The Brilliant Fighting Master
483 The Fight Between Two Dragons
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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483 The Fight Between Two Dragons

"Jiang Chen, no matter what you say, I'll kill you today!"

Ning Haotian turned a deaf ear to any arguments and bets. He had come there that day to kill.

"To defeat a defeated man isn't difficult. Doesn't matter if I keep talking," said Jiang Chen.

"How arrogant!"

Ning Haotian waved his spear casually, the scales of the golden dragon on the spear shining. Shrouded in this dazzling light, he looked like he had fallen into a special status.

In comparison, Jiang Chen, in ordinary clothes, looked pretty boring.

However, those who had been in the small world knew that once he made an all out effort, everyone would be shocked.

"Jiang Chen, if you want to help me, win," Crimson Moon's voice suddenly said. It rendered him speechless.

It suddenly dawned on him that even though the Black Dragon City had been eliminated, and the imperial power had been overturned, Crimson Moon and Ning Haotian were still engaged!

Since Ning Haotian was the next lord of the Sus, while Crimson Moon didn't even have a home, so naturally, they would have to get married.

But Jiang Chen wouldn't allow that to happen, nor was Crimson Moon willing to do that, because both of them knew what kind of person Ning Haotian was, appearing majestic, but extremely ugly on the inside.

"B*tch!" Ning Haotian cursed. He cast his cold and insidious look down at Crimson Moon. Somehow, he had heard her.

His look sent shivers down Crimson Moon's spine. She paled.

"Jiang Chen, if you're having an affair with my woman, don't blame me for whatever I do to you! I won't let the women around you go! Even Crimson Moon! I'll make her my concubine so that she'll see me with other women!"

It turned out that Ning Haotian was not only angry about his clansmen's deaths, but also at his fiancée's betrayal.

"Now who's talking crap?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Stop pretending. All you want is Crimson Moon's imperial map, isn't it? You wish. It's mine. Stop coveting it."

It was the first smile Ning Haotian had shown, but it made him look more hideous. He was holding his spear tightly in hand.

"Imperial map? No one has taken it yet?" asked Jiang Chen curiously.

The Hero Palace had saved Crimson Moon because of the imperial map on her back. It indicated where the treasure of the Dragon Dynasty was located, but he had assumed it was somewhere in the small world.

"You think the small world could have had the treasure?" Ning Haotian said sarcastically.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He suddenly realized that the Dragon Dynasty had only stored treasure in the small world in case of an emergency, but the really valuable treasure must have been hidden somewhere else.

This could be proven by the fact that there had been no bibles of martial arts techniques in the small world.

The dragons' martial arts techniques he had found there were merely a coincidence.

"What a pity. You won't get any of it!"

Ning Haotian finally launched his attack. The spear flew over. Waves were surging in the golden sea.

Thinking of **** and Liu Bin's deaths, many people were worried about Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen wasn't like either of them. He exerted the Gaos' bible. A light in the form of a fire phoenix appeared around him as protection.

The Red Cloud Sword, which Tang Hua had desired to see, appeared in his left hand.

The sword was shining. The light was long and flowing, tearing the golden sea up and soaring directly towards Ning Haotian.


Tang Hua, who had mocked that Jiang Chen's fight doctrine level wasn't good enough to use knives and swords, was petrified. Hiding in the crowd, he didn't even dare to move.

Jiang Chen's sword attack could have been one of the best among young swordsmen.

As pure as it was, even above the artistic creation of the sword, it shocked people.

All of the Venerables present who had used swords were deeply attracted by it. They'd never imagined that such a sword attack could exist in their world!

As the two fought, two colors filled the universe.

One was the red that came from the Gaos' phoenix-like flames. The other was the golden radiance of the Murongs.

As the desperate fight went on, those below felt like they were seeing a dragon and a phoenix.

"Dragon and phoenix, dragon and phoenix, a dragon is always stronger than a phoenix!" Murong Xiong said complacently.

He said that even before there was an end result. It was imaginable how confident he was.

"Ancient Bird and Dragon Walk in Anger!"

And it was true. Ning Haotian launched an attack first in the air.

A golden ancient bird appeared in the light given off by the golden dragon. They merged together and became a whole.

It was weird and mysterious… but powerful!

The power contained in it was extremely dreadful. Before Ning Haotian's attack reached Jiang Chen, the latter had been frozen there by the formidable power, unable to move.

"Is this still a fight between two Reaching Heaven States?"

"No wonder he dared speak to Murong Long like that. I think he could even fight against a Venerable."

"Things aren't going well for Jiang Chen."

People started a heated discussion. All of them were shocked by Ning Haotian's performance.


Seeing these panicked people, Han Siming kept smiling coldly.

Jiang Chen hadn't exerted all of his force yet. He was just testing Ning Haotian through sword methods to figure out what the latter's trump cards were.

Only people who had achieved at least Cloud Eight could exert their sword methods to such an extent.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, and the pattern of the origin of fire dragon showed up on his back. The majestic dragon armor covered his body again. The process looked like a transformation.

"Dragon and phoenix, dragon and phoenix, nothing is stronger than combining the dragon and phoenix together!"

Then Jiang Chen exerted the power of his blood. His long hair was burning like fire.

He jumped. Waves surged instantly, and in the burning flames, a dragon and a phoenix rose.

Two loud and clear sounds came, echoing around the world.

A dragon's roar and a phoenix's squawk!

Holy beasts appeared from Jiang Chen's fists that outshone Ning Haotian's ancient bird and dragon.


The iron fists and the long spear bumped together. The prehistoric holy beasts fought desperately against each other.

The overflowing energy activated the Sacred Institute's defense formation. Everyone went to the ground to hide in the Sacred Institute.

The Murongs were blocked outside. Although they were all Venerables, they had to turn on their protective energy jars to protect themselves. It was awkward for them to be forced to do.

When the two colored lights had disappeared, bystanders found it had been a tie. Neither Jiang Chen nor Ning Haotian had shown inferiority.

But all of them were terrified by Jiang Chen's performance.

In contrast to Ning Haotian, they came to learn how powerful Jiang Chen was.

If he couldn't top the list, who else could?

The director of The Sacred Daily suddenly became a clown. From that day onward, the paper would keep losing its authority. No one would treat it as a source of truth anymore.


Looking at Jiang Chen in his dragon armor, Ning Haotian clenched his teeth, unable to speak a word.

Murong Xiong had been right. Jiang Chen was definitely not an easy opponent to defeat.

"What? After hiding somewhere, practicing for several months, and harnessing the power from your blood, you came here to show off. You think you can defeat me for sure? You think the golden dragon of the Murongs is the only powerful thing in this world?" Jiang Chen scorned.

His supporters held their heads high. What Murong Long had boasted would be a joke in the face of true strength.

Ning Haotian was strong, but Jiang Chen wasn't weak. He was even stronger.

"You sound like you've already won!" Ning Haotian said.

Indeed, it wasn't the end yet. It was difficult to say who would win!


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