The Brilliant Fighting Master
526 The Two Battalions
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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526 The Two Battalions

"Whose battle group is on the southwest side?"

Leading the Bright Moon Battle Group in action, Zhao Wenhao heard General Du Zhenfei's voice coming from his token.

"All battle groups in the southwest go to their rescue immediately!"

He heard a new instruction before he could answer.

Even the Shadow Pursuing Troop got stuck? How tricky, Zhao Wenhao couldn't help but think after learning what had happened.

The Third Legion had destroyed many cities since the beginning, as if they had entered a zone with no defenses. The Dragon Rebel Army could do nothing but keep retreating.

But suddenly this happened, which was quite unusual.

Anyhow, they had to go to their rescue.

After explaining the situation to the Holy Arrow Battalion and the Red Flame Battalion, Zhao Wenhao hit the road with his team.

The Bright Moon Battle Group flew straight towards the southeast without searching whether there were cities on their way.

Jiang Chen felt like there was something wrong. He smelled a scheme, but he didn't worry about it, since even he had noticed it, let alone the staff officers on the warship.

"What's happening here?"

While flying over a peak high enough to impede their path, the battle group stopped.

Not far away ahead of them, a number of demons were stirring up a giant storm, covering the sky and the ground. It was a spectacular scene.

And more demons were arriving from different directions every minute.

There were so many of them that it was impossible to see what was happening, but it sounded like there was a fluctuation of strong fighting energy.

"Could those be our men?" Zhao Wenhao didn't act on impulse before confirming anything. After all, it was the Dragon Rebel Army on the battlefield.

More information came from Zhao Wenhao's token.

"Help! Help!"

It was the voice of the commander of the North Mansion Battalion, one of the eight battalions of the lower troop!

Jiang Chen looked towards Qiu Yan, who was beside him. Although she tried very hard to stay calm, he could see in her eyes that she was struggling.

The Flying Mount Battalion was there, too. If his memory was correct, these two battalions had been with the Tiger Troop of the middle troops. They had formed the Tiger Battle Group together.

"We need more details," Zhao Wenhao said to the token.

"These demons are crazy. They aren't afraid to die at all. There are not only low-level flying demons, but also bloody demons.

"We fell into their ring of encirclement during a lapse in concentration. Now we need to break it!"

Soon, not only the voice of the commander of the North Mansion Battalion, but also that of the commander of the Tiger Troop could be heard.

It was almost impossible to eliminate demons in the Alien Battlefield. They only had two choices—either drive them away or flee.

However, the storm formed by the demons was so intense that the people stuck in it had no way to leave, no matter how hard they tried.

"Red Flame Battalion, you'll be responsible for breaking the ring of encirclement. The Holy Arrow Battalion and I will protect you!" said Zhao Wenhao.

Fire worked surprisingly well for destroying a great number of enemies. Zhao Wenhao intended to create a gap by burning them.

He was stunned by himself after giving the order. What had happened to the Red Flame Battalion had obviously been noticed by him.

"Red Flame Battalion, is there any problem?" Zhao Wenhao asked to confirm.

"No, sir." Qiu Yan gave him a simple answer.

"Go ahead!"

The Bright Moon Battle Group dashed towards the storm formed by the demons like three sharp swords.

The demons travelling in the storm changed direction to dash towards them after noticing.

"Speed up. Don't stop. Don't let the demons take advantage of their numbers!" Zhao Wenhao told them.

Demons were classified into different levels. Low-level demons were the most populous group, for example, and the most commonly-seen flying demons.

The second low-level demons were bloody demons, which were more powerful than flying demons because of their strong vitality.

They were difficult to kill. Small injures didn't affect them at all.

Flying demons weren't strong enough to shake the troops on their own, but with a great amount of bloody demons among them, it would be a different story.

When they were closer to the storm, they seemed to be forming another storm with themselves at the center.

These humanoid demons had wrinkled black skin. On their bodies, there were red lines similar to blood vessels, emitting dim lights as their body conditions changed.

"Eliminate them!"

The Bright Moon Troop switched on their formation first. A giant bright moon hung in the sky. It looked so vivid that it seemed like the real moon in the Alien Battlefield.

The moon fell like a blade. The demons in the sky were cut into half like soft buns, and they lost massive numbers in an instant.

The arrow rain from the Holy Arrow Battalion turned into a downpour. It rained on the demons and caused great casualties.

The battle group was approaching the demons' storm at high speed.

"Red Flame Battalion!" Zhao Wenhao shouted loudly.

Glancing at each other, Qiu Yan and Jiang Chen switched on the Cooling Formation. The Red Flame Battalion's fire cloud transformed into a burning fierce beast. The orange flame was extremely strong, beating back the storm.

Fire was indeed one of the most effective ways to attack. Many demons died or were injured right away. Especially considering how the fire spread, it was spectacular enough that it would be unforgettable for the people present.

But the troop wasn't in the mood to appreciate the scene. They were surrounded by the tragic screams of demons.

The fire soon ripped a hole out of the storm. When it was about time, the Red Flame Battalion extinguished the fire.

Those trapped in the storm charged out after a long wait.

"Go. Hurry up!"

That had been Zhao Wenhao's plan, to combine the forces of the two battle groups and leave as soon as the storm was broken.

This proved that he was worthy of the name of the Middle Troop's First General. They broke out of the encirclement smoothly after combining with the two forces.

When the battalions and the troops had switched on their formations, it would be very difficult for the demons to hold them.

It was strange that the demons seemed to know that. They didn't keep chasing.

After chasing them for thousands of miles, the demons finally gave up.

This puzzled people, since the demons weren't a species that quit easily, especially the low-level ones.

"Maybe the Dragon Rebel Army can manipulate the demons?" someone guessed.

If they thought about it carefully, ever since they had entered the battlefield, they hadn't seen the Dragon Rebel Army attacked by the demons.

"Are you kidding? There are so many demons in the Alien Battlefield. If the Dragon Rebel Army were really able to manipulate them, we would have been defeated!"

The commander of the North Mansion Battalion didn't take it seriously. Jiang Chen noticed that he was in his early thirties, average-looking, and had a pair of long and narrow eyes.

Due to his lack of class, even magic-level armor couldn't make him look brave.

"It's you, the Red Flame Battalion. What a surprise that you're still alive," the commander of the North Mansion Battalion scorned as soon as he saw the Red Flame Battalion.

"What's this attitude? If it weren't for us, you would have been killed!"

The Red Flame Battalion had held a grudge against the North Mansion and the Flying Mount Battalion for a long time. Of course they couldn't hold their tempers anymore after hearing him rant and rave.

"Huh, it must have been General Zhao who gave the order. The Red Flame Battalion was just following his order. If General Zhao hadn't been with you, you wouldn't have come to our rescue, even if you saw us in danger." The commander of the Flying Mount Battalion was a large man, thick-browed and big-eyed. He looked fine when he didn't speak, but as soon as he spoke, people had the feeling that his character didn't correspond to his looks.

"The Red Flame Battalion lost many people. Would you have been able to save us without the help of the Bright Moon Troop and the Holy Arrow Battalion? How shameless you are to take credit for others' achievements," the commander of the North Mansion Battalion said coldly.

Zhao Wenhao couldn't put up with them anymore. He said in a cold tone, "The credit belongs to the Red Flame Battalion indeed. Without their fire formation, we wouldn't have been able to break the encirclement."


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