The Brilliant Fighting Master
490 Tai Yue School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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490 Tai Yue School

When the dot was close enough, Jiang Chen realized it was a person flying with all-out effort, due to which a noticeable trail was left behind them.

Jiang Chen landed in the ruins. People didn't usually fly in such a way. When they did, they were either in a hurry or being chased by others.

As the new man there, he wanted no trouble.

When he landed, he saw a dot of a different color following the person.

The two people were in tandem, one slower and the other faster. The distance between them was narrowing.

By then, Jiang Chen could already see the face of the person flying in front. It was an alluring fair-skinned woman wearing a graceful white dress.

Her amorous eyes were full of anxiety. She knitted her skinny brows together tightly.

Suddenly, she found something. She cast her look at Jiang Chen and charged down.

She wasn't a worry for Jiang Chen, since he had observed her state. The real worry was the person chasing her. He had no clue of this person's state yet due to the distance.

"Apprentice brother, help me!" the woman shouted. She landed ten yards behind Jiang Chen. Pointing at the sky, she said in a low voice, "This man wants to hurt me. Please help me."

"Meng Shuiyan, I didn't expect you to have a helper here!"

The man chasing her stopped over the ruins. He was a large man, about thirty years old, heavy-browed, and big-eyed.

Meng Shuiyan didn't answer him. Gazing at Jiang Chen in a delicate and touching way, she pled, "Apprentice brother, please help me."

Jiang Chen wasn't in a good mood, so he said rather directly, "Stop pretending."

Meng Shuiyan was struck dumb. She didn't understand what he meant.

"You should have perceived my state, and you know how strong this man is, but you still want to drag me into the mud, asking for my help, yet at the same time, you're staying ten yards away from me, because you want to take the chance to escape while we fight."

Jiang Chen said, "Of course, you don't know how good I am yet. If I can defeat him, you'll use me as a bodyguard."

This was surprising. Meng Shuiyuan couldn't believe it.

Jiang Chen had been right about everything.

Meng Shuiyan smiled. She said in a gentle voice, "Apprentice brother, you're so eloquent. You must be strong, too. Please lend me a hand."

"I can help you, but the way you asked for my help is really disgusting. You intentionally misled that guy about our relationship so that there was no way out for me. If I'm weak, I'll just be sacrificed to hold up your stalker, won't I?"

Jiang Chen curled his lip, giving the woman a disdainful look.

He left Meng Shuiyan, who had turned pale, there and flew into the air. He told the man, "I have nothing to do with this. You can do whatever you want to do."

He began leaving without waiting for the man's response.


However, the man looked dubious. He stopped Jiang Chen, sizing him up, then said, "I heard you, but I have no way of knowing whether it's true or not, and I don't bother to care. Just die along with her."

Jiang Chen turned around, gazing at the man's face.

"You'd rather kill the wrong person than let go of anyone?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Exactly." The man smiled coldly. He didn't even try to hide his strong killing intent.

"You have one last chance to survive," Jiang Chen said calmly.


The man was a little surprised. He didn't understand where Jiang Chen's confidence was coming from. He said, "You're in Cloud Eight, and I'm in Cloud Nine. Maybe you don't think that's a huge gap, but actually…"

As he spoke, he raised his hand high. At the lower hem of his gown were embroidered silk circles. There were seven of them, all linked with one another.

"What's that?"

Jiang Chen had no idea what this could mean in the Realm of Milky, and he felt impatient.

In Jiang Chen's eyes, this guy was more or less of the same level as Tang Hua. It was ridiculous that he had claimed he could kill him.

"You don't know about fight loops?"

The man was unhappy with his reaction. He said in a deep voice, "Hu Fei, direct disciple of the Tai Yue School. Have you heard my name?"

"No," Jiang Chen answered immediately.

Meng Shuiyan, still in the ruins, couldn't help but burst out in laughter. This guy had appeared suddenly from nowhere, and it was impossible to anticipate his behavior.

He had said he wouldn't help her, but he wasn't afraid of offending Hu Fei.

"So there's no other way."

Hu Fei was so angry that he burst laughing. He launched a surprise attack, gripping a bronze claw in both hands. They were sharp and fatal. Working under his martial arts techniques, they were endowed with the power of fierce birds and beasts.

He didn't hold back anything. The first attack was already his killing move. He hadn't even asked what his opponent's name was or where he was from.

This was the kind of person Jiang Chen hated the most. Besides, he was in a bad mood. He was making his expression deadlier and deadlier, but he managed to stand there steadily.

Is he only a guy who talks big?

Seeing that he wasn't even fighting back, as though he was waiting for his death, Meng Shuiyan was confused.

The sharp claws were about to reach Jiang Chen. At this moment, the Red Cloud Sword was drawn out.

After a slight shake of the blade, the radiance of the sword spread like waves and pushed the claws back in an instant.

"A magic weapon?!"

Hu Fei was shocked, staring at the Red Cloud Sword. At the same time, the bronze claws in his hands broke.

There was more. Jiang Chen moved his wrist slightly, and the blade attacked like a lethal viper.

"Wait…" Hu Fei hadn't expected him to be so strong. He regretted it, but he didn't even have the time to beg for Jiang Chen's mercy before he died. Losing all of his strength, he fell.

"If I were the weaker one, I'm afraid I wouldn't even have had the time to say 'wait.'"

Jiang Chen shook the blood off the Red Cloud Sword. He didn't rush to leave, but landed in the ruins again in front of Meng Shuiyan. He said, "Why did he chase you?"


Meng Shuiyan was still in shock caused by the fact that Jiang Chen had killed Hu Fei with only one attack. His unexpected question made her nervous. She shifted her black eyes quickly.

"Tell me the truth. I can get the information I want all the same through soul reading, but you'll look like an idiot that way," Jiang Chen shouted.

Meng Shuiyan was struck dumb, not sure whether he was telling the truth or just bluffing, but she knew he was a decisive killer, so she said, "I snuck into the Tai Yue School to steal their biggest treasure, but they spotted me."

"So you're a thief," said Jiang Chen.

"No, I'm not. They took it from other groups, too," Meng Shuiyan explained emotionally.

"All right. It has nothing to do with me. I need you to answer some questions as a way to pay me back for my indirect help."

"What do you want to know?"

Since he had stopped asking for more details, Meng Shuiyan was relieved. In the meantime, she was curious.

Jiang Chen's questions were all strangely simple, like what this place was, which part of the Realm of Milky it was located in, and what the Tai Yue School was.

"You can't have come from nowhere. You know nothing about these things?" said Meng Shuiyan.

"I told you to answer my questions, not to ask me questions," said Jiang Chen.

"You're terrible. Do you always treat women like this?" However, Meng Shuiyan posed another question, but then answered him as quickly as she could before he flew into a rage.

They were in the Sacred Institute of the Realm of Milky. Dozens of years ago, it had been eliminated by the forces of this land.


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