The Brilliant Fighting Master
481 Not on the Same Level
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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481 Not on the Same Level

In the end, the stronger ones had the last word. This was the way of the world.

No one would make such a great effort to seek justice for an average person, even if they had sacrificed their life bravely, but for a vicious person like Murong Yuan, such a big disturbance had been made merely because she was a member of the Murongs.

They would even rather cause more people die to get revenge, so Jiang Chen had to play with them until the end to show them that right was right and wrong was wrong, no matter how powerful one was.

He said that to Nan Gong and then looked towards the four people who were going to challenge him.

Putting Tang Hua, ****, and Liu Bin aside, Ning Haotian seemed extremely aggressive, his look ferocious. It could be perceived that he wasn't simple just at a glance.

Tang Hua, ranked fourth on the Dragon Rise List, came forward first. He spoke rudely, hostile to Jiang Chen.

"No one fights in a group to decide first place. Cut the crap. Let me teach you a lesson!"

It was understandable. As number four, he was supposed to be number one after Murong Long and Li Nanxing had broken through to Venerable and Su Xing had died.

How could Jiang Chen have exceeded him and ranked first without defeating him?

He would show the world who was the real number one that day!

Ning Haotian didn't want to wait, but Murong Xiong stopped him. He said, "It's more favorable for you if you're the last one to fight."

"I don't want such an advantage."

Ning Haotian wanted to defeat Jiang Chen in the fairest way possible and then kill him.

"Are you completely sure you can defeat Jiang Chen?" said Murong Xiong coldly.

Ning Haotian's anger eased.

He hadn't treated Jiang Chen seriously before, but to his surprise, this guy from the mountains had risen at an extremely fast speed and defeated him overwhelmingly.

By that point, he had received support from the Murongs and the Sus, experienced practice that ordinary people couldn't imagine, and made his current achievements.

However, he was still unsure if he could defeat Jiang Chen, because he knew better than anyone else in the Dragon Field that Jiang Chen had a holy pulse.

So Ning Haotian and the others stepped back to give them space to fight.

Tang Hua was holding a magic level long sword. The glint of the sword was dazzling under the sunshine, showing its superior quality to the fullest.

Tang Hua looked towards Jiang Chen. Gazing at him, he said in a cold voice, "Why haven't you drawn your sword out?"

Jiang Chen had nothing in his hands, nor was he carrying a knife or a sword at his waist.

"To deal with a moron used by others as a tool, a sword is unnecessary," said Jiang Chen.


Somehow, Tang Hua burst into laughter. He said, "I guess your fight doctrine level only allows you to use fists and palms, not knives and swords, but you used a sword in the fight against Su Xing. What does that mean? It means what The Sacred Daily says is true, that Su Xing was injured and only putting on a show with you!"

His inference did make sense. The people down in the Sacred Institute started a heated discussion.

Rumors were dreadful. With Murong Long's provocation, many people started to doubt what was once an obvious fact.

"All morons have one thing in common. They always consider themselves right." Jiang Chen didn't care even a little. He even found it funny.

"Stubborn. Take my sword!"

Tang Hua was going to shut Jiang Chen up and show this fraud's true colors with his victory.

"Evening Glow All Over the Sky!"

His sword movement made him worth a rank in the top ten. It was aggressive, difficult to dodge, and as fast as lightning.

The man and the sword turned into one, moving like a flowing light.

He came up to Jiang Chen in only the blink of an eye.

Tang Hua was good at quick sword movements, which required speed.


But Jiang Chen was even faster. The tip of the long blade couldn't keep moving forward anymore when it came up to him. It was stopped by two fingers that were as hard as iron rods.

Jiang Chen still seemed unconcerned and uninterested. The fingers pinching the tip contained endless power. Jumping arcs of electricity stayed extremely close to the blade.


Tang Hua's arrogance was gone. He looked very frightened. The long sword didn't move even a little bit, although he was using all of his strength.

"That's it?" Jiang Chen asked. Suddenly, his fingers pinched it more tightly. The blade bent until it couldn't bend any more.

The crowd held their breaths at the scene. That was a magic weapon. It was as hard as a Reaching Heaven States' protective energy jar.

Besides the electricity, Jiang Chen's fingers started to shine abruptly, which made his hand look like it was made of gold.

At the same time, the blade of Tang Hua's long sword was cracking at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

"Loosen your grip on it!"

Tang Hua felt heartbroken. A magic weapon wasn't cheap. He couldn't afford it even if he sold himself. It had been a bribe from the Murongs.

"You spoke so rudely and attacked me. You think you don't have to pay the price for that? Or do you want me to loosen my grip on the sword so I can kill you?" said Jiang Chen coldly.

Jiang Chen became aggressive in an instant.

When he was facing the Murongs' challenge, he had kept a low profile, like a holy sword hiding in its sheath.

But then, he had only drawn out the holy sword a bit, and it had nearly blinded Tang Hua.


A crack. The magic sword couldn't handle it anymore. It was broken, shattered into pieces.

Tang Hua flew away, spitting up blood.


It was totally beyond the crowd's expectations. They had been expecting a good show.

This wasn't even a knockout. Tang Hua wasn't a match for him at all. The two weren't on the same level.

"If this isn't the strength of number one, what is it?" Jiang Chen's supporters said provocatively to the Murongs, raising their arms to cheer.

The Murongs were embarrassed.

"Apparently, Jiang Chen has been making progress these days!" said the owner of The Sacred Daily immediately.

"If Jiang Chen could have reached such an achievement in two days, why did the paper claim it was impossible for him to have caught up to number one in a month? Aren't you contradicting yourself?" Yin Shuang scorned, smiling frigidly.

As for the Gaos, Gao Yue was beaming. She said, "He didn't even use the power of the phoenix blood. That's quite surprising."

"Yeah. He's gained an extraordinary achievement even without the use of the phoenix blood," Gao Ke said, nodding.

That being said, if he hadn't had phoenix blood, it would have been impossible for him to put up with the high temperatures caused by the practicing formation made of crystals of fire dragon, nor would he have been able to absorb the origin of fire dragon.

"Crap!" To everyone's surprise, it was Ning Haotian who expressed his disdain publicly first.

He had expected to see what trump cards Jiang Chen had, but in the end, what he had seen only influenced him. He said with disdain, "The Dragon Rise List? In my opinion, it's all sh*t."

Almost everyone there was offended, since the Dragon Rise List was the symbol of talented youngsters in the Dragon Field.

But it seemed that Ning Haotian had said it intentionally to get attention. If he could defeat Jiang Chen, he would be in a position to make such comments.

"Who are you? How dare you speak so arrogantly to me?!"

**** and Liu Bin were shocked by Jiang Chen's strength. They were hesitant to fight, but upon hearing Ning Haotian's remark, they couldn't help but fly into rages.

The two attacked at the same time. In this way, an internal strife started.


Ning Haotian smiled coldly. He didn't take them seriously at all.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》