The Brilliant Fighting Master
527 A Hundred Thousand War Merit Points
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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527 A Hundred Thousand War Merit Points

The commanders of the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion shut their mouths right away, although glancing at Zhao Wenhao out of the corners of their eyes, they looked totally unconvinced.

Due to Zhao Wenhao, they had almost been dismissed from the battalion commander's post last time. They'd never forget that.

"General Zhao, let's stop arguing about the lower troops. The Tiger Troop will keep in mind your kindness when coming to our rescue."

The commander of the Tiger Troop was really worthy of the name "Tiger." He looked like a tough, vigorous, and resolute man.

He said, "Should we report that the demons could be being manipulated by the Dragon Rebel Army?"

Zhao Wenhao didn't answer him directly. He posed a question instead. "What do you think? After all, it was you who was ambushed by the demons."

Although it seemed like a normal conversation, Jiang Chen managed to read between the lines.

This information might blow the army's mind, since no one had ever managed to bring the demons under their control. If they reported it, it could be a stain on the Bright Moon Troop or the Tiger Troop.

But if they didn't report it, they could be punished if something went wrong in the future.

"We don't really have any proof. I don't know how we can prove it," the commander of the Tiger Troop said, frustrated.

"I think there's one possibility," Jiang Chen said.

"Who are you! Go away!" the commander of the North Mansion Battalion scolded him sternly right away. He didn't like Jiang Chen at all.

"Jiang Chen, tell me," Zhao Wenhao said immediately after the commander of the North Mansion Battalion, which embarrassed the latter.

"The demons are a well-organized group. Flying demons, bloody demons, mad demons, and so on are of the lowest level. Above them are celestial demons. Each celestial demon can control a certain number of low-level demons."

"Are you saying that the Dragon Rebel Army is made up of demons?" the commander of the North Mansion Battalion said in a sarcastic tone.

Glancing at him, Jiang Chen said, "Will you take responsibility if the war situation worsens because you're wasting our time here barking like a dog?"

"What did you say?" A gloomy look flashed across his small eyes.

"I wanted to call you an ungrateful soul, but dog is actually a more suitable name for you. But at second thought, now I think it's an insult to dogs to call you one," said Jiang Chen.

"I'll kill you!"

The commanders of the eight battalions of the lower troop were all Venerables. Reaching Heaven States could only be their lieutenants.

The commander of the North Mansion Battalion didn't take Jiang Chen seriously in terms of military post or state. He flew into a rage after hearing the latter cursing him like that.

"You went too far!"

Zhao Wenhao was even angrier than him. He said in anger, "The war is in an urgent situation. Is this only a trifling matter to you?"

The commander of the North Mansion Battalion didn't dare confront him face to face. He didn't speak, gnashing his teeth.

"Calm down, General Zhao. However, he didn't make any sense," the commander of the Tiger Troop said, frowning.

"Whether he made sense or not, you should at least wait until he finished his words," Qiu Yan said coldly.

"Go on then." The brows of the commander of the Tiger Troop became smooth again. He looked emotionless.

Under people's gazes, Jiang Chen said, "The Dragon Rebel Army can't be made up of celestial demons, but we don't know whether they've captured any celestial demons to control the low-level demons."

As simple as that, listeners wondered how that had never occurred to them.

"Report it," said Zhao Wenhao.

"Let me handle it. After all, we're the ones who were besieged by the demons," the commander of the Tiger Troop said immediately.

Jiang Chen's speculation sounded pretty reasonable. Whoever reported it would take the credit.

The commander of the Tiger Troop is such a hypocrite, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

This guy looked like a brave man. However, he was calculating, like a businessman.

"All right." Zhao Wenhao didn't argue with him, but the knit of his brows explained how unhappy he was.

It wasn't because he couldn't take the credit that he was unhappy, but because his peer was such a selfish person.

Jiang Chen even heard soldiers from the Red Flame Battalion complain, "We shouldn't have saved them."

It was normal for soldiers to think like this, but from Zhao Wenhao's perspective, the chance to save the Shadow Pursing Troop would be greater with the participation of another battle group.

After the commander of the Tiger Troop had finished reporting, the two battle groups flew towards where the Shadow Pursuing Troop was.

But soon, they ran into another problem.

Everyone in the group felt as if they were in the deep sea. Their bodies felt heavy, and they were flying more and more slowly.

If things went on like this, it would even be difficult to take a simple step forward.

"There's a formation to forbid flying!" The two battle groups realized quickly.

Reaching Heaven States didn't rely on the environment to fly. They manipulated their haloes of heaven to lift their bodies, then propelled themselves ahead with their energy. In this way, they managed to fly.

At the moment, all of them felt like flying in this part of the sky was very energy-consuming.

Zhao Wenhao said coldly, "As expected, the Dragon Rebel Army has made thorough preparations."

"Should we crack the formation or what?" asked the commander of the Tiger Troop.

Jiang Chen looked up at the sky and saw three strange clouds. He assumed that the tactic pennants had to be hidden in them.

"It'll take us a lot of time. Let's go by land," said Zhao Wenhao.

"There must be obstructions on land, too."

"It'll be better than this."

As expected, there was only one road on land that they could take.

For Reaching Heaven States, terrain wasn't so important, since they could fly as long as it was possible. But they found it tricky when they had to walk.

The only passage was through a canyon, but a white wall that blocked their way had been erected in the canyon.

When they were about to approach the wall by flying at a low latitude, a shining light appeared behind the wall.

It wasn't a new thing for anyone in the Bright Moon Battle Group. They knew there were crossbows behind the wall again and that the number would be greater this time. There had to be more than one.

Zhao Wenhao and the commander of the Tiger Troop reported the situation to the warship.

"I don't care what method you use. Destroy the wall as quickly as possible. The award will be 100,000 war merit points!" They received a response from the warship soon.

One hundred thousand war merit points!

Both of the battle groups held their breath. Their eyes lit up.

"Let the Tiger Troop handle it!"

Afraid others would take credit, the commander of the Tiger Troop was ready to charge alongside the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion.

"Watch out. The crossbows of the Dragon Rebel Army are dangerous," Zhao Wenhao reminded him.

"So we'll need the Bright Moon Battle Group to cover us."

The commander of the Tiger Troop wasn't intimidated. He made a request instead.

The thought that the Bright Moon Battle Group had intended to compete with his battle group pushed him to charge forward right away.

Zhao Wenhao felt helpless. He could do nothing but follow them.

After entering the wall of light, the two battle groups charged at full speed immediately.

At the same time, the arrows shot out from the crossbows flooded them.

After charging 100 feet, the Tiger Troop started to have casualties.

After 200 feet, there were even more casualties. However, they were still 500 feet away from the wall!

"No, no, it won't work!"

Not until then did the commander of the Tiger Troop realize that Zhao Wenhao hadn't been kidding. He turned around to flee right away.

Without informing others of his retreat in advance, the Bright Moon Battle Group, who was at his rear, suddenly found themselves at the front, suffering blows from the arrows.

"These sons of b*tches!" The soldiers of the Bright Moon Battle Group couldn't help but swear.

Fortunately, the Red Flame Battalion responded in time. They sent a fire dragon immediately to protect the whole battle group. At the same time, they started to retreat.


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