The Brilliant Fighting Master
498 Double Heroines
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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498 Double Heroines

Feng Wei's big eyes seemed to show that she was being disturbed. She wanted to pretend that she hadn't heard anything, but the guy had come up to them, so she had to put her hand on the table.

"Peng Ying, what's up?"

Feng Wei sounded cold, but Peng Ying didn't seem to perceive it.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty is going to recruit generals. Let's take part in it together. I have lots of information."

He intended to sit down as he spoke, but the table was already full.

He rolled his eyes, and then pointing at Jiang Chen, he said impolitely, "Give me your seat."

It didn't take long for him to see through Jiang Chen's abjection, and he noticed that Jiang Chen wasn't with Feng Wei. He actually wasn't as careless as he seemed.

Jiang Chen looked over. His face still looked like a kid, but he was already an adult who was over 20 years old.

While Jiang Chen was looking at him, he smiled provocatively.

"Peng Ying, this apprentice brother sat here first. We came after. How could you be so rude?!" Feng Wei said unhappily.

What she had said made those at table pale. They hurried to signal to her secretly.

However, it had already been spoken out loud. Upon seeing Feng Wei act so emotionally, Peng Ying had a complicated expression.

"Didn't you hear me?"

He suddenly launched an attack. He reached a hand out for Jiang Chen's clothes, intending to grab him by the throat.

No matter what he had wanted to do, when his hand approached Jiang Chen, all of his intentions were frustrated.

"I heard you, but I won't give you my seat. Get away!"

Jiang Chen raised his skinny arm to chest height. His hand was bony, with long and slim fingers. It grasped Peng Ying's hand tightly.

Peng Ying was obviously unwilling to admit defeat. Three silver fight loops could be seem on his sleeve.

But Jiang Chen had none.

Peng Ying built up power. The two ends of the board under his feet curled up. In the end, it broke in half from the middle.

Powerful energy kept gathering in his right hand. However, no matter how hard he tried, all the energy vanished like a stone sank in the sea. He still couldn't move his hand.

Even if he had used pliers, he wouldn't have managed to free himself from it.

Jiang Chen's action seemed to be effortless. He was just sitting there in an easy and comfortable manner. His thin figure showed dreadful power.

"Get away!"

Jiang Chen suddenly lost interest. He flung with effort and Peng Ying flew by the table and out of the window.

This was beyond everyone's expectations. Peng Ying failed to steady himself in the air in time and fell on the crowd in the street in the end, causing lots of injuries.

"What strong power!"

Feng Wei and the others were amazed to see Jiang Chen throw a guy with silver fight loops out so easily. They totally changed their disdainful attitudes.

Although Peng Ying only had three silver fight loops, he was rather strong, and he had even gained some fame in the Middle State.

Soon, the wooden wall that the window was in was broken. Peng Ying returned in anger, staring at Jiang Chen in a vicious manner.

There was a striking bruise on his right wrist.

"What's going on here?!"

Footsteps could be heard when the fight was about to start. Several people were walking as one in synchronized steps.

A team of well-armed soldiers came into the sight of the people on the second floor.

At a single glance, Jiang Chen knew these soldiers were different from those of the Lonely Moon City. Their energies were stronger, their looks sharper.

Frowning, they were approaching like a dark cloud.

This is a team that's been toughened by wars, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"Who's making trouble here?" the captain of the team shouted, laying his eyes on Jiang Chen and Peng Ying. Then he ordered his team to surround the two and Feng Wei and the others.

"Explain," the captain said, rejecting any disapproval.

Peng Ying, burning with anger, calmed down as soon as he saw them. He tried to speak, his voice faltering, but he couldn't say a word.

Jiang Chen didn't bother to speak, either. He only said calmly, "It could be explained with more clarity by a bystander."

"Just answer the question!" a soldier scolded.

The captain threw his subordinate a look, which made him pale immediately. He hurried to step back.

"You, tell me what happened," the captain asked one of the customers on the second floor.

The man cursed to himself. He obviously didn't want to get himself into trouble, especially after recognizing Peng Ying.

However, under the captain's gaze, he had no other choice but to brace himself to tell the captain what had happened.

There was actually not much to tell, since Peng Ying had launched the attack right after saying something to Jiang Chen.

"Take him away!" the captain ordered.

The soldiers behind him dashed over to grab Peng Ying by the arm.

Peng Ying wanted to fight back, but he was given a good scare by the captain's cold look.

"There's only one rule in the Sword Master City these days—anyone who picks a fight will be forbidden to enter the city."

It was hard to tell whether the captain was speaking to Peng Ying or everyone watching. He gave Jiang Chen a look before leaving.

"We've got trouble. We've got trouble."

After Peng Ying had been taken away, the witness, pulling a long face, looked at Jiang Chen in a blaming manner.

"You… isn't it enough that you alone have bad luck? Do you have to drag others down with you?" he said, annoyed.

His friends hurried to come over and stop him.

"Are you crazy?"

"He flung Peng Ying out of the window!"

"It'll be a piece of cake for him to deal with you."

His friends' warnings reminded him that Jiang Chen wasn't a pushover, either. However, the one backing Peng Ying up was more difficult to deal with. He left in anger.

"Apprentice brother, I'm really sorry." Feng Wei felt guilty, too. Although Jiang Chen hadn't suffered any losses, he had gotten himself into big trouble.

Jiang Chen was surprised as well, since it was the first time that he had received such fair treatment.

He had thought those soldiers would have taken him away.

"Does Peng Ying have a great background?" asked curiously Jiang Chen.

"His sister, Peng Lan, has golden fight loops. She's a direct disciple of the Infinite Sword School. She and Li Yaqin from the Tai Yue School are called the Double Heroines," someone beside Feng Wei explained to him, gazing at him with pity.

"The thing is, Peng Lan tends to cover up her brother's mistakes. She does that a lot. Although Peng Ying is annoying, I can't refuse him directly," Feng Wei said nervously.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. As if it was no big deal, he said, "It's good that we don't know each other's names. You don't have to worry about me."

Then he stood up, ready to leave.

He wasn't afraid of people with golden fight loops, but he wasn't stupid enough to wait for them there.

"This guy doesn't worry about anything, does he?"

"I guess he doesn't know how strong Peng Lan is."

"Probably. He was too calm when he heard Peng Lan's name."

"Ignorant people fear nothing."

The discussion of her friends upset Feng Wei a lot. She gazed at Jiang Chen's receding back, and a streak of worry showed in her big, bright eyes.


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