The Brilliant Fighting Master
519 Office of Military Justice
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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519 Office of Military Justice

Jiang Chen had proven through his strength that he wasn't making a show in the army, but had real talent.

Questions about his background started to rise among people, like where he was from and who his master was.

It turned out that no one knew. The young generals that had come to the Third Legion with him knew nothing about him. Even the other three men who also had joined the army from the Infinite Sword School had no idea, either.

This guy seemed like he had appeared out of thin air, which made people even more curious about him.

The higher-ups must have had his profile, but average soldiers had no access.

"He's from the Realm of Nine Heavens? And he's in exile?"

In a nicely-decorated cabin on the warship, the youngster who had helped Jiang Chen was reading his profile.

It was only one page, with limited content, but the fact that he was from the Realm of Nine Heavens had already shocked the youngster.

"Young… young master." A pretty maid came in. This wasn't usual in the army.

"Zhang Tianyi broke through as soon as he woke up. He's a Venerable now," said the maid.

"Oh? Did he give that Jiang Chen any trouble?"

"No. He has been staying his room."

The youngster nodded. He murmured, "Fortunately, he didn't make things more embarrassing for the dynasty."

The news about Zhang Tianyi's breakthrough spread throughout the army.

As a Venerable, he surely wouldn't pick any more fights with Jiang Chen. However, it was hard to say whether he would plan something against the latter.

After his breakthrough, Zhang Tianyi became a lieutenant of the Dragon March Troop, one of the middle troops, which was a renowned post.

The middle troops could give orders to the lower troops. People wondered whether he would do something to the Red Flame Battalion.

It was a coincidence that after Zhang Tianyi had become a Venerable, a piece of news shocked the whole legion the next day.

The commander of the Red Flame Battalion, Qiu Yan, declared that she would quit the army and go back to her hometown.

She had been taken to the Office of Military Justice, where no one knew what would happen to her. Outside, the Office of Military Justice many soldiers were gathered.

"Make way!" Jiang Chen walked through the crowd and came to the office door. When the guards had stopped him from entering, he said he was the lieutenant of the Red Flame Battalion and was let in.

Qiu Yan's trial had already started.

The house where the Office of Military Justice was located was filled with military officers. Commanders of the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion were also there.

In the presence of so many people, Qiu Yan was standing at the center of the room, her chin raised. Despite being a woman, she didn't fear the others' judgement.

Her pretty face looked rather resolute.

"You want to desert us now when we're in a crucial stage of the war? You know what possible consequences this could result in?"

A senior military officer was opposite Qiu Yan. He was a fair-skinned man, a little stout. His face didn't look that majestic, but he was intentionally pulling a long face, which had a hilarious effect.

"General, have you ever gone onto any battlefield? Have you ever killed anyone?" Qiu Yan said, calmly facing the officer's questioning.

The senior officer was speechless and angry. He said, "I'm the one that poses the questions here!"

Qiu Yan smiled bitterly. Giving the officers in the Office of Military Justice a look, she said slowly, "A year ago, the dynasty went to my school to recruit soldiers. My schoolmates, my own brother, and I agreed to enlist.

"One year later, my apprentice brothers and sisters are all dead because of this war.

"Half a month ago, the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion violated military orders. They came to our aid ten minutes too late. My brother died in my arms.

"However, the two battalions didn't get punished!

"Today, I want to take their dead bodies back."

Many people were so touched by her speech and her dismal voice that they lowered their heads.

Two or three seconds later, discussions in low voices started.

Unable to take the others' looks, the commanders of the two battalions refuted in a brazen manner.

"The great number of casualties was caused by the conceit and inadequacy of the Red Flame Battalion. They almost got the North Mansion Battalion and Flying Mount Battalion into trouble. How could you be so shameless as to say things like that?!"

"All battalions suffer losses. That's how cruel war is."

"Fine." Qiu Yan opened her fists desperately. Eight tokens came into sight.

"These tokens belonged to my sibling disciples and my brother. They didn't have any fewer war merit points than anyone else in the eight battalions, with even twice as many as you, but they didn't have the totem image of a flying dragon on the back of their tokens, so they stayed temporary soldiers.

"They died for the Flying Dragon Dynasty, and they deserved to have a dignified identity. As long as they're honored, I'll go on fighting for the dynasty until I die!"

As she spoke, she couldn't stay calm anymore. She burst out crying, her eyes growing red.

Jiang Chen, standing beside the door, let out a sigh. He didn't know what to say. He could understand Qiu Yan's sorrow and anger, but he also knew she wouldn't get what she wanted.

In these officers' eyes, too many people had died in this war. If they compromised with Qiu Yan so easily, the army would be in trouble.

That being said, Jiang Chen was on Qiu Yan's side.

"That's impossible!"

As expected, the senior military officer went into a rage after seconds of silence. He shouted, "You're threatening us, only with an honorable sounding excuse! If everyone did the same, the army would fall apart!"

"I agree. The totem image of a flying dragon represents the dynasty. Descendents of those who have it will be protected. You think such an honor is so easy to get?" added the commander of the North Mansion Battalion right away.

"Qiu Yan, without you, the army will keep functioning, but you can't just leave as you wish," the officer said coldly.

"I won't participate in any battles anymore," Qiu Yan said desperately.

"The Red Flame Battalion won't fall apart without you. Since you've violated military code, you're relieved of your post. Lieutenants of the Red Flame Battalion, come here," the officer said.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and went forward.

"It's you?" Upon seeing Jiang Chen, those in the Office of Military Justice all turned pale.

They all remembered the fight between Zhang Tianyi and him. Not until then did they recall that he was from the Red Flame Battalion.

The senior officer said severely, "Where are the other lieutenants?"

"They all died in war for the dynasty. I'm the only one," said Jiang Chen.

"So, you'll be the commander of the Red Flame Battalion from today onward," the officer said impatiently.

Qiu Yan threw a glance at Jiang Chen. It was hard to tell from her look what was on her mind.

"Officer, the Red Flame Battalion had its day under the leadership of Commander Qiu Yan. They made many contributions. I've only been here for four or five days. If I'm designated to command them, I'm afraid people won't be impressed.

"Besides, what Commander Qiu asked for is totally reasonable. Your decision will disappoint countless people who are fighting for the dynasty," said Jiang Chen.

Qiu Yan was more surprised than anyone else to hear this. She had prepared to die when she had come to the Office of Military Justice. She hadn't expected Jiang Chen to support her.

People who thought the affair was over realized it had actually just begun.


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