The Brilliant Fighting Master
522 Departure of the Main Forces!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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522 Departure of the Main Forces!

Jiang Chen saw some captains like Tang Zhengyi reporting when he arrived at Qiu Yan's tent.

"Commander, we had too many casualties. The Cooling Formation can't exert the power it used to exert anymore. It has too many flaws," said Tang Zhengyi.

Furrowing her brow, Qiu Yan fell deep into thought.

The current situation of the Red Flame Battalion relieved her of her sorrows. She began to face the problems they had.

"Commander, I have a way to resolve it, and it'll make the formation even more powerful," Jiang Chen said directly without beating around the bush.

"You want to make a change to the formation?"

Qiu Yan instantly knew what he was going to do. Shaking her head, she said, "The formation can't be changed by just us. The Cooling Formation needs the other battalions' cooperation. Sometimes when the legion switches on its great formation, the Cooling Formation is a part of it, too."

Each battalion's formation was decided by the army, instead of the battalion commanders, and there was a written rule that the formations were not to be changed. If any changes occurred, there would be severe punishment.

The members of the Red Flame Battalion were all practitioners who were skilled in the creation of fire. Only the battalion commander and the lieutenant knew how the formation worked, making it secret information that wasn't told to everyone.

The duty of the soldiers was to follow orders. As a lieutenant, Jiang Chen was allowed to know the secret information the day before.

"I don't think it's a problem. I can change the way it works without introducing any changes to the combined formation. It can even make the combined formation more powerful."

"You seriously know what you're doing?" Qiu Yan looked at him in surprise. Her expression showed that she didn't believe him.

She stood up and walked over to Jiang Chen before she said coldly, "You're saying that your skill with tactical formations is better than the best formation masters and ward masters in the legion, even though these people are true masters from the Realm of True Force!"

"Yes. I'm saying I'm better than them," Jiang Chen said, grinning.

Qiu Yan was struck dumb. She shot him an unreadable look.

Jiang Chen said, "I've seen many things from the Cooling Formation. I can deduct what the grand formation is. There's only one possibility. The method used might vary, but the principal remains the same. This is the key to the combined formation. We'll enhance the power of the Cooling Formation, but the other parts won't be impacted."

"You mean you can make the Cooling Formation more helpful to the grand formation by making changes to it alone, while the legion won't know anything about it?" Qiu Yan acted like she had never heard a more impossible mission.

"Yep," said Jiang Chen.

Qiu Yan's eyebrows knit together. She was hesitant. She had to consider whether Jiang Chen was telling truth or not and the potential risks.

This was what a commander had to do.

"Okay, you can do that, but the original formation won't be discarded. We'll just add a new variation to it. This way, it'll have two variations—the original Cooling Formation and the upgraded one. Both will be under my control," said Qiu Yan.

"Sure thing." Jiang Chen gave her an admiring look. This woman did have her charms. No wonder she had taken the Red Flame Battalion this far.

In the next few days, Jiang Chen exercised his responsibility as a lieutenant to train soldiers in the camp.

The soldiers knew nothing about the formation change. The only thing they needed to do was follow orders unconditionally.

"These soldiers are good."

Jiang Chen thought it would have taken them half a month to practice a grand formation if he had been training other Reaching Heaven States, but it only took the Red Flame Battalion two or three days to digest what he had said. They would only need more practice to grow familiar with it.

That day, Jiang Chen was about to manipulate the Hundred Transformations Elixir in his Qihai after training when he heard a horn blowing outside.

At first it was only one noise, then all the warships were blowing horns.

Even if someone was deaf, they would have heard it.

Jiang Chen walked out of his tent, covering his ears, and saw the soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion gathering as quickly as they could.

On the Soldiers' Roll Call Platform, Qiu Yan, in her military uniform, looked very slim and attractive. Her features were perfect, her look stern and cold.

Beside her, Commander Wang Qiang was taking roll call.

The captains down the platform responded in loud voices after confirming everyone was there.

"Let's go!"

Without turning to the flying ships, the Red Flame Battalion, composed of almost 1,000 people, formed the Cooling Formation in the same way they had practiced.

The combined energy of almost 1,000 people formed one stream. It looked like a fire cloud in the sky.

Jiang Chen was also in the formation. He noticed the upper, middle, and lower troops of the Third Legion had all acted.

Different formations were made in the sky. The Red Flame Battalion was in one of the most insignificant positions.

The closer to the center they were, the greater the soldiers looked, and the better their armor was.

Jiang Chen saw Zhao Wenhao. His Bright Moon Troop was eye-catching in the middle troop. The energy his soldiers were giving off was much stronger than most other groups.

He also saw that Zhang Tianyi, whom he had defeated, had finally become a Venerable successfully, despite the fact that he had interrupted him once.

There was a new totem image of a flying dragon on his armor, which meant he wasn't a member of the Direct Battalion anymore. He was a lieutenant of the middle troop's Pioneer Battalion by that time.

He looked back as if he had felt Jiang Chen's look. As soon as he did that, he turned pale, but he managed to go back to normal quickly, as if nothing had happened.

He gave Jiang Chen a few smug looks, then he looked forward, unwilling to give the latter more attention.

Does he intend to turn a new page?

Jiang Chen knew what he was thinking. If he picked a fight with Jiang Chen as a Venerable after the battle, he would be laughed at.

However, since he had been defeated by a Reaching Heaven State, the only thing he could do was pretend nothing had happened.

But he didn't forget to express his disdain for Jiang Chen's state.

Followed by the middle troops and the lower troops, the upper troops went aboard a warship where the general camp was.

"Let's go!"

The order was given, but no one had explained anything. The troops set off.

On the battlefield, soldiers only needed to follow orders. They didn't have to know every detail. Once they started to think on their own, the efficiency of the army would be harmed.

To put it extremely, the best army would jump into a fire pit without asking any questions when they heard their orders.

But as a lieutenant, Jiang Chen had heard information from Qiu Yan.

"The Dragon Rebel Army is going to establish a military base somewhere. Once they succeed, their force will reach thousands of miles away."

Jiang Chen didn't know why they wanted to build a military base there, but since the Third Legion was so serious about it that they'd sent all of their troops out, it must have been amazing.

"Are those clouds?"

Not long after they'd left the camp, Jiang Chen saw a dense, dark mass very far away. He was curious about it.

Soon, as they got closer, he realized they weren't dark clouds.


He had almost forgotten what the Alien Battlefield was for, as the dumpsite where the Nine Realms had exiled all remaining demons.

The demons had been reproducing here, and their population had reached a surprising number.

He hadn't seen any demons in the camp, while as soon as they had left, they ran into demons. This meant that the camp must have had some way to protect itself from them.

"They're only low-level demons. Let's just push our way through them." The order reached all battalions. The troops didn't slow down, charging forward aggressively.

The great number of demons either vanished or fell apart after colliding with the troops.

The fire cloud of the Red Flame Battalion even created a burning hole in the cloud.


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