The Brilliant Fighting Master
503 Sword Doctrine vs. Sword Doctrine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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503 Sword Doctrine vs. Sword Doctrine

A guy without any fight loops had warded off Peng Lan's sword attack easily!

The bystanders couldn't help but blink. When they had confirmed what they'd seen, they took deep breaths, especially those from the Infinite Sword School who knew the strengths of the Infinite Doctrine of Sword very well. Such a thing shouldn't have happened.

The word infinite meant endless, like the sea. But if that was all, it wouldn't have been appropriate to describe that sword method.

The Infinite Doctrine of Sword was like a storm sweeping over a city, a storm compressed into a blade, gushing out towards a single point.

It could tear anything apart, no matter how hard. In a fight against a person, it would gain more effectiveness if the fight happened in the air.

However, Jiang Chen's sword had warded off Peng Lan's all-out sword attack.

The sword had worked so firmly in his strong hand.

Peng Lan was like a kid hitting an adult's weapon with a board. Nothing she did could cause any harm.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen's sickly face disappeared after his disguise had been removed. He looked energetic and in fine shape.

The grace of a young swordsman was refreshing. Many women's eyes lit up.

This apprentice brother is so young, Feng Wei thought to herself.

Peng Ying was embarrassed, since he had scorned Jiang Chen before. Fortunately, Feng Wei hadn't been beside him. Otherwise, he would have been too ashamed to show his face.

Compared to Jiang Chen, he was only a toad.

Of course, appearance wasn't the most important thing. What people would pay more attention to was the battle.

Peng Lan's sword was difficult to dodge. In addition, it was fluid. The swiftness and sharpness of the sword weren't offset by its great power.

She was, after all, a genius with a golden fight loop. Her attack wasn't affected, still as fast as the wind and as powerful as fire.

The most wonderful thing was that after each strike, the sword attack wasn't really over, more like a drafting mark left by a painter.

They merged and broke out together in the end, emitting an incredibly great power, as infinite as the sky.

"The Infinite Doctrine of Sword is amazing," the swordsmen present all exclaimed, appreciating it and feeling envious.

However, anyone who had a really good eye knew that it was Jiang Chen who had really done well, since he had warded off all of Peng Lan's attacks.

Those wonderful sword attacks had done nothing. Jiang Chen seemed to have seen through Peng Lan's sword movements.

None of his movements looked special, but simply due to the fact that even The Infinite Doctrine of Sword couldn't defeat him, he had proven his strength.

Over time, the people below also realized it and kept exclaiming.

It was really difficult to match someone who had a golden fight loop.

"Who is he? He doesn't even have a fight loop."

"Why did he disguise himself?"

Jiang Chen piqued the crowd's interest.

"The Infinite Special Movement: Swords of Moon Gang up to Kill!"

Peng Lan grew anxious, since she couldn't defeat Jiang Chen easily, and she played her trump card.

Her sword movement changed once again. The light emitted by the sword was bright and clear, shrouding the whole sky.

It transformed into numerous sharp swords in a short time. There were thousands of them, all dashing towards Jiang Chen.

Called Thousands of Swords Return to the Core, such a sword attack was very famous in the history of sword doctrines. It literally meant to have thousands of swords attack enemies at the same time.

Most people could only imitate the shape rather than achieve its nature. It only looked beautiful, but actually wasn't very useful. In such a case, even ordinary sword movements worked better.

However, this sword attack of Peng Lan's did have the essence of Thousands of Swords Return to the Core.

When the thousands of swords appeared, driven by Peng Lan's sword, they whirled around her clockwise at a high speed, forming the blue whirlpool of a storm.


Peng Lan pointed her sword at Jiang Chen. The storm of the thousands of swords flew over. One followed another, all connecting together. They seemed like one single holy sword.

Faced with this attack, Jiang Chen exerted the force of his phoenix blood to let flames cover his body.

Before, he would have had to exert the force of phoenix blood at the very beginning to deal with an opponent like Peng Lan.

But he managed to hold it back until the crucial moment by that time, because his state had enhanced.

No matter how much state was belittled, it was fundamental.

As a Cloud Eight, Jiang Chen was still looked down, because Peng Lan was in Cloud Nine.

If she had been in Cloud Four or Cloud Five, no matter how bad Jiang Chen's martial arts techniques were, people would just feel pity for his rival.

After Jiang Chen had exerted his move, the people down there became extremely pale.

"He's a member of an aristocratic family of inheritance?"

They stopped looking down on him and turned serious. There was even awe in their looks, and it seemed like they understood why Jiang Chen had disguised himself.

The Middle State was dominated by the Nine Great Forces. Aristocratic families of inheritance didn't have power there.

The reason was that all of the other states were controlled by them!

The Middle State was divided among the Nine Great Forces, but none of these big groups could compare to any aristocratic family of inheritance in control of a whole state.

Therefore, if any disciple of an aristocratic family of inheritance appeared in the Middle State, no one would dare offend them.

"How could it be…"

Peng Ying, whose only support was his sister, found it hard to accept. A guy he had looked down on had suddenly become a genius with a respectable background and excellent sword skills.

There's no way he can survive, Peng Ying thought.

He wasn't the only one with this thought. The others were also wondering how Jiang Chen would survive under the attack of the thousands of swords.

The storm of the thousands of swords had moved up to Jiang Chen, ready to swallow him.

Jiang Chen didn't dodge, nor did he hide. Allowing the storm to come to him, he waved his sword at it.

"Is he crazy?" someone below shrieked. It wouldn't work if he took such a sword attack head on, especially when his state was also inferior to his rival's.

"Huh." Peng Lan smiled coldly, as if she had already seen Jiang Chen's heart being pierced through by thousands of swords.

Soon, Jiang Chen drew a black knife out with his right hand, and he did something surprising—he closed his eyes.

He didn't try to look with his eyes, but listened with his ears. The knife and the sword worked together perfectly, their collaboration smooth and natural.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The storm had arrived in front of him. Each sword arrived less than a second after the last, aiming to smash him.

However, under people's shocked gazes, Jiang Chen managed to ward them off beyond expectation. His knife and sword were almost too fast to be seen by the naked eye. The thousands of swords couldn't manage to conquer them immediately.

People worried that Jiang Chen would be smashed to pieces by the blades that followed, but the storm couldn't stop him at all. He kept striking the blades into two. Knocked into the air, the fragments turned into light and disappeared.

"Your sword is weak," Jiang Chen repeated.


On the other end of the storm, Peng Lan felt more pressured after seeing Jiang Chen walking over. However, after launching such an attack, she couldn't move for a moment. What this could mean, she knew better than anyone else.

What kind of monster is this guy?! Peng Lan cursed violently to herself. The Infinite Doctrine of Sword was famous for its destructive power, but Jiang Chen was like a giant rock in the waves, immovable even when exposed to wind and rain.

"Sword doctrine. He mastered the sword doctrine as well. And it's sword doctrines that restrain The Infinite Doctrine of Sword!" shouted Elder Li from the Infinite Sword School.

Eternal life to the Immortal Doctrine of Sword!

The storm of swords' energy was endless. It was like a magic flame that would never extinguish. On the contrary, the flame would grow stronger and stronger in a desperate fight.

The attack of The Infinite Doctrine of Sword had been all but cracked.

"What are your last words? I'm listening."

In an instant, Jiang Chen was less than 30 feet away from Peng Lan. He smiled coldly.


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