The Brilliant Fighting Master
524 Repeating Crossbows
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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524 Repeating Crossbows

They were over a basin with an open view after flying past the mountain.

The basin was bigger than they expected. Even if they'd had twice the number of soldiers, they wouldn't be able to search every corner of it.

Jiang Chen saw four teams of the middle troop flew into different directions.

To deploy a monitoring ward, I suppose, Jiang Chen thought to himself. The basin was so big that they had to deploy a ward in the east, west, north and south to create a dynamic map so that they would know where those cities were located.

"Red Flame Battalion, Holy Arrow Battalion, come with me!" Zhao Wenhao suddenly said.

Not only him, but also the other generals of the middle troop gave orders to the eight battalions of the lower troop.

They were going to act with one middle troop and two lower troops as a team.

They would advance slowly with the airship at the center, reacting quickly to whatever happened on the rapidly changing battlefield.

The whole Red Flame Battalion was relieved, since if they had been under the lead of the middle troop team Zhang Tianyi was serving, no one could say for sure what would happen.

The two battalions stepped onto the battlefield following the Bright Moon Troop.

"Watch out. The Dragon Rebel Army will try their best to stop us. They could have deployed a monitoring formation so that they know where we're moving," Zhao Wenhao told them. He was holding a slim scimitar in hand that looked odd next to his giant figure.

Jiang Chen was surprised at the orders, since the teams that had acted before them were mostly the dynasty's men.

He thought they would have sent cannon fodder onto the battlefield first, but they hadn't.

Of course, the eight battalions wouldn't be able to complete the task of ward deployment, but anyway, this was much better than what Jiang Chen had expected.

So it's mostly bias. The army won't just sacrifice cannon fodder carelessly, Jiang Chen thought.

"Look out!" Zhao Wenhao shouted to put everyone on guard.

They saw a large number of demons flying over from the other side of a peak, covering the whole sky and making threatening gestures.

This was a common scene in the Alien Battlefield.

The Red Flame Battalion's Cooling Formation started to work. They were burning like a real flame. The demons approaching them were all melted immediately.

The Holy Arrow Battalion kept shooting arrows, like a ceaseless storm. The demons fell before they could get close, one after another.

The Bright Moon Troop of the middle troops had less to worry about. As strong as a huge mountain, they hit the demons, smashing them into pieces.

The team kept advancing after killing those demons.

This fact proved Jiang Chen's guess had been right. It didn't take them long to see a city under construction.

The Dragon Rebel Army didn't have strong forces to fight against them. They won overwhelmingly.

"Destroying a city will win you from 10,000 to 50,000 war merit points. I'll allocate them to you appropriately," said Zhao Wenhao suddenly.

The two battalions were both excited to hear what he said.

Such a great amount of war merit points wouldn't be given to each individual directly. It would be given to battalion commanders to divide up further.

In the end, each soldier would receive only dozens of points for destroying a city. But in addition to that, if they also had a victory, each battalion would get extra war merit points.

Soldiers, military officers, generals, and senior generals would also get extra war merit points if they killed anyone from the Dragon Rebel Army.

After destroying three or four cities, the troops suddenly found themselves in the basin, so they were all on guard.

However, at this moment, numerous cracks appeared all over the basin. They seemed bottomless, and no one could see what was inside.

When the troops had noticed them, blue lights appeared in the cracks. The lights grew more and more bright, occupying almost all of the cracks completely.

Soon, they heard drum beats coming from the warship in warning.

At almost the same time, the blue lights in the cracks gushed out with long tails of light trailing behind them, but they weren't rising rapidly, only slowly, and they didn't seem destructive at all.

They just exploded in the sky like fireworks without even aiming at anything.

Endless blue light filled the sky and spread rapidly. In less than ten seconds, people saw what was weird about them.

The blue lights crossed to form a wall, dividing the basin into different zones.

The Third Legion was isolated.

Some people tried to approach the wall of blue light, but the fragile-looking light was actually very hard. No matter how hard they hit the wall, they only managed to make noise.

The warship gave orders again to the battalions.

"Don't panic. The Dragon Rebel Army will be obstructed, too. Our military force is stronger than theirs. Just keep advancing and watch what's happening around you."

Jiang Chen didn't find anything improper with the order. The wall was supposed to stop them, but they had to keep going to destroy the cities.

They kept advancing as a team. Soon, they found another city, but this one looked a bit different. It was more like a fortress.

"No matter what it is, destroy all the construction!" Zhao Wenhao ordered.

The Red Flame Battalion and the Holy Arrow Battalion charged towards the fortress from the left and right, respectively. The Bright Moon Troop followed them, in case anything happened.

When they were getting close, a light gushed out of the fortress, and they heard the ceaseless pulling of bow strings.

Zhao Wenxuan reacted quickly. He immediately ordered his men to stop. "Retreat!"

Endless sharp arrows were shot out of the light. They were so dense that even the Holy Arrow Battalion couldn't compete with them.

The two battalions suffered some losses before they managed to fly out of the shooting range of the arrows.

"It isn't the crossbows that are powerful, but the energy they're carrying," the commander of the Holy Arrow Battalion said, holding an arrow in hand. "Their paths can continue forever."

"Bring me the Dragon Protecting Shield…" Zhao Wenhao ordered decisively.

But he realized immediately that the shield was on the warship, and being blocked by the wall of blue lights, they couldn't retrieve it at all.

"Is this what the Dragon Rebel Army was aiming for?" Zhao Wenhao murmured, giving the two battalions a look.

"There will be a desperate battle after the crossbows land. I hope we can destroy the recurring crossbows in the city with the least damage. Whoever has a countermeasure for the current situation will be awarded 30,000 war merit points!"

Both battalions were excited, but at the same time, they found it tricky.

While the Holy Arrow Battalion racked their brains, Qiu Yan heard Jiang Chen speaking to her.

She came forward to say, "Let the Red Flame Battalion handle it!"

"Okay. What do you need then?" Zhao Wenhao wasn't interested in what method they would use. On the battlefield, only the results mattered to him.

"When the recurring crossbows are stopped, help us fend against the enemy trying to attack us," said Qiu Yan.

"That's it?" Zhao Wenhao was surprised. The Red Flame Battalion hadn't asked for anything. They must have been very confident.

"Don't push yourselves too hard. I don't want the Red Flame Battalion to suffer any more losses," Zhao Wenhao said uneasily.

The Red Flame Battalion had such a task ahead after already having lost so many people. The others just couldn't rest assured.

The Holy Arrow Battalion looked as if they were waiting for a good show.

The Red Flame Battalion were used to showing their mettle like this. There had seemed to be no difficulty they couldn't conquer, but after so many tragedies, their Cooling Formation had to have lost its power.

Weren't they courting death in order to impress people in such a situation?

Or did they actually have a good countermeasure?

The Red Flame Battalion wasn't verbose. The fire cloud changed, then it fell straight down, like flames from heaven.

It was simple and violent, and they didn't have sufficient men. Of course it made people uneasy.


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