The Brilliant Fighting Master
488 Sacred Institute’s Transmitting Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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488 Sacred Institute’s Transmitting Formation

But Jiang Chen could stop none of this. He was neither the leader of the Hero Palace nor the lord of the Gaos.

Due to his strength and position, he would have to swim along with the tide and trust in luck like the other Reaching Heaven States.

And compared with other Reaching Heaven States, he had even less of a choice.

Ning Haotian, Murong Long, and Murong Xiong—none of them would let go of him.


Upon seeing things growing worse and worse, especially after having heard so much bad news from the Hero Palace, Yin Shuang felt worried about Jiang Chen.

"Don't say anything!" Yin Ba said seriously, allowing no questions.

Yin Shuang was shocked. She had told Jiang Chen to run through holy awareness behind her parents' back.

Not only he, but also Shui Yuan, Nan Gong, and the Gaos had fallen into a desperate situation.

Murong Xiong had been stalling for more time and keeping the people of the Sacred Institute here with the excuse of his daughter's death, the private hatred between Ning Haotian and Jiang Chen, and Crimson Moon's engagement.

As Jiang Chen had said at the beginning, this was a scheme.

Nan Gong regretted that he hadn't listened to Jiang Chen. He hadn't told the Hero Palace to stay on guard. If he had, the Hero Palace wouldn't have been taken so quickly.

"Now. Bring it on!"

At an absolute advantage, Murong Xiong was showing his aggressive and fatal side.

"Guys, go to the Gaos. Let's fight until we die!" the lord of the Gaos told his allies through holy awareness.

It was inevitable that they would lose the Sacred Institute, since many people were inside the tactical formation deployed by the institute.

"Father, what about my son?" Gao Yue said anxiously.

Only Venerables were strong enough to break out. As a Reaching Heaven State, apparently Jiang Chen couldn't act with them.

He was different from the other disciples of the Sacred Institute. If he stayed here, he would certainly be killed.

"We'll protect him."

Shui Yuan and Nan Gong glanced at each other. An idea occurred to them simultaneously. They only hoped they could keep the Murongs there for some time.

"No problem." The lord of the Gaos led others to launch an attack.

"The war is on!"

After seeing this scene, the people of the Sacred City knew the time of peace in the Dragon Field had ended.

Having been waiting for this chance for a long time, Murong Long mumbled, "Jiang Chen, go to hell." He charged down aggressively.

Unfortunately, luck wasn't on his side. As soon as he approached Jiang Chen, he was knocked over by Nan Gong and Shui Yuan.

It had been too urgent for them to combine their strength. Otherwise, Murong Long would have been killed.

"Jiang Chen, you managed to top the Dragon Rise List in a month. We believe you can become a strong Venerable in one year, too. There are too many changes happening in the Dragon Field. We'll need you to come back here and rescue us," said Nan Gong.

"You're our hope," said Shui Yuan.

When Shui Yuan and Jiang Chen had encountered each other for the first time, there had been a great conflict between them. It had been too severe to resolve for a time, so it was very surprising that he had said such a thing.

"Elders, what's your plan?" Feeling bad, Jiang Chen asked this although he had realized what was going to happen.

"The Sacred Institute in each Planes World has a grand transmitting formation. The transmission can even be done from one side. People think the transmitting formation has stopped working since the institutes in other Planes Worlds were destroyed, but in fact, this isn't true.

"Currently, the Sacred Institute is only able to transmit you to the institute in the Realm of Milky. Practice hard there."

Whether Jiang Chen agreed to do so wasn't the concern of the two elders. They had already switched on the transmitting formation.

Jiang Chen had butterflies in his stomach. He didn't know what to do. He looked towards his mother, and Gao Yue looked towards him, too. Despite the reluctance in her eyes, she nodded at him in an encouraging manner.

Then Jiang Chen looked towards his acquaintances, Han Siming, Ying Wushuang, Yin Shuang, and Crimson Moon. He looked at the latter with guilt, since he hadn't been of any use to her that day.

By then, some mysterious golden runes had appeared on the square ground. There were many of them that connected to each other to form a disk. A powerful energy gushed out of the disk.

"It's the transmitting formation! Stop them. Quick! Don't let him run! He has the genuine blood of phoenix!" Murong Xiong hadn't anticipated that the transmitting formation could still work. He was nervous about it.

Once Jiang Chen escaped, with his quick development, he wouldn't need a year to kill his way back!

However, Murong Xiong had found out too late. Emitting many lights, the transmitting formation was ready.

Jiang Chen was pushed into it by Nan Gong and Shui Yuan without getting a chance to say anything.

He flew high up with the lights and disappeared.

"In the thousand-year-long history of the Hero Palace of the Dragon Field, we've never harmed anyone for our own sake. If you're still able to see sense, please help us break out!" Shui Yuan shouted, leading the remaining groups of the Hero Palace, the Gaos, and others to dash out.

Those who had tried to stay out of the conflict were also shocked. Many people desired to act, but seeing others keep their opinions to themselves, they also chose to keep their silence.

Since this was, after all, the territory of the Sacred Institute, breaking out wasn't difficult. It was the Murongs, who tried to chase them, that got trapped in the formation.

"Crack the formation. Crack it!" Murong Xiong shouted in anger.

Jiang Chen had escaped. They couldn't afford to give this team the chance to find a place to defend. Otherwise, they would have to turn to grand Venerables to take the team down.

Unfortunately, the Murongs didn't have any formation masters in their team.

"Which of you will volunteer to do it?! This will be a great merit!" Murong Xiong shouted at the people below.

However, none of them responded, just like none of them had responded to Shui Yuan.

They were frightened, but they hadn't lost their consciences yet.

By then, a troop flew over.

Everyone in the Sacred Institute was shocked when they came into sight, not only by their powerful energy, but also by their armor.

The solid metal seemed sewed onto them, like close-fitting clothes. Even their helmets were connected to the armor.

Interlaced stripes were all over the armor. On the fronts of the helmets were iron plates. Their left and right sides were hollowed out.

Through the little holes on the iron plates, people could see sharp looks piercing through the darkness.

The soldier leading the way was tall and large, almost twice as tall as those following him. He came over to the Sacred Institute. With his arms askance, he gently pressed a button on his waist.

In an instant, the formation of the Sacred Institute was destroyed by a strong invisible energy. Murong Xiong and his men were freed.

A powerful voice came from behind the metal.

"Your mission is done?"

Murong Xiong was extremely nervous. He told the man what had happened.

"We'll be stationed in the Realm of Nine Heavens."

Murong Xiong relaxed. He would be able to clear away any obstacle with the aid of this party from the Dragon Rebel Army.

"President Yin." Murong Xiong aimed at the Bank of Sacred City.

He was going to dominate the Dragon Field rather than destroy it, so he would need the help of this wealthy man.

"Yeah?" Yin Ba looked serious. He had a hunch that something was going to happen.

"Miss Yin Shuang is already old enough to be married, and Murong Long is an excellent youngster. What do you think?" Murong Xiong said, smiling.

Yin Ba was about to refuse him without thinking, but right away, he noticed the Dragon Rebel Army in the air. He was almost going to say it, but he bit his tongue.


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