The Brilliant Fighting Master
507 Cannon Fodder
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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507 Cannon Fodder

"This is a great opportunity for you, but you don't want it. Do you have to choose a harder path to go on?" The lieutenants were evidently not very happy with him. They thought to themselves that youngsters nowadays were too naive.

Mu Xuan didn't speak right away. He sized Jiang Chen up carefully. The resolution in the young man's eyes told him that he wouldn't be able to talk him out of it no matter what he said.

"The Iron Dragon Army is responsible for the recruitment of generals. If you don't want to join my Direct Battalion, you'll be sent to the camp. The environment there isn't very good. Be prepared for it," Mu Xuan said calmly.

"Thank you, general," Jiang Chen said sincerely.

Mu Xuan was a respectful man in many senses.

Jiang Chen left the general's tent. The Iron Dragon Army would leave him at the next camp they passed.

Before that, he would stay with them. Gradually, he started to observe this elite troop.

If I could lead this troop, it would be easy for me to sweep over the Realm of Nine Heavens, Jiang Chen thought to himself, and this was only one of the troops of the Realm of True Force, not all of its forces.

It reminded him of the strength of the Three Middle Realms. He suddenly realized why the clansmen of his apprentice sister had looked down on him so much.

He also realized the difficulties that he would face.

Fight to the last minute.

Jiang Chen kept repeating his motto silently to himself to encourage himself when he felt frustrated.

The next day, an airship flying at high speeds came to the camp of the Iron Dragon Army. It landed before General Mu Xuan's cabin without reporting its arrival in advance.

Jiang Chen noticed there was a golden flag on the ship, on which a flying dragon was embroidered in golden silk thread.

A noble-looking middle-aged man in a government uniform walked out of it, followed by a group of subordinates that were so humble they kissed the ground.

They swaggered into the general's room. Jiang Chen's curiosity was piqued when he saw the lieutenants walk out in anger.

He wanted to ask them what had happened, but he knew they wouldn't answer him.

An hour later, the same officer walked out in an arrogant manner. He went back to his ship and left without giving the lieutenants even a single look.

Jiang Chen had a hunch, but he couldn't ask them anything.

The next day, the Iron Dragon Army arrived at the closest camp. He and some other young generals that had chosen to serve the Flying Dragon Dynasty had been about to head there by airship.

However, while Jiang Chen was getting onboard, someone came up to him furiously, holding a long whip, intending to whip him without any explanation.

Jiang Chen dodged quickly, frowning. His look was as sharp as a sword.

When he saw that person's face, he was struck dumb, because they looked special.

Obviously it was a woman, although her hair was short, and she was wearing a military uniform.

However, her body's curve were really attractive, which was more noteworthy due to the close-fitting uniform. Due to her round face, although her features were nice, she looked a bit childish.

If she weren't so angry at that moment, she would have looked nicer.


Her look was so vicious and fierce that it seemed as though Jiang Chen was a traitorous lover of hers. She kept staring at him.

Behind her followed the general's lieutenants, but they intentionally slowed down, as though they wanted Jiang Chen to suffer a little.

"I'm confused," said Jiang Chen.

"My father has been punished by the dynasty because of you. You're such an ungrateful person that you refused to join his Direct Battalion!" the woman said in anger.

Then Jiang Chen noticed the uniform she was in was a little different. It was the uniform of the general's Direct Battalion.

Then he immediately realized what had happened.

From her perspective, Jiang Chen's behavior and choice were indeed irritating.

Especially to her and the lieutenants, it was apparent that he would have a brighter future if he stayed with the general's Direct Battalion, but he had chosen to go to the camp. Wasn't it arrogant to do that?

Jiang Chen calmed down and said, "I really appreciate what General Mu did."

"So? So you want to give your life away in the camp? You think that's better than staying in the Direct Battalion?" Mu Qing said with a cold smile.

Jiang Chen was unhappy with the disdain and contempt in her tone, but he just walked ahead silently.


The whip cracked again and hit the dock in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked back. He heard Mu Qing say, "You haven't answered my question yet!"

"I don't have to," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Huh, you think you're so great because you defeated someone with a golden fight loop, don't you? Let me tell you one thing. In the Realm of True Force, fight loops are only a game for kids." Mu Qing grew angrier with him.

"If you think I'm being arrogant, what about you?" asked Jiang Chen.

Mu Qing was petrified. She turned red, with no idea how to respond.

"You let my father down. You'll regret it. Just stay in the base level of the army and be cannon fodder for the rest of your life!"

Mu Qing took her whip back. She gave Jiang Chen a stare and then left.

The lieutenants looked at Jiang Chen emotionlessly from not too far away.

"What punishment did the general receive?" Jiang Chen had to ask them. After all, it had been because of him.

His inquiry made the lieutenants think better of him.

"He's been demoted from rank one of the standard class to rank one of the secondary class!

"That means from now on, the Iron Dragon Army will be too ashamed to raise our head in front of the other troops."

Speaking about this, the lieutenants were very reluctant to accept the fact, but they had nothing against Jiang Chen. They were only unhappy with the dynasty.

"Isn't this too much? No one died or was injured. And it's the Infinite Sword School that provoked us first, and the Dragon Rebel Army stirred up trouble. If what the general did deserved such a punishment, wouldn't the dynasty's soldiers walk with their tails between their legs?" Jiang Chen was shocked.

The difference between rank one of the standard class and rank one of the secondary class was like the difference between president and vice president in a school.

"Jiang Chen, if you appreciate what the general did for you, don't let him down. Make achievements as quickly as possible to make everything the general did worthwhile," a lieutenant said.

"I will. Please tell the general I feel sorry for him," Jiang Chen said. Then he went aboard the ship to the camp.

While watching Jiang Chen leave, the lieutenants couldn't help but shake their heads and sigh.

"He's a great guy. It's a pity to let him go."

"Why didn't the general keep him here?"

"The general said he didn't have to keep a talented guy besides him. After his adventures out there, he'll develop more rapidly."


Under the gazes of the lieutenants, the ship Jiang Chen took left the Iron Dragon Army to head somewhere unknown to him.

He noticed the ship was flying back to the Realm of Milky. It kept flying in clouds, and he could see nothing but the clouds.

Due to the high speed, his holy awareness detected nothing.

"Sit tight!" After a long time, the passengers on the ship heard a voice, then they felt the whole airship diving down.

When Jiang Chen and others were about to fly off, they heard the voice again. "Don't fly off on your own. You're responsible for any possible consequences if you do that!"

They had to conquer their fear, hoping the ship wouldn't crash when they could see their surroundings again, because if that happened, even if they didn't die, they would be seriously injured.


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