The Brilliant Fighting Master
479 A Fraud and Betrayers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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479 A Fraud and Betrayers

"Jiang Chen, why do you get to speak? You're just a puny Reaching Heaven State. Go away. Stay down there and pray for your fate!" Murong Long smiled coldly upon seeing him come up, then gave him a good scolding.

With a sarcastic smile, Jiang Chen replied, "I forced you to break through to the Venerable state to survive when you were still a Reaching Heaven State. You're too proud, aren't you? Don't you know that killing you will be as easy as killing a chicken once I become a Venerable?"

Murong Long smirked. He said, "Yeah? I truly don't recall that."

Jiang Chen had a hunch that something bad was going to happen, since with his knowledge of Murong Long, the latter should have been annoyed by him.

But he had just denied it. He thought of the report in The Sacred Daily. He had an intuition that there must have been a connection between these things.

Without paying much attention to the two's argument, Murong Xiong said to the elders of the Sacred Institute, "Give us Jiang Chen! Otherwise, the Murongs will break off completely from the Hero Palace!"

The Sacred Institute was going to retort toughly, but upon seeing Murong Long holding his grief, and at the thought of how much he had loved his daughter, they didn't have the heart to do so.

"So can we sanction the Murongs on behalf of those who died because of Murong Yuan? This affair isn't supposed to be complicated, but you insist on complicating it. I think you're just making an excuse!"

The grand elders of the Hero Palace had also arrived, and it was Shui Yuan who had spoken. He'd had problems with Jiang Chen, but then they had reconciled.

"No one knows if what happened in the small world was true or false. After all, Jiang Chen opened the exit. If he's able to boast that he's number one on the Dragon Rise List, of course he could lie about my cousin's maliciousness," said Murong Long.

In this way, Jiang Chen confirmed that The Sacred Daily had been manipulated by the Murongs.

As long as his place as number one wasn't cemented, neither were the things that had happened in the small world.

"Do you have anything to prove Jiang Chen's ranking is false?"

The Hero Palace didn't panic. By then, the Murongs were still in the wrong. If they couldn't show any proof, nothing they said would work.

"You want proof? Great!"

Murong Xiong raised his hand. Then a group of people came out.

"Jiang Chen is a fraud! Don't be scammed by him! He took advantage of the fact that he could open the exit to take half of our resources and force us to boast about him after leaving!"

"Su Xing did fight against him, but before the fight, Su Xing was already exhausted."

The whole Sacred Institute went into an uproar, because these people, who had survived from the small world, or in other words, had been saved by Jiang Chen, had just accused him. This was eye-opening.

Most interestingly, Yue Lansheng was among them, too.

Jiang Chen hadn't had the intention to let her leave, but she had burst out crying due to her reluctance to stay there, since even those of the Evil Cloud Palace could exit.

Ying Wushuang had been too kind to see her crying like that, so she had asked Jiang Chen to take her, too.

It hadn't been a big deal for Jiang Chen. Since Ying Wushuang had asked, he had agreed.

By then Yue Lansheng had resumed her manners as one of the Four Beauties, aloof and cold. She said, "Jiang Chen threatened not to bring me out in order to sleep with me!"

A heated discussion started again. Anyhow, as one of the Four Beauties, Yue Lansheng had influence.

"Yue Lansheng, shame on you!"

Down on the ground, Yin Shuang couldn't put up with it anymore. She said, "Murongs, you brought these people here to tell lies, but all the same, you don't have any proof."

"Miss Yin Shuang, I know you and Jiang Chen are quite close, but the Bank of the Sacred City always takes a neutral stance. Please don't forget that," said Murong Long.

It was a vicious remark made with an insinuation, which made Yin Shuang very embarrassed.

Yin Shuang was going to retort, but her parents stopped her.

"Murongs, you're funny. I can find people to testify for me easily. Actually, I can even find some in the Sacred Institute now." Jiang Chen frowned. Such a low plan was ultimately harmless to him.

"Exactly. I can prove these people were making up bullsh*t."

Han Siming came forward. He apparently had been sickened by what those people had said. He didn't even understand how they managed to be shameless enough to say such things.

"Murongs, show us your proof. Otherwise, we'll just treat this as a rumor. If you want a fight, we'll fight. If you want to break away from us, then do it," Shui Yuan said toughly.

"Even the exit was controlled by Jiang Chen. You think he would have allowed anyone to take out proof that was unfavorable for him? But it doesn't matter, since there is still one thing that can prove it, which is Jiang Chen's number one spot."

"Sometimes when you boast too much, you won't be able to back down with grace. If he's defeated by those who Su Xing once defeated, will that prove this is a lie?" said Murong Long.

If he had proposed such a thing out of the blue, people would think he was seeking trouble.

However, after The Sacred Daily's intentional misleading in recent days, many people started to question first place on the list.

"This won't prove Murong Yuan's innocence," said Nan Gong.

"But it can prove that Jiang Chen is morally wrong. The Murongs won't accept anything said by a disgusting fraud. My daughter didn't die for nothing," said Murong Xiong.

Murong Long also said, "What? Why are you afraid? You'll have to prove he's number one anyway, won't you?"

He was intentionally confusing the public.

It was true that Jiang Chen had invited others to challenge him, but there wouldn't be many problems. Even if he lost, it would only mean there were always stronger people out there.

Besides, the Murongs had appeared so aggressively. They must have been well prepared.

"In other words, you want those ranked in the top ten to fight against Jiang Chen, don't you? I think that's fine," said Han Siming.

"Yeah? Tang Hua, ****, Liu Bin, come here."

These three were all ranked in the top ten of the Dragon Rise List, but they hadn't gone to the small world for various reasons.

In only one month, the top three were all gone, and a nobody had become number one. It was simply unacceptable to them.

"Jiang Chen, something is wrong. They're much stronger than they were a month ago. They might have used special measures to enhance their strength." Jiang Chen heard an elder's voice, warning him of the danger.

At this moment, the Hero Palace was in an awkward situation.

They couldn't attack the Murongs first, because if they did, people would say it was them who had forced the Murongs to break away from them.

Once this started, it would create a domino effect. More groups would follow the example of the Murongs.

Everything the Murongs had done was meaningful.

Anybody could see that Jiang Chen wasn't in a favorable situation.

This was unfortunate for a genius who was helplessly forced to face such a large group.

"How great you Murongs are! Acting so aggressive just because someone's daughter died. And you even want to do harm to our grandson. Do you think you're the only aristocratic family of inheritance?"


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