The Brilliant Fighting Master
502 The Infinite Doctrine of Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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502 The Infinite Doctrine of Sword

In the end, Peng Lan still wanted to fight against Jiang Chen.

And this time, it would be more significant, since they were representing the Flying Dragon Dynasty and the Dragon Rebel Army, respectively.

The Dragon Rebel Army had come here to shake the dynasty's authority. Of course they wouldn't let such a precious chance go.

General Mu's patience had reached its limit. He was bursting with so much anger that it could have broken out at any minute.

"Why don't I?" Jiang Chen came forward, looking into Peng Lan's eyes.

It was surprising that he was so active, since he had been hiding behind the shield unhurriedly just before.

He didn't scold the Infinite Sword School after that, which gave people this impression that he didn't want any trouble, but then he did the opposite. People couldn't help but look forward to his performance.

"Sister, disable him!" Peng Ying said to his sister excitedly through holy awareness.

"Don't worry. I'll kill him."

Peng Lan was pretty narrow-minded. With their bad blood and the new hatred, she had to kill Jiang Chen to wash off her shame.

Otherwise, if people heard about this day, they would see her as a joke.

The general of the Dragon Rebel Army sized Jiang Chen up, and then scorned, "General Mu, you don't have anybody else, do you? You think he's a genius?"

"It's better than no one. He's too hungry to be picky about food," said Jiang Chen coldly.

The three forces on the square were all struck dumb.

"You have no say in this!" shouted Elder Li from the Infinite Sword School in anger.

"You were talking about me, but won't allow me to speak. Is the Infinite Sword School neutral or have they gone to the dogs and become another's lackey?" said Jiang Chen.

"You're courting death!"

Elder Li was going to kill Jiang Chen, but upon seeing General Mu and his men staring at him, he didn't have the nerve to act recklessly.

"It's a capital crime to insult the Infinite Sword School!" Peng Lan said immediately. "This fight won't end until one of us dies!"

"No problem," Jiang Chen agreed immediately.

People were shocked when it suddenly became a life-or-death fight.

Peng Lan was displeased after seeing him agree so instantly. She flew into the air, intending to fight there.

It was forbidden to fly over the Sword Master City, but with the acquiescence of the top management of the Infinite Sword School, of course, this restriction wouldn't be an obstruction for them.

Before Jiang Chen followed her, General Mu asked him, "What's your name?"

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen told him his real name and then flew into the air.

He had chosen the Flying Dragon Dynasty not only because of the score they had given him earlier, but also due to the impacts the Dragon Rebel Army had brought the Dragon Field.

Besides, the Infinite Sword School was obviously on the Dragon Rebel Army's side. If he joined them as well, it would be a sure thing that they would elbow him out.

As for the tyranny the Dragon Rebel Army had accused the dynasty of, he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. However, he could lose his family soon because of this same group.

Suddenly, there was an uproar. All of them had noticed it.

"He has no fight loops!"

Since he was going to exchange blows with someone with a golden fight loop, people started to pay attention to his strength.

A Reaching Heaven State in Cloud Eight wasn't so bad, but in this era, state wasn't everything, only a foundation.

In the Middle State, all that mattered were fight loops.

"Feng Wei, your apprentice brother will crash and burn soon."

Feng Wei looked extremely concerned. Peng Ying came up to her and said to her unhappily, "What's so good about that guy? He looks so sickly!"

Feng Wei felt uneasy, since all this had begun because of her. She couldn't hold her temper anymore after hearing Peng Ying's comment. She said, "At least he isn't like you, bullying and relying on your sister's strength!"

The Fengs beside her were all petrified to hear this. Their looks changed dramatically.

Peng Ying was surprised, too. Then his face distorted. He said, "You told your family you needed some time to get to know me better when I went to your home to propose. So you were actually stalling for time. Good. Great! I, Peng Ying, can have any woman I want. Let's wait and see. The Fengs will pay the price for your rejection!"

Then he flicked his sleeves and left. His anger could be easily observed, even from his back.

"Feng Wei, how could you tell him that so bluntly?!"

"The Fengs are doomed!"

The disciples of the Fengs were extremely anxious. Although Peng Ying only had one sister, this sister was the best disciple in the Infinite Sword School.

That was enough to overshadow a great aristocratic family.

"It's a life-or-death fight. If Peng Lan dies, Peng Ying's threat will be useless, and he'll be hated by the whole world," a disciple of the Fengs suddenly said, terrifying the others.

"Is that possible?"

Feng Wei and the others looked up in a few seconds to gaze at Jiang Chen and Peng Lan in the air.

They were at the same height, standing face to face, more than 300 feet apart.

Both of them were wielding swords, one holding their sword in the left hand and the other in the right, so their swords were actually on the same side.

"He's a swordsman."

Upon seeing the Red Cloud Sword in Jiang Chen's hand, people smiled meaningfully.

If any group was named after a weapon when they didn't actually have the corresponding strength, they would be the target of public criticism, especially from good swordsmen. If the Infinite Sword School hadn't been strong, they would have been regarded as a stepping stone by other swordsmen.

Valued so much by the elders of the school, Peng Lan had exceeded her peers in swordsmanship by a great margin. This was also the reason that she had won the title of one of the Double Heroines.

What could Jiang Chen, a nameless guy who had appeared from nowhere, do?

"I'll let you know one thing. Don't think you can do whatever you want because your state is higher. You can't afford to offend some people," said Peng Lan. Her look was ice cold.

"That's really funny. I've seen Li Yaqin, one of the Double Heroines, and now I've seen you. I really feel sorry for her," Jiang Chen responded, not afraid of her at all.

"What are you sorry for?!" Peng Lan's sword was emitting a strong energy. She intended to intimidate him.

But it didn't work. No Reaching Heaven State could intimidate Jiang Chen with their energy.

"I'm sorry that she has to share that title with you."

"You're asking for it!"

Peng Lan flew into a rage. She launched an all-out attack that was as powerful as a thunderbolt. Her sword streaked across the sky like a rainbow.

"The Infinite Doctrine of Sword!" the people below exclaimed. Peng Lan had used the power of sword doctrine in the first attack. She must have hated the nameless man that much.

The Infinite Doctrine of Sword was as infinite as the sea, with no limits or end.

It was one of the top-rated sword doctrines among all of them. The Infinite Sword School had been established on the foundation of this sword doctrine and worked its way up to its current position gradually.

Peng Lan had achieved such a proficient level of the sword doctrine at such a young age. She would have a great future.

In the eyes of the bystanders, Jiang Chen would lose anyway. He wasn't a match for her at all.

Still standing there, Jiang Chen thrust his Red Cloud Sword out at a tilted angle while facing Peng Lan's attack.


A ringing sound. In others' eyes, this overwhelming sword attack of Peng Lan's had been warded off perfectly.

"Your sword method's so weak." Jiang Chen suddenly broke through. His disguise also disappeared as a result.

His disguise had been too good for the others to see through, but it had also had a flaw—if he made an all-out effort, it would disappear.


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