The Brilliant Fighting Master
512 The Totem Image of a Flying Dragon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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512 The Totem Image of a Flying Dragon

In the center of the Third Legion, there was a warship that looked a bit different. Compared to the other warships, it looked quite bulky and was obviously less threatening.

However, its functions were beyond compare. Jiang Chen was pretty excited when he climbed aboard it.

It provided the perfect facilities and environment for panacea refining and equipment building. The giant furnace for panacea refining, which could be seen from the outside, was especially noteworthy.

As an alchemist, Jiang Chen was extremely eager to approach it and take a look, but many armored soldiers were standing around it. They looked so cold and emotionless that anyone would feel pressured once they moved closer to them.

Obviously, these facilities weren't just for average soldiers.

Jiang Chen was only allowed to stay in the front of the ship, where long tables were placed and many military officers were sitting.

Many soldiers like him were exchanging for resources they wanted using war merit points.

A billboard that stood on the dock explained what could be exchanged with the war merit points.

Jiang Chen had to admit that the Flying Dragon Dynasty of the Realm of True Force was beyond any other force he had ever seen.

Hell grass, netherworld water, and darksteel crystal… These are all strategic resources in the Dragon Field, but it's so easy to get them here.

So I'll take all of them.

Jiang Chen felt like he had never been as excited in the small world as he was then. This was the real treasure for him!

He went to a military officer immediately to exchange for spiritual herbs.

"You have no access to the alchemist room. Why do you need spiritual herbs?" the officer asked confusedly.

"Why do I have no access? It's written here that each visit to the alchemist room costs 50 war merit points." Jiang Chen was even more confused. If he hadn't seen that, he wouldn't have had the thought to refine panaceas at all.

The officer smiled. The others beside him also smiled mysteriously.

"This is your token, isn't it?"

The officer took the token Jiang Chen had handed to him. After Jiang Chen nodded, he said, "There's no totem image of a flying dragon on the back of your token. You know what that means?"


"It means that officially, you're not a general of the Flying Dragon Dynasty yet. That'll depend on your performance." While speaking, he showed thinly veiled disdain.

This was new information to Jiang Chen. Then something occurred to him. He said, "It's the same for average soldiers, isn't it? They can't get treatment because they don't have the totem image of a flying dragon on the back of their tokens."

"That's right. The dynasty only has limited resources. There are hundreds of thousands of men in the army. You know how many resources would be needed to supply everyone? Of course a good system was needed."

The officer grew a bit impatient. Throwing the token back, he said, "Check what else you can exchange for."

"That's unnecessary. I only want the spiritual herbs I just mentioned," Jiang Chen said in an unhappy tone.

"Really?" The officer looked at him, puzzled.

He curled his lip when he had realized Jiang Chen wouldn't explain anything to him. He knocked on the table and said unhappily, "As you wish."

Then he walked to a shack on the other side of the deck with Jiang Chen's token.

Jiang Chen saw something that made his eyes light up while waiting there.

Among the practice equipment, he saw what he needed most at that moment, something that could help him improve his fight doctrine.

By then, he was able to exert the power of his fist and palm attacks at will, but his swordsmanship was lagging behind.

Although his fist and palm attacks were already powerful enough, once his swordsmanship caught up, his strength would be enhanced.

After all, knife and sword attacks were always more powerful than fist and palm attacks.

In the legion, a dark room was used to enhance fight doctrine level. As for how exactly this was achieved, of course, it was a secret.

But anyway, the results were attractive.

Jiang Chen had achieved the highest level of creation of nature and martial arts techniques after he had completed the course at the martial arts workshop in the Dragon Field.

However, the martial arts workshop had also told him that their highest level was equivalent to the beginner level of the standard commonly used throughout the Nine Realms.

The dark room could help people improve their creation of nature and martial arts techniques, and as a result, their fight doctrine would naturally be enhanced.

"Yeah, fight doctrine refers to one's status during fighting. It's closely connected to oneself. As long as one's creation of nature and martial arts techniques is good enough, their fight doctrine will be limitless."

Jiang Chen didn't realize this fact until then.

In the Dragon Field of the Realm of Nine Heavens, even in the Realm of Milky, people paid excessive attention to fight doctrine, so they forgot about its nature.

But for the folks of the Realm of True Force, since their goal was rather clear, they had managed to achieve a more profound understanding of fight doctrine than their peers in the Realm of Nine Heavens and Milky.

Jiang Chen suddenly felt like everything was clear to him.

Then he learned that each entry into the dark room would cost 100 war merit points, and he would only have 15 minutes inside. The results depended on each individual.

Since he had no access to the alchemist room, he still had more than 300 war merit points to spend, which would allow him three entries.

When the officer had come back with the herbs, Jiang Chen told him that he wanted to enter the dark room.

"So you're going to spend all of your war merit points in one go. The dark room, are you sure?"

Jiang Chen had piqued the officer's interest. The latter asked, "What's your name?"

"Jiang Chen."

The officer had been smiling in an amused manner. However, he turned pale as soon as he heard the name. He exclaimed, "You're the Jiang Chen who's going to fight against Zhang Tianyi?"

His question created a great disturbance on the deck. Jiang Chen had gained fame in the Third Legion, but many people had never seen him in person.

The officer's shocked cry attracted everyone on the deck. They all came over, surrounding Jiang Chen and sizing him up.

"That isn't the point," Jiang Chen said unhappily.

"That's why you want to go into the dark room, isn't it? You only have three entries. I suggest you give up. Apologize to Zhang Tianyi, and maybe he'll let you go," said the officer.

"That's out of the question."

The officer felt angry somehow. This guy seemed pretty different to him. He said, "You think it's easy to go into the dark room? Let me tell you one thing. No one has entered it since a month ago, because no one wants to waste their war merit points in a bottomless pit that can never be filled."

The dark room turned out to be an unpopular place there, since the effects differed for each individual.

"Someone once spent thousands of war merit points on it, but in the end, didn't improve his fight doctrine level. You only have three chances. What do you expect?" said the officer again.

"It's none of your business," Jiang Chen said calmly.


The officer couldn't help but walk towards him, but he was immediately stopped by the guys next to him.

"What are you angry for? Just let him go inside. It's not your war merit points that are going to be wasted."

"Yeah. This guy even had the nerve to offend Xie Yan. He's probably just a moron."

"Three entries. It won't take more than an hour. We'll see the results right away, and it won't bring us a lot of trouble."

The officer calmed down at his colleagues' coaxing. Giving Jiang Chen a glance, he said, "All right. You can go inside. Three chances. Take advantage of them."

He didn't give Jiang Chen a trial entry. Instead, he deducted 300 war merit points directly in order to make Jiang Chen regret it in the end.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen wouldn't need these points for anything else, so he didn't care. It would just save him the trouble of exchanging two more times.

"Enhance my fight doctrine. Take the panacea. After that, will I still have any rivals among Reaching Heaven States?"


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