made them feel helpless.

"It was a mistake. We shouldn't have rushed into the battle."

The Tiger Battle Group had broken out of the encirclement. To cover their cowardice, they argued before leaving.

"Son of a b*tch!" Zhang Tianyi cursed from the Shadow Pursuing Troop. He suddenly knew how the Red Flame Battalion had felt.

Watching the fire dragon of the Red Flame Battalion, a figure flashed across his mind. "That guy should be there, too."

"How long will it take you to deploy the ward?"

Jiang Chen's voice came from the Red Flame Battalion almost as soon as Zhang Tianyi thought of him.

"Three minutes if no one disturbs us," said the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop.

"We can't eliminate the Dragon Rebel Army without the help of the Tiger Battle Group… Damn, now we even can't eliminate the demons." Even Zhao Wenhao, who was always a polite man, couldn't help but swear.

"You should retreat," the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop said.

"What?" Zhao Wenhao didn't understand him right away.

"Shadow Pursuing Troop, get ready to deploy the ward, even at the cost of your lives!" The commander gave the order decisively, without wasting even one second.

"Corps commander… corps commander..."

This was too sudden for Zhang Tianyi. He wasn't as determined yet.

"Take it easy. We'll send you out at the last minute," said the commander.

Zhang Tianyi felt relieved, but then he thought of the other soldiers in the troop and grew uneasy.

"Corps commander, never mind. I'll fight until the last minute!" he said, gnashing his teeth.

He might not have been sacrificing his life, but he wouldn't leave until the task was completed.

It wasn't easy for a newbie in this troop.

"Don't panic." Jiang Chen's voice came again. He said, "We'll get rid of the demons. Corps commander, could you cover the Shadow Pursuing Troop to deploy the ward?"

"Half of the Shadow Pursuing Troop and the Bright Moon Troop are burning themselves out to switch on the formation center. It should be fine, but how can we get rid of the demons?" said Zhao Wenhao.

"Did you notice the demons formed a swirl?

"The internal social structure of the demons is complicated. The celestial demons are like queen bees, but not exactly the same. They can control low-level demons from other groups, provided they're at a distance."

Then Jiang Chen looked up into the sky. He said, "I'm sure there's at least one celestial demon up there!"

"Celestial demons are strong, and they must also have the protection of the Dragon Rebel Army. Let us handle them!" said Zhao Wenhao.

"Take it easy. We're not going to kill a demon king. We only need to stop the Dragon Rebel Army from controlling the celestial demons. It should be easy. Maybe we can do it with only some interference."

"Okay. Take care then!"

After learning about the plan, the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop said, "Three minutes, Red Flame Battalion. I'll only give you three minutes. After that, we'll die along with the Dragon Rebel Army, and the Bright Moon Troop should leave as quickly as possible!"

"What a big difference between people."

The Shadow Pursuing Troop was resolved to die. Even the annoying Zhang Tianyi had shown good qualities.

But the Tiger Troop, whose emblem was tiger, a symbol of courage, had escaped.

Jiang Chen didn't have the time to condemn them. His Red Flame Battalion started to rise.

The Tiger Troop didn't leave right after they had retreated from the battlefield. They were watching the battle from not far away.

"This was a strategic retreat," the commander of the North Mansion Battalion reassured himself.

"What are they doing?" The Flying Mount Battalion was confused. He had thought after they had left, the Bright Moon Battalion would have retreated, too, and no one would have been reproached in the end.

As for the Shadow Pursuing Troop, if they wanted to die, who could be blamed for that?!

But to his surprise, the Bright Moon Troop was trying their best, especially the Red Flame Battalion, which was soaring. It was extremely confusing.

The demons soon told them the answer.

The Red Flame Battalion seemed to have posed a threat to the demons. The demons were targeting them, again forming the storm that had trapped them.

"They want to stop the Dragon Rebel Army from controlling the demons!" the commander of the Tiger Troop said.

"No way. They're only one of the eight battalions," said the commander of the North Mansion Battalion. He seemed to have forgotten his battalion was also one of those eight battalions.

The purpose of the eight battalions was to form battle groups with the middle troop and follow the latter's order. They weren't strong enough to do anything that could affect the war situation.

But the Red Flame Battalion had done this again and again.

Would they do it again this time?

"But the Red Flame Battalion has been in the formation's center for more than three minutes, haven't they? Does Qiu Yan want to sacrifice her life?" the commander of the North Mansion Battalion said, puzzled.

"Who knows? Didn't she want us to die with her last time?" the commander of the Flying Mount Battalion said, not thinking it was a big deal.

Once one's status lasted longer than three minutes, every passing minute would cost one year of their life, and over time, it would cost more and more.

But this wasn't the case for Qiu Yan, who was in the Cooling Formation at that moment.

"Your attainment in tactical formations is the best as far as I know," Qiu Yan couldn't help but comment.

"It's only all right."

"Being too humble will make you a hypocrite," said Qiu Tan.

She wasn't burning herself out, despite the current Cooling Formation's impressive power. After Jiang Chen's improvement, the low-grade flaws had been resolved.

"But vitality is still the most important source of energy for these formations. Even though you improved, it still can be strengthened by sacrificing people's lives, can't it?" said Qiu Yan.

Jiang Chen didn't answer, but he didn't deny it, either.

"Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"You're not in a stable mood. What if you decided to use it to kill yourself intentionally?" Jiang Chen said, half seriously.

"But if you didn't tell me about the method, what if the Red Flame Battalion suffered a greater loss?"

"Let me handle it. I'll sacrifice my life to do it. Although I'm not a Venerable yet, I have a way to bypass the restriction."

"You'll burn yourself out even more quickly. You're not even a Venerable. You'll become an old man in an instant."

"I'm still young. I won't die," Jiang Chen said, grinning.

Qiu Yan was shocked. She pressed her lips tightly together and thought of her brother again. That day, he had told her, "Sister, go. I won't die."

"Red Flame Battalion, fight to the death!" Qiu Yan shouted.

"Fight to the death!"

Almost 1,000 people shouted in anger with one voice.

They had soared into the air, surrounded by endless demons.

"Switch on the formation!" Jiang Chen went into the formation center status. His whole body was illuminated, like he was caught in the fire. Or maybe, he had become fire itself.

As he transformed, the Cooling Formation's power upgraded again. The flame's form also changed, transforming into a fire phoenix.

With a sonorous phoenix chime, the demons were caught in the fire.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》