The Brilliant Fighting Master
486 A Forced Marriage
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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486 A Forced Marriage

The controversy regarding Jiang Chen's number one place was over. The facts had proved The Sacred Daily and the Murongs were just jokes.

If Jiang Chen's strength didn't qualify him to be number one, nothing else could.

After all, as a Reaching Heaven State, he had managed to punch a Venerable's teeth out.

The Murongs had picked another fight, but it had nothing to do with Jiang Chen.

People looked towards the girl called Crimson Moon that Ning Haotian had mentioned, curious and confused.

"I won't go with you," said Crimson Moon.

Upon hearing such a reply, people knew this day's turmoil wasn't over yet.

"We have a marriage contract." Ning Haotian was making a displeased face since he had been rejected in public.

"I didn't sign it." Crimson Moon was still reluctant to go with him, but she didn't sound as resolute anymore.

A marriage contract was binding. Besides, Ning Haotian was the young master of the Sus.

"Ning Haotian, are you so pathetic that you have to force her into a marriage?" said Jiang Chen.

"Does it have anything to do with you?!" Ning Haotian cast a vicious look at him.

While he was about to answer, Gao Yue said to Jiang Chen through holy awareness, "The Murongs are already very angry. Don't look for more trouble. Don't give them any excuse to pick a fight with you."

Before he could answer, Nan Gong added, "Jiang Chen, don't worry. The Sacred Institute won't let Crimson Moon marry him."

With his guarantee, Jiang Chen eased up.

"Crimson Moon is a disciple of the Hero Palace. If she doesn't want to get married, are you going to force her?" Shui Yuan shouted, stepping forward.

Many people were confused. They assumed Crimson Moon must have had an influential background.

"This is the young couple's private matter. It's just a small problem. The Hero Palace even intends to poke their nose into this? How great," Murong Xiong scorned, smiling coldly.

"The Bank of Sacred City, as a neutral party, what's your comment on this?" he said again.

Yin Ba frowned. Glancing at Crimson Moon and Ning Haotian casually, he said, "I have no idea what has happened between these two, so I refuse to comment."

"I'll tell you about it."

Murong Xiong attracted much attention. He said slowly, "Crimson Moon was the princess of the Xia Dynasty, engaged to Ning Haotian from the Black Dragon City, but Jiang Chen eliminated both the dynasty and the Nings. As a result, these two ended up in the Dragon Field, unable to go back home anymore."

He didn't pass up a chance to drag Jiang Chen's name through the dirt, and his method was clever. He had even dragged Crimson Moon into the mire.

"The Black Dragon City that robbed Jiang Chen's holy pulse, held his father in prison for several years, and intended to eliminate his family several times during this time?"

But the Hero Palace didn't buy it. They refuted, "As for the Xia Dynasty, it was even more ridiculous—"

"Hero Palace, what's the hurry? I didn't intend to declare who was right and who was wrong. I was just telling the truth," Murong Xiong interrupted them. He said, "Ning Haotian is a romantic guy. He's always thinking about his fiancée. I don't know what magic potion you fed her so that she doesn't want to leave."

The conversation didn't explain why Crimson Moon was so important. People grew more and more curious.

"Romantic?! You just want my royal map!" Crimson Moon suddenly shouted emotionally, losing herself.

"Royal map?"

The crowd was given a clue. They started a heated discussion about it.

"Exactly. The royal map! The information regarding where the Dragon Dynasty kept the valuable treasure is on her body." Murong Xiong suddenly cast the first stone. He said in a low voice, "The Hero Palace, claiming themselves neutral and the symbol of guarding of the Dragon Field, turned out to have accumulated wealth by unfair means and intended to pocket the valuable treasure alone!"

His words created an uproar.

In this way, the crowd didn't only want to observe the matter, but also desired to be a part of it, attracted by the valuable treasure.

"Don't slander our name!" Shui Yuan said in anger.

"Did I say anything wrong? Crimson Moon isn't actually a princess anymore. If she marries into the Sus, the royal map will be the best dowry. Why are you trying to stop her?" Murong Xiong asked.

"We're just protecting a disciple of the Hero Palace!" said Shui Yuan.

"Who believes you? Do you believe them?" Murong Xiong asked the people down below.

The people hesitated. The Hero Palace and the Sacred Institute were well respected due to their reputations.

If it had been another organization, it would have been natural for them to take possession of the royal map.

But it didn't work like that for the Hero Palace.

The Murongs must have planned big moves today! Jiang Chen realized. The Murongs had provoked the Hero Palace with this matter, and the latter absolutely wouldn't put up with it.

"It's exactly because the Hero Palace has a great responsibility that we have to be more discreet. Crimson Moon does have the royal map, but did the Hero Palace go to retrieve the treasure?

"With the Evil Cloud Palace coveting it and some groups having an axe to grind, if the royal map is exposed and any turmoil is caused due to it, it will be due to the Hero Palace neglecting its duty!"

The Hero Palace wasn't defeated by Murong Xiong so easily. They managed to convince the crowd.

"After thousands of years, I don't see the sense in the Hero Palace anymore. It's now a poison that's difficult to get rid of."

"Why should we allow them to decide who's right and who's wrong, which groups to eliminate and which to support?"

"Are you really willing to leave the decision totally up to them for a matter as important as the royal map?"

"In my opinion, the royal map should be made public today."

Murong Xiong sounded very serious as he used strong words. It seemed he had been prepared to start a war.

"I, Ning Haotian, guarantee everyone in the name of the next lord of the Sus, that the royal map will be made public, just like the small world. I can even make it public now."

Ning Haotian made good use of his opportunity. His words excited the crowd.

"Ning Haotian! Don't you know where the royal map is? You want to make it public right here?"

Jiang Chen, who had been telling himself to stay calm, almost shouted verbal abuse at him.

"She's my fiancée. Why are you whining? If I don't make it public here, who will assure that everything is all right with the map?"

Ning Haotian was so open-minded that it wasn't a problem to him for Crimson Moon to show her back in public.

"I'll punch you to death!"

As he spoke, lightning appeared around Jiang Chen. He closed his fists tightly.

Ning Haotian was given a scare and hurried to look towards Murong Xiong.

Murong Xiong didn't dare to be too careless. He led a group of Venerables to protect Ning Haotian, expecting Jiang Chen's attack.

The Hero Palace aired its opinion, too. "Since the Murongs refuse to come to their senses, let's fight." A blare came from the underground of the Sacred Institute, as if a giant beast was about to wake up.


Murong Xiong didn't chicken out. He was going to have a life-or-death fight over others' territory.

The crowd, who had finally come to themselves, hurried to find places to hide.

"Grand elders, bad news! The Evil Cloud Palace has launched a massive attack on the Hero Palace. Please come to our rescue as soon as possible!"

A war was on the verge. The Hero Palace's disciples ran over in panic.

Nan Gong turned pale. He hadn't expected Jiang Chen's hunch to be true, and he was surprised that the attacker was the Evil Cloud Palace.

"Murongs, do you want to become the sinner of the Dragon Field?" Shui Yuan said seriously.

"Does that have anything to do with me? The Hero Palace tries to meddle in too many things. Too many groups are unhappy with it."


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