The Brilliant Fighting Master
489 A Run-down Sacred Institute
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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489 A Run-down Sacred Institute

Although they hadn't seen how the Hero Palace had been taken down, they saw how the most sacred place of the Dragon Field had changed hands.

The Murongs, who had once been guests here, became the hosts. They behaved like they were the masters of everyone's fate.

Many of those who had stayed silent regretted it.

The Murongs and the Sacred Institute weren't the same. At least the latter wouldn't force others to marry their daughters off in this way.

Yin Shuang, one of the Four Beauties, had won numerous people's hearts. They felt unhappy at the thought that she would marry Murong Long under such pressure.

Murong Long had been ranked in the top three of the Dragon Rise List and become a Venerable at such a young age. He could have been described as man of the hour.

But that was when there had been no comparisons. Although Jiang Chen wasn't a Venerable yet, compared to him, Murong Long wasn't a threat.

Yin Shuang was reluctant to marry Murong Long, but she knew what kind of crisis the bank was facing.

"I agree. We'll get engaged first and get married in a year," said Yin Shuang.

Murong Xiong smiled. It was difficult to tell whether that was a yes or no.

"You want to wait until Jiang Chen comes back, don't you?" Murong Long finally figured out a way to express himself clearly without teeth, although he sounded weird, but he didn't feel like it was weird himself. He said in anger, "Let me tell you. Even if Jiang Chen comes back in a year, I'll kill him all the same."

"Just like earlier today?" Yin Shuang asked. Her pretty eyes were full of disdain.

Murong Long didn't reply, only breathed a little bit harder. There was hatred in his eyes.

"Enough," Murong Xiong interrupted their quarrel. He said calmly, "Miss Yin, in fact, your grandpa, the real owner of the Bank of Sacred City, has agreed to the marriage."

The three family members of the Yins were all shocked, as were the others.

Was the Bank of the Sacred City involved in this affair, too?

Yin Shuang's fair face was full of desperation. She believed that Jiang Chen would return to the Dragon Field to kill these people, but time waits for no one. What kind of situation would she be in by then?

In the worst case scenario, I'll just die.

Closing her fists tightly, Yin Shuang dug her fingernails into her palms. Her pained expression became more and more resolute.

"Lord of the Murongs, could you make the royal map public now?"

None of the people present had forgotten about Ning Haotian's promise.

They gave Crimson Moon a sharp look. She felt like her clothes would be melted by these looks.

"There's no hurry."

Fortunately, Murong Xiong wasn't going to take her clothes off to show the royal map.

"The remaining supporters of the Hero Palace have escaped. The rebel forces, formed mainly by the Gaos, hasn't been eliminated. If we go treasure-seeking now, won't things go wrong quickly?"

In this way, the crowd knew he wouldn't show the royal map to them that easily.

"You were just accusing the Hero Palace of being nosy and taking possession of the royal map. Now you're doing the same," Han Siming murmured to himself. Gazing at the iron Dragon Rebel Army, he raised his chin.

Jiang Chen, you have to come back as soon as possible.

Then he glanced at Crimson Moon and Yin Shuang.

No matter what relationship there was between them and Jiang Chen, he assumed the latter wouldn't allow them to end up how people had imagined.

The radical change that had happened in the Sacred City ran through the whole Dragon Field in a day.

If the folks of the Dragon Field had been shocked by the news that Jiang Chen had topped the Dragon Rise List, they were panic-stricken at that moment.

Both the Hero Palace and the Sacred Institute were symbols of the Dragon Field. They were like the sun and the moon—although too high to reach, their existence was soothing.

However, by then, those big groups were speaking with one voice. In addition, following the lead of The Sacred Daily, which hadn't closed down yet, they were slandering the Hero Palace and Jiang Chen's names.

The reports published in the paper were almost the opposite of the truth.

The Hero Palace wasn't a symbol of honor anymore. It became a domineering force.

It not only took Jiang Chen, a fraud, under its wing, but also intended to take possession of the royal map and stop Ning Haotian from taking revenge.

According to the description of the paper, Jiang Chen, who had proved himself, was a despicable man, and the Hero Palace was more hateful than even the Evil Cloud Palace.

It was the Murongs who had brought order out of chaos. They had led the forces living in the shadows of the Hero Palace into the Sacred City and become the leader of the Dragon Field.

They called the Gaos' land the headquarters of the rebel forces.

The Murongs gave a powerful voice to the forces of the Dragon Field. They dispatched soldiers to form a large army to suppress the Gaos.

Moreover, it was said that Murong Long and Yin Shuang would be married once the Gaos were eliminated.

Crimson Moon, the owner of the royal map, would also be married to the next lord of the Sus, Ning Haotian.

The folks of the Dragon Field didn't believe all of the rumors, nor could they understand the groups who had joined the army so resolutely.

Since when had the Murongs become so persuasive and convincing?

However, after having learned the whole story, people stopped questioning.

None of them wanted their children to be caught on a battlefield and used as cannon fodder, dying without even a complete body.

As for those from other fields, they could only blame their own weakness.

The evildoers were rampant due to the silence of good people.

As for Jiang Chen, after he had been transmitted by the formation, he had lost control of his body for a long time, but knowing that this was normal, he wasn't nervous.

About fifteen minutes later, he felt like he was arriving.

In a few seconds, a light streaked across the cloudless sky, and then, Jiang Chen appeared.

He didn't pay his attention to the surroundings right away. He was still thinking about the Hero Palace and worrying for his friends and family.

Having no idea that Yin Shuang had been forced into marriage, he was only afraid that Crimson Moon would be humiliated and forced to show the royal map.

Even if she wasn't, he felt uneasy at the thought that she would be married to a guy like Ning Haotian.

No matter whether it was right or wrong, Jiang Chen owed her. It was due to him that she had lost her home.

However, the same idea that had occurred to Yin Shuang occurred to him. He was confident that he would go back, but it would take him some time.

And he didn't know how long that would be.

The Dragon Field wouldn't stop functioning to wait for him. Maybe when he finally went back, everything would have changed.

I can't just rely on myself like I always did. I have to turn to other means.

He glanced around and found he was over a pile of ruins. Everything was broken down below. Everything was a mess.

While he was hesitating, he saw some familiar patterns and characters on the destroyed buildings. Then he realized this was the Sacred Institute of the Realm of Milky.

So besides the Nine Heavens Continent, the Sacred Institutes in other Planes Worlds were all wiped out.

He felt rather sad and dreary.

When all birds were shot, the bow would be set aside; when all hares were killed, the hounds would be stewed and eaten.

When the Sacred Institutes had finished fighting against demons and won a pure land for human beings, they ha also became a thorn in many people's sides.

However, the main reason that the Sacred Institutes of the Nine Realms had been destroyed was their ideas. They hadn't focused on strengthening themselves, but had been thinking for the world.

Were they stupid? No. The founders of the Sacred Institute must have anticipated this, but they didn't give up. They were brave, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"Eh?" He suddenly stared into the distance, where a dot was approaching him at a high speed.


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