The Brilliant Fighting Master
529 Substitute General of the Seventh Rank of the Secondary Class
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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529 Substitute General of the Seventh Rank of the Secondary Class

"Is anything even different?" scorned the commander of the North Mansion Battalion right away.

The Holy Moon Cannons did look the same on the surface.

Even the Bright Moon Troop didn't see anything different.

Jiang Chen didn't waste time explaining to them. He kept pushing the eight Holy Moon Cannons to the wall. When he was still out of the shooting range of the crossbows, he stopped.

Behind the wall gathered many soldiers of the Dragon Rebel Army. They were paying close attention to what was happening outside.

"Keep them outside. Don't even let a fly in!" said a general in golden armor loudly. "Report!"

A soldier responsible for observation shouted loudly and reported the current situation to the general.


The general was given a good scare. He went on top of the city wall right away and saw the eight lonely Holy Moon Cannons.

"They're so far away."

The general felt relieved. According to their intelligence, the most terrifying cannon the Third Legion had was the Flying Dragon Cannon, which was set up on the warship and could destroy their wall with a single cannonball.

But due to the wall of blue light, the warship couldn't travel over this part of sky.

"Those are the Bright Moon Troop's Holy Moon Cannons? They put them so far away. How foolish they are."

The general couldn't help but burst into laughter after seeing what the cannons looked like. The cannonballs of the Holy Moon Cannons might have been able to reach the wall, but they would be too weak to cause any damage.

"Open your eyes wide, in case they're planning anything!" The experienced general gave his order decisively. He was still on guard.

"They shot them!"

The general saw the light of energy in the barrel of the cannons. If he had been confronting them alone, being aimed at by eight cannons, he would have definitely escaped.

But currently, he was the general. Protected by the wall and the army behind him, he wasn't afraid.

"They're better than I thought." The general thought for a while, then he ordered, "Switch on the tactical formation!"

The thousand-foot-high wall shone from the inside. Every piece of granite lit up with mysterious runes on them. These runes were all connected to each other.

Under a shining divine light, the whole wall became so solid that it was impossible to move.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The general of the Dragon Rebel Army was feeling smug when the Holy Moon cannonballs hit the wall. Their power was beyond his expectation, even shaking the ground.

The soldiers who were standing behind the wall could feel the vibration of the entire wall.

What shocked the general most was that the protection offered by the ward within the city wall was being cracked!

"General, the eight cannonballs all hit the weak points of the ward! It couldn't just be a coincident!" the ward master with the army said to him.

The general of the Dragon Rebel Army flew into a rage. Grabbing the ward master's clothes, he said furiously, "Why did you deploy a ward with a known solution?"

"General, it's not like that! The ward masters in the army generated statistics for the wards that had been cracked by the Flying Dragon Army. None of those wards would be used. This is the debut of the current ward being used for the city wall."

"So why did that happen?!"

"The enemy must have a very great ward master with them."

"They only launched one attack. Then in as little as an hour, they found the flaws of the ward. You're useless!" The general wished he could cut the ward master into thousands of pieces.

"General, I'm innocent. I'm only the person who deployed the ward. The designer was the Black Dragon Military Counsellor."

The general turned pale at the mention of the Black Dragon Military Counsellor.

"There must be something wrong," he said. Then he stared off into the distance.

The Holy Moon Cannons were accumulating power again, ready for a second shot.

"They're so powerful!"

Outside the city, the Bright Moon Troop was given a scare. They had no idea how the cannons looked the same but were so much more powerful.

Although they hadn't blown up the wall in one shot, it had actually been very close.

Compared to just before, the light in the wall had disappeared, which meant the ward inside it had been destroyed. The wall was rather fragile at the moment.


Suddenly, without the cooperation of the Bright Moon Troop, the commander of the Tiger Troop charged forward with the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion. It seemed like he had been waiting for this chance for a long time.

"Jiang Chen, they want to take credit for it!" Qiu Yan said right away.

The city wall was so fragile that a simple push could break it, but it would earn them 100,000 war merit points. Of course it was tempting.


Jiang Chen said nothing and merely shot again.

Streaking across the sky like shooting stars, eight cannonballs surpassed the Tiger Troop quickly.

Without the protection of the ward, the wall collapsed this time. It created such a big disturbance that it was like the universe had been wrecked.

"You almost got us hurt!"

The commander of the Tiger Troop, who was close to the city wall, swore loudly. He had almost earned the war merit points, but in the end, he hadn't.

Then they turned their attention to the Dragon Rebel Army behind the wall.

Just like before, the Dragon Rebel Army didn't intend to fight against their enemy. They had almost run out of the enemy's sight when the wall collapsed.

Chasing after merit points, the Tiger Troop wouldn't let them go. They started to follow before the Bright Moon Battle Group joined them.

The Bright Moon Troop didn't bother to think about them. They kept advancing at a normal pace.

"Corps commander, the Holy Moon Cannons can only shoot one more time. Then we'll need to change the gun barrels," said Jiang Chen.

"They can only shoot three cannonballs?" Zhao Wenhao, still pleasantly surprised, felt it was a pity, but it wasn't strange to him if took the cannons' power into consideration.

"Jiang Chen, could you build more Holy Moon Cannons if you had enough materials and resources? And could they be used repeatedly?"

"Absolutely," Jiang Chen said with a nod.

"Why didn't you tell us you had such a talent when you joined the army?" It wasn't a scolding. Zhao Wenhao was just so excited that he forgot his manners.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. It would take a long time to tell Zhao Wenhao about it.

He had built a warship to deal with the Black Dragon City. It had taken him several months, from collecting materials to building it.

If the army wanted him to design weapons for them, he wouldn't be able to break through to Venerable even if he was given ten years.

Zhao Wenhao was more confused when he heard Jiang Chen's reason. He said, "But you can give the army the blueprints in exchange for war merit points!"

"Corps commander, I'm only a temporary general of the seventh rank of the secondary class," Jiang Chen said with a meaningful smile.

Zhao Wenhao knitted his brows. Then something occurred to him. Looking in the direction in which the Tiger Troop was leaving, he understood what Jiang Chen meant.

"Trust me. I'll give you the chance to use your talents when the war ends,"

Zhao Wenhao said. "It'd be a waste of talent for you to stay in the Red Flame Battalion."

"Not entirely. It's good for my state."

Jiang Chen was telling the truth. Since he had participated in the war, after so many battles, the Hundred Transformations Elixir in his body had been consumed a lot. He was advancing towards Venerable.

Although he had only been a part of the tactical formation, in fact, when the formation was functioning, either attacking or defending, everyone who formed part of it would be affected, not to mention him, a general with an important post in the formation.

After the Bright Moon Battle Group had passed the wall, the ward that forbid flying also disappeared, so they returned to the sky.

But soon, they had to land again.

There were many dead bodies lying messily on the ground. They were all soldiers of the Dragon Rebel Army.

"They surrendered, but were killed all the same!" Jiang Chen knew these soldiers hadn't fought back. They had died kneeling on the ground.

"The Alien Battlefield doesn't need captives," Zhao Wenhao said. He thought Jiang Chen was feeling pity for the dead soldiers.

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen said, "I understand, but if you treat captives kindly, sometimes they'll offer you more help than even your own troops do."

If the enemy had known no captives would be kept alive, they wouldn't have surrendered, even in the most desperate situation. Instead, they would have fought to the death.

Zhao Wenhao was surprised that he was thinking of things in such a long-term way.

If Jiang Chen hadn't been the only lieutenant of the Red Flame Battalion, he would have liked to transfer him to the Bright Moon Troop to work for him.


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