The Brilliant Fighting Master
518 Eight Battalions
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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518 Eight Battalions

Under people's nervous gazes, the energy fluctuation in the blue protective jar subsided gradually just when the jar was on the edge of explosion.

In the end, the protective jar vanished, and a sudden fierce wind swept over the camp. Jiang Chen and Zhang Tianyi came back into people's sights.

Zhang Tianyi went into a coma, but instead of falling, he was floating in the air.

On the other hand, although Jiang Chen was heavily injured, he was still standing, raising the Red Cloud Sword high.

Without any doubt, Jiang Chen had won.

Zhang Tianyi hadn't succeeded in breaking through. No one had any idea what would happen after he had been interrupted abruptly.

"We're doomed." Xie Yan was extremely pale. This had been a fair fight with a challenge letter. Even if Zhang Tianyi had died, Jiang Chen wouldn't have been blamed.

But it was a sure thing that the one who had made all this happen would pay the price.

There had been no question that Zhang Tianyi could level up to Venerable, but he had ended up like this for Xie Yan's revenge. Maybe he wouldn't be able to become a Venerable anymore.

The doctor of the warship went into the air to take Zhang Tianyi away.

No one announced the result of the fight.

Jiang Chen drew his sword back slowly and went back to the Red Flame Battalion without speaking to anyone.

The bystanders looked at each other. They didn't burst out in exclamation until a good while later.

Everyone there had come to watch Jiang Chen make a fool of himself. No one had expected him to win, yet he had turned out not to be any weaker than Zhang Tianyi. Instead, he had been way better. Zhang Tianyi had even tried to break through to Venerable, but he had still lost.

"Hooray!" The soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion cheered with their arms raised high. They all looked excited and proud.

Although they didn't know him well yet, he was still a member of the Red Flame Battalion.

Tang Zhengyi shouted excitedly. Thinking of what he had said the day before, he didn't know what to do.

"More and more excellent young men are springing up," Du Zhenfei said emotionally. Looking at his lieutenant walking towards him, he asked, "How is Zhang Tianyi?"

"He's fine. He just passed out. He can still be a Venerable when he wakes up."

"He thought he had no rival among Reaching Heaven States. Hopefully, he'll learn something from his failure after he wakes up," said Du Zhenfei.

At the same time, in the tent of Qiu Yan, the commander of the Red Flame Battalion, she watched the whole fight without too many changes in emotion, but there was shock in her eyes when the fight finally ended.

"So it's time." Qiu Yan looked at the table, where there were seven or eight tokens that had once belonged to different military men.

The tokens had completely lost their luster, which meant their masters had died in war.

Jiang Chen was more pleasantly surprised than happy about the victory due to the other changes it had brought on.

When his body had cooled down, he found his state had enhanced again. He had achieved Cloud Nine.

The Abundant Yuan Elixir had been fully absorbed by his body during the fight. Not a single bit had been wasted.

A holy pulse plus genuine phoenix blood, the effects are really extraordinary.

It dawned on Jiang Chen why Nan Gong and Shui Yuan would have pinned their faith on him, because with his talent, it would only take him one or two years to go back to the Dragon Field.

The next step after Cloud Nine of the Reaching Heaven State was Venerable.

As Azure Demon had said, the state system of Venerable was rather complicated.

From lowest to highest level, there was Martial Venerable, Spiritual Venerable, and Celestial Venerable, respectively.

Each level was further classified into an initial stage, middle stage, and late stage. For example, a Martial Venerable in the initial stage, or a Martial Venerable in the middle stage.

No matter which stage one was in, they were all called Venerable.

It was because when the state system was established, only a few people could achieve these three states, so they were all called Venerable for convenience. Until this day, it had been a tradition.

Martial Venerable, Spiritual Venerable, and Celestial Venerable. The three Venerables in one would make a Grand Venerable.

A Grand Venerable was like the peak. Above that were gods and immortal beings.

In the Dragon Field, neither the Hero Palace, the Evil Cloud Palace, nor the Murongs had any Grand Venerables. Celestial Venerable was the highest state they had.

In fact, there wasn't any Grand Venerables in the entire Realm of Nine Heavens.

It wasn't that none of the Grand Venerables were from the Realm of Nine Heavens; it was just that this place wasn't attractive enough to keep them there.

After becoming Grand Venerables, they all set off to take adventures across the Nine Realms.

It was worth mentioning Jiang Chen's father, Jiang Qingyu.

He had been rejected by the Gaos 19 years earlier, and with his own efforts, he had become a Celestial Venerable.

That was why he was said to only be one step away from Grand Venerable.

If I can find my father here in the Alien Battlefield…

Jiang Chen knew that his father had come here to investigate the death of Taoist Priest Skywind, but he didn't know exactly where he was.

However, although Celestial Venerable was only one step away from Grand Venerable, in fact, this step could have been impossible to realize, even if he tried his entire life. It could have been an eternity away.

His father might have been able to deal with the Murongs alone, but it would be too much for him to deal with the Rebel Dragon Army all by himself.

At this moment, Wang Qiang came to the tent with Tang Zhengyi and others.

Jiang Chen let them in. The heavy-browed and big-eyed man called Tang Zhengyi loudly said, "We're ready to receive your punishment!"


"We offended our superior!" said Tang Zhengyi.

"Did you? As captains, you thought of the Red Flame Battalion. I really appreciate your courage. These are rewards for you."

Then Jiang Chen took out many practice resources, only a small part of what he had received in the small world.

Tang Zhengyi and the others were pleasantly surprised, since they hadn't received any punishments, but were rewarded instead. They were speechless.

Then they were filled with admiration at the thought of how Jiang Chen had defeated Zhang Tianyi.

"I'm actually curious to know the root cause of the great number of casualties of the Red Flame Battalion," said Jiang Chen. This was the best time to ask about this.

"Half a month ago, we won the resources we wanted in a battle."

As a straightforward man, Tang Zhengyi said immediately, "Our battalion and the other seven battalions received the orders to cover the retreat of the principal force, to stall the enemy.

"Back then, we were the strongest among the eight battalions of the Third Legion, thanks to our commander's lead. However, exactly because of that, we became a thorn in the others' sides. We were framed.

"The Flying Mount Battalion and North Mansion Battalion were supposed to come to our aid, but they arrived ten minutes late. As a result, we met a pincer attack and suffered great losses!"

Tang Zhengyi gnashed his teeth to show his detest of the two battalions he had just mentioned.

There was something Jiang Chen didn't understand. He asked, "You were framed only because the Red Flame Battalion was strong? The military regulations couldn't stop anything like that from happening?"

"Because our commander wasn't from the dynasty," Wang Qiang said helplessly.

"Among the eight battalions of the lower troops, besides the Red Flame Battalion, the Holy Arrow Battalion and Iron Soldier Battalions are also temporary troops, but they aren't as strong as us," said Tang Zhengyi.

"People of genuine merit are often resented," Jiang Chen exclaimed.

After a few days of military life, Jiang Chen wasn't surprised.

Although the Flying Dragon Dynasty was facing a crisis, the government didn't seem to be aware of it. They were somehow as proud as ever.

"The commander's brother was one of the dead lieutenants," Tang Zhengyi said.

Jiang Chen was shocked. Thinking of Qiu Yan, he couldn't help but let out a sigh.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》