The Brilliant Fighting Master
521 Old Friends
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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521 Old Friends

A troop was stationed on a plain in the Alien Battlefield.

Their flag showed they were from the Dragon Rebel Army, the sworn enemy of the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

An airship was landed at their camp.

If Jiang Chen had been there, he would find he recognized everyone on the ship, including Murong Long, Ning Haotian, Han Siming, Yin Jue, and some other guys ranked on the Dragon Rise List.

Just like what had happened at Jiang Chen's arrival at the Third Legion, they were taken to a group of senior generals after landing.

A senior general of the Dragon Rebel Army praised Ning Haotian, sizing him up. "Great. You're very talented. I'm sure we can make you a Venerable before sending you onto the battlefield."

Ning Haotian felt proud. It relieved him of his frustration at being defeated by Jiang Chen twice.

Jiang Chen, you must be in exile in some unknown place. The first thing I'm going to do when I become a Venerable is kill you, Ning Haotian thought to himself. He didn't want to wait until Jiang Chen became a Venerable as well. He didn't have that confidence.

He would absolutely lose in that case.

"It's a surprise that there's such a young Venerable from the Realm of Nine Heavens, someone who can take charge of things."

Then the general set his eyes on Murong Long.

These people would soon be appointed as generals of different levels.

Yin Jue and Han Siming took the chance to observe the Dragon Rebel Army. They were shocked by what they saw.

Almost all soldiers of low ranks had been forced into the army.

The army would then pick out the best of them to appoint as generals. They would either threaten or bribe the ones they picked to make them accept the offer.

At least things weren't as bad for Yin Jue and Han Siming, since they wouldn't lose their freedom.

"Follow my lead. I know you were Jiang Chen's good friends, but now it's time for you to make up for your mistakes."

Murong Long swaggered up to them, as arrogant and bossy as ever. He smiled, showing his white teeth again.

Glancing at each other, Yin Jue and Han Siming said helplessly, "Do we have another choice?"

They hadn't come here of their own free will, but because they were being used as examples.

The Murongs dominated the Dragon Field, but there were still people against them. To demonstrate their power, they had sent Yin Jue, young master of Bank of Sacred City, and Han Siming, Jiang Chen's friend, to the army.

But they didn't want things to end in a stalemate. They didn't make them average soldiers who could be used as cannon fodder.

As for Ning Haotian and Murong Long, they were extremely ambitious. They wanted to achieve great things, overturning the Flying Dragon Dynasty one day in the future so that they could gain a foothold in the Realm of True Force.

It would be a big leap for them, since they would skip over the struggling in the Realm of Milky.

Wars were good opportunities for grassroots movements.

"Yin Jue, take good care of yourself. I'll marry your sister when we get back." Upon seeing the unhappiness on their faces, Murong Long didn't feel angry. Instead, he was smug.

Regarding Yin Shuang, Yin Jue couldn't stay silent anymore. He said, "You Murongs must be regretful. You claimed you would eliminate the Gaos and other rebel forces for the sake of your reputation, but now it's hard for you to even get started."

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute had started their investigation as soon as they had been informed of what the Dragon Rebel Army had done in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

As a result, the Dragon Rebel Army had restrained themselves a little. Although they were still stationed in the Realm of Nine Heavens, they couldn't do anything for the Murongs.

The Gaos had built their clan land into an impenetrable fortress, which they couldn't crack quickly.

Murong Long sneered, "That's why we came here. When we're promoted to generals of the army, we'll go back with our troops. We won't have to be afraid of anything by then."

He added, "Just pray that I'll still be in love with your sister then!"

Then Murong Long went up to Ning Haotian and said, "If you had the royal map, you wouldn't have had to come here to break through to the Venerable state."

Ning Haotian unhappily said, "Are you saying I couldn't even handle a woman?"

"Am I?" Murong Long grinned. His look explained everything.

"The royal map won't appear unless it's of her own free will. Otherwise, even if we kill her, we won't see it."

"So what are you going to do?" said Murong Long.

"She said as long as I killed Jiang Chen to get revenge for her father, she would show me the royal map."

Murong Long found this strange. He said, "But they don't seem to have any problems between them."

"She is just stalling for time, holding unrealistic expectations. I'll make her give up."

"So let's be frank. Do you really think Jiang Chen won't come back?" asked Murong Long.

"He'll be back. I'm sure." Ning Haotian knew his old rival pretty well. He said affirmatively, "We'd better start thinking of how to kill him when he comes back!"

How lonely it is when there are no rivals.

In the Third Legion, Jiang Chen stretched. He had nothing to do at that moment.

Since he had achieved Cloud Nine, he could defeat any Reaching Heaven State without using extraordinary power or his phoenix blood, but with only his sword.

However, the huge gap between him and Venerables was difficult to leap over.

Even during the last sudden attack, he had only managed to beat a Venerable's teeth out.

However, he knew he had to take his time. If he rushed, things wouldn't go well for him.

What had happened in the Office of Military Justice came to his mind again.

In a long-term view, having a totem image of a flying dragon on the back of his token would indeed change things.

It was the difference between temporary and official posts.

After the war, temporary soldiers would be awarded and sent back home if they hadn't died in war.

For official soldiers, once the rebellion in the dynasty was subdued, they would gain a foothold in the Realm of True Force. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that they would be able to reach the sky in a single bound.

Jiang Chen had arrived at the camp only a few days earlier, but he already saw a possibility to break through to Venerable.

But what about after he became a Venerable?

The existence of the dark room had proven he would see better development in the Realm of True Force.

To be frank, if two people with the same talent stayed in the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of True Force respectively, the one who stayed in the latter would definitely achieve bigger things.

Jiang Chen, occupied by the thought of the Dragon Field's crisis, hadn't had the chance to think about that. But as he waited in the camp, he could gradually ponder things like that.

I'll have to take advantage of the Realm of True Force to go to the Three Middle Realms. If I can't be an influential man here, even if I go to the Three Middle Realms through the passage between Planes Worlds, what will I do there? Jiang Chen thought to himself.

The crisis in the Dragon Field needed a resolution, but he also had to figure out what he was going to do in the future.

At this moment, Wang Qiang came to tell him that Commander Qiu Yan had called him over. She had something delicate to discuss with him.

The Red Flame Battalion relied on fire to fight. Their usual tasks were to disturb the enemy and burn their weapons.

The battalion adopted a Cooling Formation, which was a formation composed of almost 1,000 people, to fight. They needed to rehearse it every day until each person learned their position and movement by heart so that they could use it in battle.

As the only lieutenant in the battalion, Jiang Chen had a huge responsibility.

But this wasn't the problem. After the previous catastrophe, the Red Flame Battalion didn't have enough people to perform the Cooling Formation. As a result, the formation had become much less powerful.


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