The Brilliant Fighting Master
515 If I Can’t Make It, You Can’t Make It, Either
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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515 If I Can’t Make It, You Can’t Make It, Either

"Zhengyi, why did you say that?" Wang Qiang said.

But Tang Zhengyi still looked very resolute. He didn't change his mind.

"What if I beat him?" said Jiang Chen.

"Beat Zhang Tianyi?" Tang Zhenyi wasn't even sure who Jiang Chen was referring to. His lack of confidence in Jiang Chen was obvious.


"I gather that's impossible." Tang Zhengyi said what he thought. "But if you really win, it'll be the Red Flame Battalion's honor. In that case, we'll be cowards if we're still afraid that he'll play dirty moves against us."

"So why are you in such a hurry? We'll see the result the day after tomorrow. Besides, do you think he'll allow me to stay in the army if he defeats me?" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Tang Zhengyi and others were stunned.

They hadn't expected Jiang Chen to understand things so thoroughly, and although he knew the possible gains and losses, he still had such ease. His smile didn't seem false to them.

Tang Zhengyi and his companions couldn't help but feel ashamed. They turned around to leave.

Wang Qiang said some nice words to Jiang Chen, then he also left.

After they had left, Jiang Chen set up a ward in his tent so that he wouldn't be disturbed. He was going to refine two class-ten breakthrough panaceas with different effects.

One was a Hundred Transformations Elixir, used to break through to the Venerable stage. It would take a long time to take effect.

This elixir wasn't taken orally; it had to be inserted into Qihai.

It would have an effect on one's halo of heaven after each manipulation. After 100 manipulations, the effects would be maximized.

In comparison, the other breakthrough panacea, the Abundant Yuan Elixir, could take effect immediately, and the effects would never be too weak. The only worry was how much one could absorb.

Jiang Chen had a holy pulse and phoenix blood, so this wouldn't be a problem for him.

Although he couldn't use the alchemist room, he didn't have to. For him, it was enough to have a furnace.

The thing was, if he could have used the alchemist room, the quality of the panacea could have been guaranteed, since he was going to refine a class-ten one.

With only a furnace, he could only guarantee the success rate.

If other alchemists knew what he was worrying about, they would definitely be annoyed. For alchemists, it would already be irritating that the success rate could be guaranteed, especially for class-ten panaceas.

The next day, the two panaceas were refined successfully. Jiang Chen put the furnace back into his spiritual storage ware, then he put the Hundred Transformations Elixir into his Qihai and took the Abundant Yuan Elixir. In this way, he started practicing that day.

It was a pity that the conditions at the camp didn't allow him to deploy a practice formation with crystals of fire dragon. Otherwise, he would have been able to be more efficient.

But here, the rules were strict. He had to keep a low profile.

Even if he absorbed the spirit of the universe, it would have been detected by the camp's formation and recorded.

By the end of the afternoon, Jiang Chen had finished absorbing the panacea. He felt like there were ten thousand horses running in him, and they wouldn't stop.

Unfortunately, the effects of breakthrough panaceas won't add up, even if I take more. Otherwise, I would have been able to break through to Venerable quickly, Jiang Chen couldn't help but think.

But this was already good enough for him. If everything went well, his state would level up in ten days. He would achieve Cloud Nine by then.

Then he would be able to work towards the Venerable stage through the Hundred Transformations Elixir.

As for the next day's fight, he didn't take it too seriously, but others took it very seriously. Some people even skipped sleeping, killing time by practicing.

Many people had gathered around the Red Flame Battalion at dawn.

The members of the Red Flame Battalion were all very nervous. No matter what, Jiang Chen was the only lieutenant in the battalion at that moment. He represented them.

Zhang Tianyi had said in the challenge letter that this day would be the day of the fight, but he didn't say what time it would be. However, he could already be seen over the Red Flame Battalion early in the morning.

He didn't say anything, nor did he provoke Jiang Chen verbally. He was just standing there quietly, waiting for Jiang Chen to appear.

But Jiang Chen didn't show up.

A few minutes later, something occurred to Wang Qiang. He went to Jiang Chen's tent and found Jiang Chen meditating, having no idea that Zhang Tianyi had arrived.

"He's there?"

Jiang Chen thought his rival would yell for him after his arrival. He hadn't expected the latter to be such a low-key person.

When he flew into the air, he saw Zhang Tianyi with Xie Yan, Liu Yu, and others.

"Why didn't you keep hiding? Why have you come to court death?" said Xie Yan. Of course, he thought Jiang Chen would be too afraid to show up.

Jiang Chen ignored him. Observing Zhang Tianyi, he said, "You sent me that challenge letter?"

"This is the rule of the army. To be honest, you don't deserve my challenge letter!" said Zhang Tianyi.

He was direct, but no one thought there was anything wrong with that, since his rival was only Jiang Chen.

"Another arrogant guy," Jiang Chen said. "In that case, I don't have too many concerns."

Many people had imagined how Jiang Chen would behave when he saw Zhang Tianyi.

Would he beg for the latter's mercy or make excuses for what he had done in a humble manner? Would he hide somewhere or turn to military regulations to protect himself?

But they hadn't anticipated that Jiang Chen would behave this way.

He was easy, calm and confident, which the people couldn't understand. He behaved like he was Zhang Tianyi's peer and they enjoyed the same fame.

"Who does he think he is?"

Lots of Zhang Tianyi's supporters couldn't accept this.

Xie Yan said with a cold smile, "You'll pay the price for looking down on Apprentice Brother Zhang Tianyi."

Zhang Tianyi furrowed his brow. His look was so deep that there seemed to be a current flowing in it.

"He doesn't think he could be a match for Zhang Tianyi just because of his 100 cell record, would he?"

People were trying to find an explanation for Jiang Chen's behavior.

"Maybe he doesn't know how great Apprentice Brother Zhang Tianyi is yet."

This was quite impossible, since Zhang Tianyi had sent him his challenge letter three days ago. Three days was enough to gather some basic information about him, so the first explanation made more sense.

Jiang Chen, known for the dark room affair, thought he was a match for Zhang Tianyi.

"If he really thinks that, he's too foolish," someone said.

The cell standard of the dark room wasn't universal. It was based on each individual's level.

No one would believe Jiang Chen had achieved 100 cells based on a creation of nature and martial arts techniques that was as good as Zhang Tianyi's.

"Before we start, I want the war merit points you earned through a scam back." Zhang Tianyi also brought this topic up.

Xu Ping showed up, too. He shouted loudly and angrily, "Jiang Chen, you tricked me into that bet!"

"You have any proof?" Jiang Chen was amused.

"No one can achieve 100 cells, unless you didn't even achieve the beginner level of the creation of nature and martial arts techniques, but you learned a lot from others and gained experience, then you finished your breakthrough in the dark room," said Zhang Tianyi.

"First of all, why would I do that? In your theory, it would take me a long time to accumulate experience. I would have been scheming for several years just to get 1,000 war merit points?"

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen said, "Second, you think no one can achieve it, so why does the dark room have 100 cells? Wouldn't ten cells be enough?

"Or maybe, you can't do it, so you think others can't, either."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》