The Brilliant Fighting Master
494 Let me Say Something Fair
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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494 Let me Say Something Fair

After having succeeded in escaping the Tai Yue School, Jiang Chen found a place to take a rest. He checked over and over again to ensure the fragment was fine, then he put it into his own spiritual storage ware.

As for when he would return it to the Tai Yue School, it would depend on their attitude.


Suddenly, he felt like there was something wrong. Checking his spiritual storage ware immediately, he was extremely surprised.

The fragment had absorbed the energy of the large amounts of crystals of fire dragon and holy dragon balls he had. The rust on the fragment had disappeared a bit. It showed a bronze luster.

He took the fragment out immediately. He felt heartbroken after figuring out how many losses he had suffered. In that little while, he had lost a third of his gains from the little world.

At the same time, the fragment piqued his interest.

He took out some yuan stones and put them close to the fragment.

When they were close enough, they started to melt into a liquid which then flew into the fragment. However, the upper-grade yuan stones were too few to incite any serious change in it.

"It can absorb any energy?" Jiang Chen was very surprised. There were all kinds of energies in the world.

For example, there was the energy of the universe, which was the most important and also indispensable to practitioners, and other special energies like the crystal of fire dragon.

Different kinds of energies would require different ways of dealing with them, but the fragment just absorbed them directly. It only meant it wasn't very simple at all.

"Is it a fragment of some magic weapon?"

The idea excited him, but then it occurred to him that even the Tai Yue School had no idea what the fragment could be used for, which meant it had too great an appetite for them to satisfy, not to mention the energy contained in his spiritual storage ware. He put the fragment into his belt.

Then he chose a random direction to fly in. It didn't take long for him to arrive in a big city.

He landed outside of the city without hesitation and joined the crowd to enter.

From others' conversation, he learned the city was called Lonely Moon City, located between the Tai Yue School and the Infinite Sword School.

The Tai Yue School and the Infinite Sword School had fought over the ownership of the city for years. In the end, they had come up with a solution—governing the city in turns for every five years.

It was currently in the five years of the Infinite Sword School's governing.

Non-citizens had to pay ten middle-grade yuan stones to enter the city. This was the most expensive city tax Jiang Chen had ever paid.

After entering the city, he started to look around. It wasn't for fun, but because he wanted to get more information, and when he had arrived at the city center, he found what he had been looking for.

A large crowd was surrounding a billboard. Jiang Chen walked through them and saw a military recruitment notice.

He hadn't paid much attention to it at the beginning, but then he noticed something special in it.

It wasn't a notice to recruit soldiers, but for generals to serve the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

Yeah, that's right! The turmoil in the Dragon Field was started by the Dragon Rebel Army, and they intend to overturn the Flying Dragon Dynasty. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I really can do something in the army with my skills. If I can get a promotion, I'll be able to solve the crisis in the Dragon Field.

He knew the process wouldn't be smooth. It could even take longer than practicing would, but it was the most plausible way he could think of to get back as soon as possible.

Thus, he read the notice carefully, unwilling to miss a single word.

Then he became more resolute. The only problem was that he had to go to the principal city of the Infinite Sword School, Sword Master City, to enroll.

Sword Master City? What an arrogant name, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Anyway, he left for there.

However, before he hit the road, he found the people around him looking up in the sky in surprise. Also looking up, he was shocked. He saw Li Yaqin flying across the sky with the other disciples of the Tai Yue School and stopping steadily in the air.

Their arrival created a big disturbance, since the city was currently governed by the Infinite Sword School.

Obviously, the soldiers patrolling on the streets were more or less showing hostility to them.

"A villain whom the Tai Yue School is pursuing has fled into this city. My friends, please do us this favor," said Li Yaqin.

It resolved people's confusion. It made sense. If they had come to declare a war or pick a fight, they wouldn't have just sent disciples in the Reaching Heaven State, although their leader was Li Yaqin.

"If it were anyone else from the Tai Yue School, I'm afraid I wouldn't agree, but since it's you, Miss Li, I, Xiao Xuan, will certainly do you this favor."

Then a handsome and elegant youngster flew into the air.

"Apprentice Sister Li, what's the guy called? What are his features like? I assure you, I'll find him in fifteen minutes!" Xiao Xuan said.

The Lonely Moon City wasn't a metropolis, but it wasn't small, either. It wasn't an easy thing to find someone in fifteen minutes, but Xiao Xuan looked confident that he would do it.

"Here's his portrait." Li Yaqin didn't respond to his warmth. With a flick, rays of all colors started to draw in the sky. Jiang Chen's appearance soon showed up clearly.


Xiao Xuan gave the soldiers a signal, and they started to work on it immediately.

In less than a minute, the street where Jiang Chen was filled with soldiers. They kept approaching him.

The people around Jiang Chen sensed it, too. They stepped back to make way for the soldiers.

Jiang Chen didn't know how they had located him.

"Jiang Chen, black dragon and I have almost recovered."

Just then, he heard good news from the eight groups of spiritual beings.

Jiang Chen flew into the air. Gazing at Li Yaqin, he said, "Miss, why are you pushing me to such an extent? I don't have your treasure."

He had intended to probe how they had found him. He had thought it was due to the fragment, but since Li Yaqin had needed to show his portrait to look for him, that must not have been the case.

"The Venerables of the Tai Yue School have set off. We'll get our valuable treasure back for sure. However, I'm more interested in you." Li Yaqin was very direct. She said, "Draw your sword out."

"Miss Li, may I ask why?" Xiao Xuan said. "After all, this is my city. I need to know the whole story."

A disciple from the Tai Yue School explained the whole thing to him. The hatred was mainly due to Hu Fei's death.

"Your disciple wanted to kill me. Do you expect me to have done nothing and wait to be killed?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

He made sense. The disciples of the Tai Yue School didn't know how to refute him for the moment.

"Let me say something fair."

Xiao Xuan smiled. Looking towards Jiang Chen, he said, "Since you were able to kill him with one sword attack, you must have had the ability to dodge his killing move and subdue him, but you killed him. That means you don't respect the Tai Yue School at all. You looked down on the Tai Yue School and challenged their authority."

"Fair enough," Jiang Chen said, smiling coldly.

"Yeah? Was that sarcasm?" Xiao Xuan smiled, but his look became sharper.

He spoke as if Jiang Chen didn't give him a good enough answer, he would punish the latter.

"Exactly. I satirized you because you're an idiot. Listen to yourself. People would think you were a lackey of the Tai Yue School instead of a disciple of the Infinite Sword School." Jiang Chen's reply wasn't disappointing at all.


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