The Brilliant Fighting Master
531 Under a Military Order
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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531 Under a Military Order

"How much longer will you need to remove those blue rays?!" Du Zhenfei said nervously.

One master mustered enough nerve to come forward. He said, "General, these blue rays will change automatically. It's extremely tricky to deal with them!"

"So you won't be able to resolve it in half an hour as you promised, will you?" Du Zhenfei said coldly.

"No, we won't," the master said helplessly.

"Get ready to fire!" Du Zhenfei shouted.

The people on the warship were all struck dumb. They looked shocked.

On the deck of the warship, there was also a cannon that looked quite similar to Jiang Chen's Devastator. The barrel was shaped like the body of a dragon. The muzzle was an open dragon's mouth.

This cannon occupied almost half of the space of the deck and could spin around completely.

"Jiang Chen..." The master seemed to have something to say, but he was too embarrassed to speak it out loud.

Launching a casual attack on the wall of blue rays could cause terrible consequences.

But they couldn't crack it, nor could they simply watch the generals and soldiers be killed by it.

Besides, Du Zhenfei had made up his mind to blow up the blue rays with the Flying Dragon Cannon.

The cannon was aimed at the southwest, the bottom of the barrel illuminated. The fluctuation of the energy shook the whole warship gently.

For safety reasons, the warship retreated a little bit so that they wouldn't be affected when the cannonball hit the first wall of blue rays.

In fact, the effect was much better than they had anticipated. Under the cannon, the first wall of blue rays was broken down immediately.

Then the Flying Dragon Cannon broke another one smoothly.

"Bullsh*t. The cannon is more useful than you," said Du Zhenfei.

But soon, he experienced the sadness that came after joy. The cannonball suddenly stopped moving when it was about to break the last wall down. It seemed to have gotten stuck in a rapidly swirling airflow.

Those on the warship had a hunch. The cannonball bounced back at a speed that was several times faster.

The muzzle and the barrel of the Flying Dragon Cannon were blown to pieces, as were the soldiers close to the cannon.

The warship started to fall in a spiral. None on the ship could stand steadily.

Fortunately, the warship soon stopped falling, but it was still smoking.

"General! General!"

The general's bodyguards came onto the deck to help Du Zhenfei stand up. He looked ashen.

"It was a setup!" Du Zhenfei cursed, pushing those beside him away. Then he shouted, "Guard level one. Level one!"

The advantage of the Flying Dragon Dynasty laid in their weapons, especially in this Flying Dragon Cannon, which could destroy almost anything. The Dragon Rebel Army would usually suffer a loss under its attack.

But by then, even the cannon was destroyed. The situation was incredibly unfavorable for them.


Du Zhenfei's hunch had been right.

Almost as soon as the order for guard level one was given, the elite troop of the Dragon Rebel Army, which had been hiding somewhere, suddenly showed up from behind the clouds. The warship was surrounded by many of the enemy's warships.

It was the Black Dragon Troop, the most powerful among the enemy's three troops. Their leader was the Black Dragon General, the greatest authority of the Dragon Rebel Army who was stationed in the Alien Battlefield.

Coincidentally, Murong Long was there, too, right on the general's warship.

The battalion he was serving in was a part of the Black Dragon Troop, the most powerful troop of the Dragon Rebel Army. He felt very lucky to be a part of it.

Almost everyone in the War Chariot Troop was cannon fodder, and the Holy Wind Troop was no better.

Murong Long was proud of himself for that. Yin Jue had joined the Holy Wind Troop, and Han Siming was serving in the War Chariot Troop. Compared to them, he was extremely lucky.

This was his first battle with the Black Dragon Troop. Upon seeing the panicked people on the enemy's warship, he felt extremely excited. He wished he could kill as many people as he wanted.

But he also knew a battle of this scale wasn't a battle for one person.

A Venerable like him could be killed by a tactical formation deployed by a troop composed of only Reaching Heaven States.

He noticed that when the Black Dragon Troop showed up, the enemy's smoking warship responded quickly. The hull was changing.

The whole ship was fully armed in a very short time.

High wooden walls were erected around the hull. They looked fragile, but outside the wooden walls, there was another layer of crisscrossed iron bars of a dark gold color.

Murong Long couldn't see how this system would function, but he could see how solid it was.

The buildings on the warship also turned into aggressive weapons, all aimed at the Black Dragon Troop.

"Really? The arrogant Third Legion is playing defense after attacking?"

The Black Dragon General was a man as solid as an iron tower. He had the resolute face that military men usually had. His deep voice was so penetrating that everyone on the dynasty's ship heard him.

Murong Long knew the dynasty had a strong military force thanks to their wealth and the abundant resources they had. The Dragon Rebel Army seldom fought against them face to face.

But this time, they had managed to push the Third Legion into such a plight, so of course, the general felt happy.

There was no response from the warship, but the fluctuations in energy of various colors became stronger and stronger. The weapons were on the verge of attacking.

At the same time, the Black Dragon Army adjusted the position of their warship. It turned sideways to face the dynasty's ship. Some panes erected from the hull, and gun barrels stuck out from them.

In the next few minutes, the crossfire between the two opposing sides was like a grand firework show during festivals.

Brilliant lights flew across the sky and sometimes collided, forming magnificent scenes one after another.

Unlike fireworks, these pretty light balls were extremely fatal. They created strong invisible waves in the sky.

No one had the nerve to act alone. Once they lost the protection of the army, they would be smashed into pieces immediately.

"Kill. Kill. Kill!"

It was almost a tacit understanding. After the first round of attacks, the soldiers of the two opposing sides snarled in angry and hoarse voices. Then they charged towards the enemy's ship.

Whoever gained control of the enemy's ship would win.

"Gosh!" Murong Long, who had been excited, was suddenly struck with fear. He had never experienced the cruelty of war in real life. It was nothing like the crossfire of weapons.

Although they were always in a tactical formation, during each battle, dead soldiers would be kicked out of the formation, dropping like flies.

"Fortunately. Fortunately."

Fortunately, Murong Long was with the general. Everyone around him was at the general's level.

On the dynasty's warship, Du Zhenfei was holding his knife in hand, as if he would join the battle anytime.

But paying attention to the interests of the whole, the military counsellor told him, "General, if we can't deploy the ward successfully, the situation will grow worse and worse." He knew the general shouldn't act on impulse.

"Don't hope for a rescue on the southwest side. Figure another way out," said Du Zhenfei.

"Yes, sir!"

The military counsellor was shocked. It meant that the Shadow Pursuing Troop and the two battle groups had been given up. Whether they could survive would rely on their own luck.

On the southwest battlefield, due to the participation of the demons, the Tiger Troop and the Bright Moon Troop were caught in a desperate fight.

"Retreat! Break out of here!"

Seeing so many demons, the commander of the Tiger Troop didn't want to continue the battle anymore. His first reaction was to escape.

"No. We have to complete our task!"

But the Shadow Pursing Troop was unwilling to. Their commander's voice was shaking, but he sounded resolute.

"We're under a military order. There's no retreating!"

Looking towards the center of the battlefield, Zhao Wenhao saw what was happening to the warship. He said in a low voice, "We must deploy a ward!"


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