The Brilliant Fighting Master
484 You Tried Your Bes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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484 You Tried Your Bes

"You're wrong. There's already a result. Since you lost to me, have you had another life-or-death fight? Have you won any battles?"

Jiang Chen shook his head. It wasn't showing on his face, but his disdain was obvious. He said, "You kept working behind closed doors and assumed that you were strong, but actually, there's nothing for you to boast about."

He exposed Ning Haotian's weakest point. The latter's expression kept changing after he lost his calm.


The of the Murongs burst out in laughter.

For them, it was like seeing Jiang Chen waking a prehistoric giant beast up and provoking it recklessly.

If Ning Haotian had shown all he had, the Murongs and the Sus wouldn't have valued him so highly, and Murong Long wouldn't have allowed a Reaching Heaven State speak to him like that.

As Ning Haotian's rage intensified, he became stronger. People even heard booming pulsing sounds, seeming like the pounding of a heart.

It was incredible, but if this was the sound of a heart pounding, whose heart could it be?!

"Jiang Chen, if you said that to irritate me, you succeeded, but you'll pay a surprisingly high price." As Ning Haotian spoke, star-like lights twinkled on his body. Layers of scales appeared, first on his shoulders, and then down his entire arms.

"Anger of a Wild Dragon!"

Ning Haotian's scales were in a dark color, like iron armor. Thanks to a fascinating design, they looked no worse than Jiang Chen's dragon armor.

Otherwise, a man with scales would have looked disgusting and weird.

If Ning Haotian had been pretty aggressive before, he looked calm just then. It seemed like all of his aggression was hiding under the armor, but it was still oppressive, since he was like a volcano that could erupt at anytime.

"It's Anger of a Wild Dragon!"

The Gaos all turned pale. The lord of the Gaos couldn't help but question, "Murong Xiong, you went too far. This is a forbidden method of inheritance!"

During their exploration of the aristocratic families of inheritance throughout so many years, they had had made many surprising findings that could endow them with dreadful force, but would force them to pay a big price, too.

Such methods were called forbidden methods.

Every family had some. The Gaos did, as did the Murongs.

To allow a talented disciple to use a forbidden method would only spoil them instead of helping them. No aristocratic family of inheritance would be so foolish as to do it.

Even though Ning Haotian wasn't a disciple of the Murongs, they shouldn't have made him practice a forbidden method.

"How ignorant! Ning Haotian has ancient bird blood in his body. You know what that means? It means he has extremely strong life force. Even if you pierce through his heart or break his neck, he won't die. For the same reason, the harm caused by the forbidden method of the wild dragon will be offset, too."

Murong Xiong kept laughing. His look was extremely smug. He said, "Can Jiang Chen do it? Haha, I haven't told you that Ning Haotian can exert the Sus' forbidden methods, too. Our golden dragon blood can offset their secondary effect, as well."

His explanation made people realize how surprisingly great Ning Haotian's potential was.

"Jiang Chen hasn't even mastered seventy percent of the Gaos' bible. Isn't that a pity?"

Gazing at the members of the Gaos, who were extremely embarrassed, Murong Xiong went on making fun of Jian Chen.

But beyond his expectation, what he had said reminded the Gaos of one thing.

Jiang Chen had learned the bible from Gao Huoling, who only had mastered half of it, but he had managed to master more than half. This showed his extremely high talent.

"Son, keep fighting. I'll tell you some tricks to mastering the bible," Gao Yue said through holy awareness.

As the carrier of the purest phoenix blood, her knowledge about the bible was beyond Gao Huoling's comprehension.

In the next few seconds, under Gao Yue's instruction, the light of fire phoenix around Jiang Chen became stronger and stronger. More and more red lines appeared on the dragon armor, and they weren't just simple lines. There were more details. People could recognize the outlines of feathers and a phoenix tail.


It seemed like something was burning in Jiang Chen. The light turned into real flames and rose off the armor. It transformed into a majestic phoenix over him.

The phoenix looked as if it had been born from the flames. It was not only vivid, but looked like the real thing with flesh, blood, and consciousness.

It raised its head to squawk, then it flew into Jiang Chen's body.

On the golden dragon armor, the red lines were finally completed. A prehistoric phoenix appeared on it.

In the eyes of those below, both of them were wearing extraordinary armor. They were like natural enemies. It was extremely difficult to tell who was stronger.

"Can't you just die quietly?!" Ning Haotian was very angry. Jiang Chen had stolen his thunder, as if he was intentionally pitting himself against him.

"Wild Dragon Extinguishes!"

People didn't know whether this was a spear method or the bible of the Murongs. Endless power was emitted from underneath his steel armor. Since it was made of scales, as he moved, changes were made like flowing water on its surface.

Ning Haotian attacked with his spear. His attack was as quick as electricity, as heavy as a mountain, and as fierce as fire.

He exerted to the fullest and proved the dominance of spears as a long weapon.

"Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Smash the Sky!"

Jiang Chen exerted the fourth variation of the dragons' martial arts techniques. In his current status, his fists could actually destroy the world. His iron fists were like the rising sun.

Ning Haotian's spear came, piercing through the sun. Before they formally exchanged blows, the weaker ones hiding in the Sacred Institute hid behind buildings or gripped onto heavy stuff tightly.

They were wise. When the deafening blare came, it was as if the sun was split. Energy fluctuated and spread across the sky. A brand new sky was created.

Although the Sacred Institute was under the protection of a tactical formation, snuffling sounds came out of the buildings. The gale blowing made disciples in the Mental Wander State suffer. Some of them flew off the ground, but were fortunately saved by the teachers of the Sacred Institute.

That was exactly how fights between immortals could endanger human beings.

Although Jiang Chen and Ning Haotian weren't immortals yet, their strengths were incredible among Reaching Heaven States.

When peace had been restored, the crowd looked up again. They saw Jiang Chen standing where he had been, while Ning Haotian had flown back 30-odd feet.

All of a sudden, someone exclaimed, "Wow!" Ning Haotian's spear turned out to have been bent!

The whole golden dragon head was crooked.

However, Jiang Chen was totally fine. There wasn't even a wound on his fists.

Standing with his hands behind his back and gazing at Ning Haotian proudly, Jiang Chen said calmly, "You tried your best."

Jiang Chen, at an advantage, said this to the man who he had defeated once before.

You tried your best.

The sentence kept ringing in Ning Haotian's ears. He sometimes turned black, sometimes white. No other insult as vicious could compare to what Jiang Chen had just said.

"You think you won't ever lose?!" shouted Ning Haotian.

"To you, no," said Jiang Chen resolutely.


Ning Haotian couldn't hold on anymore. He spit up blood, and everyone was petrified.

He must have been incredibly angry!


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