The Brilliant Fighting Master
516 Harnessing Thunder
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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516 Harnessing Thunder

What Zhang Tianyi had said was bossy and unreasonable. Jiang Chen refuted him with well-founded arguments, especially his last sarcastic comment, which caused an uproar.

"Arrogant. You're way too arrogant!"

Upon seeing Jiang Chen in person, the crowd came to realize why he had the confidence that he could beat Xie Yan and Liu Yu—he wasn't afraid of anything.

Instead of getting angry, Zhang Tianyi said confidently, "If I can't make it, of course you can't, either."

"You aristocratic disciples always think you're better than anyone else. It doesn't make any sense," said Jiang Chen.

"Brother Tianyi, you see? It was exactly because of his attitude that I had to attack him, although in the end, I was the one who was beaten!" Xie Yan seized the chance to interject.

"Go to the ground," said Zhang Tianyi.

His tone was plain, but everyone could sense the aggressive energy he was emitting.

Xie Yan, Liu Yu, and Xu Ping went back to the ground, so only Jiang Chen and Zhang Tianyi remained in the air.

They held the full attention of the Third Legion.

On the principal warship, even Senior General Du had come out to watch the show.

"These youngsters are so competitive."

"Bring it on."

Zhang Tianyi was very calm, but he seemed colder and colder. It was muggy in the Alien Battlefield, but when he raised his sword, a biting wind blew.

The wind, blowing around Zhang Tianyi, was so icy cold that people felt their bones aching.

"You first," said Jiang Chen.

People had heard about his arrogance, so they weren't surprised this time. They just regarded it as provocation.

"Hopefully, it's only speaking that you're good at."

Zhang Tianyi wasn't angry, but he didn't want to argue with Jiang Chen, either.

He was a proud man, regarding himself as an elephant and Jiang Chen as an ant. Arguing with an ant would only make him look silly.

"Biting Wind!"

Zhang Tianyi threw his sword out, the sword movement not gaudy at all. It looked quite ordinary, like a basic thing that every beginning swordsman had to study.

A prick!

A simple prick!

Its simplicity was overwhelming, which reminded people of one thing—the greatest truths were the simplest.

Seeing that Jiang Chen was also using a sword, Zhang Tianyi, thinking very highly of himself, intended to defeat him with one sword attack so that he couldn't talk back anymore.

It was a simple prick, but I felt like I couldn't even breathe, like there was no place to hide! many sword users thought to themselves.

In their opinions, Jiang Chen was doomed.

In an instant, the sword had come up to Jiang Chen. The cold wind blew over and froze him.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen threw his sword out.

The gust his sword caused was different from the one Zhang Tianyi's started. It was extremely hot.

He was like a burning fire in the cold wind. He pricked forward with the Red Cloud Sword, too. It was also simple, so simple that there was nothing unnecessary in his movement.

The light of the sword soared into the sky like a rainbow, but it was only a single color, red.

"Do you really think I was way worse than you before I went into the dark room?"

It wasn't difficult to imagine how shocked Zhang Tianyi was when he saw this sword attack of Jiang Chen and heard him say this. He was so shocked that even the spiritual sword in his hand shook.

It was this trembling that identified which swordsman was better.

In others' eyes, the two had separated right away after only a light touch, and both of them didn't stop moving until they were very far away.

When both of them managed to stand steadily again, the whole camp was silent.

Zhang Tianyi suddenly perceived something when he had turned around and was about to say something. He touched his face and found he was bleeding.


Many couldn't believe what they had seen. Zhang Tianyi was injured.

Then they immediately looked towards Jiang Chen, expecting to see worse injuries on him. It was the only thing that made sense to them.

"You've lost."

But Jiang Chen was fine. He touched his blade with fingers, and a strong wind blew the blood off of it.

"What nonsense are you saying?!" Zhang Tianyi snarled in a low voice, like a beast, when Jiang Chen was about to put the Red Cloud Sword back into its sheath.

He finally stopped being arrogant and disdainful.

His black eyes were bloodshot. He said coldly, "I was just too careless. You think you've won?"

"You think I've shown all I have?" Jiang Chen answered him with a question that petrified him.

Then Jiang Chen continued, "You've lost, but it isn't too bad at the moment. If you don't want to stop here, I'm afraid you'll be too ashamed to be seen anymore."

"Hehe." This only provoked a disdainful, cold laughter from Zhang Tianyi. He laughed more and more loudly.

"You might be great, but you aren't good enough to talk this big yet. You might not have shown all you have, but I wasn't even taking you seriously."

"We're both swordsmen. You can't cheat anyone but yourself," Jiang Chen said calmly.

Zhang Tianyi's chest was heaving up and down violently. Jiang Chen hadn't been bluffing. A simple remark made him speechless, because a fact was a fact. In this round, he had lost.

"Wow, there's such a great young swordsman among Reaching Heaven States."

Senior General Du's eyes lit up. He had heard about Jiang Chen, but it was the first time he had seen him.

But inside, Jiang Chen wasn't as calm as he looked. He created a record in his third entry to the dark room, and it hadn't just been to show off.

His fight doctrine level was finally high enough for him to use a knife and sword, so he wasn't only limited to fist and palm.

Maybe using a knife and sword wasn't as pretty to watch as exerting the dragons' martial arts techniques, but the power of swordsmanship would be surprisingly effective in a desperate fight.

His last sword attack was an example. If he hadn't improved, and the dragons' martial arts techniques had been his last resort, he would have given Zhang Tianyi a heavy punch.

It would have been effective, and Zhang Tianyi would have flown away.

But after, the only thing he could have done was throw his fist out over and over again. Once his rival saw through his weakness, he would definitely lose.

By that point, he was able to use his sword comfortably again. Once again, he felt the joy of being a swordsman.

"Flying Dragon Formula, Dragon Transformation!"

Zhang Tianyi had lost in terms of swordsmanship, but it didn't mean he had lost the fight, so he made an all-out effort.

He exerted an unknown martial arts bible, his blood boiling. The magnetic field around him was distorted.

Jiang Chen sensed the dragon power in him. He assumed his rival was a member of the royal family of the Flying Dragon Dynasty. Therefore, he must have had royal blood.

"Fighting Dragon Stands on Clouds!"

Zhang Tianyi launched another attack. There was an obvious change in the momentum of his sword. It was still overwhelming, but didn't lose any of the sharpness of its attacks. A powerful energy was contained in it.

He had merged these things in his sword in the perfect way. Jiang Chen came to learn how he had gained such fame. He was good.

"It's a pity that I'm your rival." Jiang Chen dashed towards him with his sword. The power of the doctrine of sword couldn't harness dragon power, but except for that, it could harness any other power.

The force of his sword attack broke out in an instant, accompanied by a whooshing gale and countless shining arcs of electricity, each of which was as thick as an arm.

"Thunder? He can harness the power of thunder?" someone couldn't help but shout loudly. Other things aside, the ability to harness thunder was already extremely cool and respected.


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