The Brilliant Fighting Master
493 Cloudy Mountain Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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493 Cloudy Mountain Formation

As soon as Jiang Chen looked back, he saw Meng Shuiyan following him.
Behind her, the disciples of the Tai Yue School were trying extremely hard to chase them.
But Jiang Chen's real concern was Li Yaqin. Fortunately, she hadn't caught up with him.
Precisely speaking, she was tagging along behind him, but wasn't trying very hard to chase him.
The reason was simple—she was saving her energy for a fight.
As the attainments of martial arts practitioners got higher, it became more complicated to decide life or death or gain victory. These things just couldn't be decided by one sword or knife attack.
The final result depended on too many things.
For example, in the case of two well-matched Venerables, as long as one of them wanted to, they could hide in one place and be unconquerable with the aid of tactical formations.
Even if they were found outside of a tactical formation, it also mattered who was with them.
Since Li Yaqin didn't want to waste her energy pursuing him, Jiang Chen and Meng Shuiyan had time to escape, especially the latter, who had almost been caught by the disciples of the Tai Yue School, not to mention Li Yaqin.
"It will take us half an hour more to fly out of the territory of the Tai Yue School." Meng Shuiyan shouted, "The Tai Yue School has outposts on the fringe. You'll get yourself into trouble if you only trust your luck."
"I don't believe anything you say," said Jiang Chen.
"Then why did you save me?" Meng Shuiyan shouted.
"I didn't lift a finger to do that," Jiang Chen said honestly.
"Damn it."
This answer annoyed Meng Shuiyan, but there was nothing she could do.
And Jiang Chen didn't care about the valuable treasure she had mentioned at all. She really didn't know what to do.
"Okay, if you say so. You'll be my dog if you follow me."
Meng Shuiyan gnashed her teeth and made up her mind. She took something out of her spiritual storage ware. It was shining too much to see what it was.
However, when she put it in her hand, she was flying many times faster.
She streaked across the sky and over Jiang Chen like a shooting star.
In this way, Jiang Chen lagged behind and became the main target of the Tai Yue School.
At the thought of the outposts she had mentioned, Jiang Chen focused all of his strength on one point and pushed forward.
As if the hand of a god had pressed on his back and pushed him, flames were produced due to the friction between his body surface and the air.
Surprised that she couldn't get rid of Jiang Chen even in this way, Meng Shuiyan said in a sarcastic and annoyed manner, "How could you have the nerve to follow me?"
"We're alike."
Jiang Chen wasn't ashamed of it. Instead, he was pleased to see this expression on her.
After the two had flown for ten-odd minutes at a high speed, the disciples of the Tai Yue School finally disappeared.
"Throw away that thing that belongs to others," Jiang Chen proposed.

"No way. It isn't theirs." Meng Shuiyan was resolute. Glancing at Jiang Chen, she said, "Go southeast. The Tai Yue School won't find you there. You can go alone."
Jiang Chen was very surprised that she suddenly appeared so good-hearted.
"I didn't really want you to die when we were facing Hu Fei. I just needed you to stall him for a while so that I could play my trump card."
Meng Shuiyan said coldly, "As for the valuable treasure, you wouldn't tell a stranger what you had with you, either, would you? Sure, it's my fault that I lied to you. I apologize."
Thinking it over, Jiang Chen said, "Never mind. Destiny brought us together. He was killed by me. We're even now." Then he flew in the direction she had mentioned.
Meng Shuiyan didn't come to herself immediately, since he had been so decisive and direct. She watched Jiang Chen retreating from her sight until he had disappeared.
Shouldn't he have said he would keep going along with me? Meng Shuiyan thought. This was totally different from what she had expected.
Where the hell is this guy from?
Meng Shuiyan's curiosity was piqued when she thought about Jiang Chen's strange behavior.
But it wasn't the time to think about this. She chose a different direction and flew away at a high speed.
Acting alone, Jiang Chen knew that the Tai Yue School wouldn't be able to reach him using Meng Shuiyan anymore. As a result, he wasn't in a hurry. He was flying neither too slowly nor too quickly.
Fifteen minutes later, he was petrified.
He saw a building in the shape of an iron bucket on a mountain ridge not far away.
It didn't look like the outpost Meng Shuiyan had mentioned.
"That woman!"
Jiang Chen realized he had been tricked, but he couldn't figure out why. Why was Meng Shuiyan suddenly not afraid of the Tai Yue School and didn't need another's protection anymore?
Then something occurred to him. He groped himself for something. Soon, he found something on himself.
It was a fragment as big as his palm. The tear suggested it had been torn off of something.
Jiang Chen felt for its sharpness by touching its edges.
Although he didn't know what it was, he realized it had a spiritual seal that someone had left on it for the purpose of tracking.
That was how the Tai Yue School had managed to trace him.
The spiritual seal on the fragment wasn't skilful enough in Jiang Chen's eyes. He erased it without any effort.
It would have been better if he had found it earlier.
Jiang Chen sensed there were people chasing after him. In addition, countless men were flying out of the outpost.
Glancing at the fragment in his hand, he knew it would be of no use even if he tried to explain, so he just dashed forward anyway.
As soon as he moved, some kind of energy gushed out of the mountain the outpost was located on. Clouds were gathering rapidly in the sky. They formed a giant jar that was upside down to cover him from above.
Overlooking him from high up, it was like catching a bug in the jar—a sure catch.
Covered by the clouds, Jiang Chen had no way out. Besides that, he felt his strength being restricted, too.
The disciples of the Tai Yue School, who had caught up with him, shouted coldly, "Go to hell!"
Jiang Chen smile coldly. He glanced at the thick clouds and flew over.
The disciples of the Tai Yue School found it funny. Those clouds weren't as simple as they seemed. They contained a terrible killing intent in them.
"This guy knows nothing about the Tai Yue School."
The perimeter formed by the clouds was the famous Cloudy Mountain Formation of the Tai Yue School, which had been deployed in the outpost.
It had the wonderful ability to fight against invaders and stop enemies from escaping.
Even Venerables would get stuck in it, but this guy had dashed into it headlong. If he wasn't courting death, what else could it have been?
They didn't even chase him, just waiting there to see Jiang Chen be killed in the formation.
A few minutes soon passed. The disciples of the Tai Yue School were still smiling complacently.
But at the tenth minute, they looked strange.
Theoretically, the Cloudy Mountain Formation should have been removed and Jiang Chen's corpse should have appeared.
At that moment, they had a feeling that it was them who had gotten stuck in it.
"This is bad! He not only escaped the Cloudy Mountain Formation, but also reversed it!" a shocked and annoyed voice yelled from the outpost.
The Tai Yue School's symbolic formation was cracked so easily, and it was even reversed so that their own disciples were stuck in it.
If others heard this, it would become a joke in the Middle State.
However, after their rage faded, those from the Tai Yue School were more panic-stricken than anything else.
The fact that Jiang Chen could have cracked the Cloudy Mountain Formation so easily made them insecure.


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