The Brilliant Fighting Master
480 Ning Haotian in Cloud Nine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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480 Ning Haotian in Cloud Nine

It was the lord of the Gaos, Jiang Chen's grandpa, who was leading his team personally. On his left was his son Gao Ke. On his right was his daughter Gao Yue.

The team behind him was also full of strong men, all of whom were Venerables.

This reminded others that Jiang Chen had a strong family supporting him, too. It was said that he would be the next lord of the Gaos.

But since no one had seen him behave like a young master of the Gaos, many people had doubted it. Not until they'd seen this did they erase their doubt.

The team looked as though they were coming out of a sea of fire. The outline of the flames looked like a phoenix as they approached the Sacred Institute.

In the Sacred Institute, all of the groups realized what was happening that day could develop into a big scene that could shock the whole Dragon Field.

Also a lord, Murong Xiong was not only a father. He was much younger than the lord of the Gaos, but he didn't show any respect at all. Instead, he sounded malicious.

"Lord Gao, you just recovered from your disease. Aren't you worried such an exhausting trip could make you sick again?"

"Show some respect!" Gao Ke said coldly.

Murong Xiong laughed coldly and cast a casual glance at Gao Ke. Then he said, "If your sister hadn't come back,, you would be qualified to speak to me as the next lord of the Gaos, but now, get lost."

The grief he had showed had just been a disguise. This guy was extremely shrewd. Everything he said was hurtful.

If Gao Ke didn't love his sister so much, he would have been annoyed by what he had heard.

"So let me talk to you."

Gao Yue's voice was clear and melodious. She glanced at the Murongs' team with her pretty eyes and said, "No matter whether my son is number one or not, Murong Yuan is dead. If you want someone to be responsible for it, let's just start a war!"

All those present went into silence.

Although Gao Yue was a woman, she wouldn't lose to any man.

After the practice at the Gaos, she had come up from behind. Moreover, she had done even better than that. She was one of the strongest Venerables there.

In addition, this was the first time that the Gaos had admitted in public that Jiang Chen was a member of their family.

Many people looked at Jiang Chen with envy and jealousy.

Who didn't want protection from numerous strong people in an adverse situation?

"Tut, tut, tut. Desperation can make a person do surprising things. You want to skip the fight to decide number one? Jiang Chen, didn't you practically just admit all this was a scam?" Murong Long broke the silence with his disgusting sarcastic tone.

He was young, so people would think it normal if he said anything indecent or over the line. That was exactly the Murongs' plan.

"Peace isn't easy to achieve. Let's not destroy it so easily. Once it's broken, nothing can be done, even if we regret it. Let's just have the fight to decide first place," said Yin Ba from the Bank of Sacred City in the Sacred Institute. He was as neutral as ever.

"I never said that we weren't going to do it, but some people just won't stop slandering me. That's why the conflict never ends," Jiang Chen said slowly. Glancing at the three guys standing with the Murongs who were ranked in the top ten on the Dragon Rise List, he said, "So, you?"

His disdainful tone made the three guys unhappy. They wanted to break him immediately.

"Of course not only them, since the competition for first place is so tempting." Murong Long smiled mysteriously. He said, "Jiang Chen, meet your old friend."

Then a black-haired guy wearing black clothing walked over. His tall and straight figure was strange to those from the Dragon Field. His fluttering hair appeared very wild.

What was most eye-catching was his face. He looked like he was wearing a mask, totally emotionless, but there was extremely deep hatred in his eyes.

"Ning Haotian!"

The four men from the Fire Field shrieked.

They had thought this guy had died along with the Black Dragon City. It was incredibly surprising that he had shown up here again, especially in such a majestic manner.

He was already in Cloud Nine.

"Who is he?"

"He looks strong. Is he a disciple that some family has been secretly training?"

"Impossible. Who could train such a strong man without leaking any news?"

Ning Haotian, showing up for the first time in the Dragon Field, emitted a strong energy. He glanced at Murong Long when he had come up to the Murongs' team. The malevolence in his eyes petrified the latter.

"I'm not Jiang Chen's friend. If you make the same mistake again, I won't simply let you go," said Ning Haotian.

People were confused. How dare a Reaching Heaven State speak to a Venerable like this?

Murong Long's expression showed he was angry, but he held his temper. It was striking.

"Jiang Chen!" Ning Haotian left Murong Long behind and shifted his ferocious look to Jiang Chen. He said, "I'll sacrifice your head to the Nings' clansmen in the Black Dragon City."

"Yeah? Especially your mother, you have to get revenge for her," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

He was actually very surprised, unable to figure out how Ning Haotian had caught up with him in state.

"How dare you bring that up!" Ning Haotian flew into a rage, his dreadful energy soaring. Even the wind and clouds were disturbed.

A gale started in the Sacred Institute, raising lots of dust.

How powerful! the crowd couldn't help but think. Ning Haotian hadn't actually done anything yet, but they were already intimidated by the energy he emitted.


Seeing him so angry, Jiang Chen was shocked. Glancing at the Murongs, he said, "So the Murongs told you how your mother died, didn't they?"

When Ning Haotian's dragon blood had woken up, the imperishable dragon flame raging around him had burnt his mother, the first lady of the Nings, to death.

"Because of you, the Black Dragon City was eliminated," said Murong Xiong.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, "Murong Xiong, the other day, you told the emperor of the Xia Dynasty to kill me in the Black Dragon City, and I told you the Murongs would end up the same way as the Black Dragon City. Remember, that still counts."

"You'd have to become a Venerable first, but I don't think you will." Murong Xiong didn't bother to argue with him. He ignored Jiang Chen all the same, although the latter was the young master of the Gaos.

People outside of their family thought the Gaos had accepted Gao Yue again because they didn't want to waste such genius, and Jiang Chen was also doing great.

None of them knew about the genuine blood Jiang Chen had.

"Cut the crap. Let's start the fight and put an end to this fuss quickly," Yin Ba said from below.

"So let's start."

Jiang Chen didn't think it was a big deal. He glanced from Ning Haotian to Tang Hua and the other two, then said, "You three first or you first? Or all four together?"

While speaking, he said to Nan Gong through holy awareness, "Nan Gong, the Murongs' scheme can't be this simple. I think they just want to divert our attention so that they have a chance to invade the Hero Palace. Please put the Hero Palace in a heightened state of alertness."

"Is that necessary? The Murongs' main forces are all here." Nan Gong thought he worried too much.

"Nan Gong, please do as I said," said Jiang Chen.

"Okay, then."


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