The Brilliant Fighting Master
477 Controversy for First Place
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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477 Controversy for First Place

Walking out of the sea of thunder, Jiang Chen felt fresh and happy.

To go to the Three Middle Realms and marry his apprentice sister, he would have to achieve the level of grand Venerable. Judging from his current progress, he was confident that he could achieve it.

When Jiang Chen was going to the Gaos' land, the Hero Palace told him that they would appoint him as a disciple of inheritance in a few days, so he had to stay.

As for Lin Jingyu, when the Hero Palace had learned the whole story, they didn't mention a word about Jiang Chen.

After he came back from the small world, Li Nanxing started another adventure.

With his ability, of course he left the Nine Heavens Continent to look for strong rivals in other Planes.

"Jiang Chen."

Ying Wushuang came up to him like a breeze not long after he was back at his residence. She said, "The current Holy Sword Society is already at its peak. Countless disciples want to join us."

"That's good." Jiang Chen smiled, but soon he said, "Though I don't want the Holy Sword Society to become another Sword Association."

"Are you all right? I wouldn't allow such a thing to happen."

As a victim of the Sword Association, Ying Wushuang hated bullying from the bottom of her heart.

Seeing her behave like this, Jiang Chen's interest was piqued. He sized her pretty face up.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Ying Wushuang was uneasy because of his look. Embarrassed, her cheeks flushed.

"Most people who experience bullying will bully others if it's possible for them to do that. They'll even go farther than those who bullied them," said Jiang Chen.

"Really?" Ying Wushuang was surprised. It was difficult for her to imagine what would motivate people to do that.

"So you're better than most people." Jiang Chen sincerely admired her.

Ying Wushuang felt happy to hear that. She gave Jiang Chen a coquettish glance, then looked away immediately. Gazing at a tree in front of her, she asked, "Your relationship with Yin Shuang, is it really like the rumors say?"

"Half and half. I'm afraid I can't accept Miss Yin Shuang's love," said Jiang Chen.

Ying Wushuang was struck dumb. She was surprised that even Yin Shuang wasn't good enough for him. Yin Shuang was the young lady of the Bank of the Sacred City. If she inherited the bank, she would be the most powerful person in the Dragon Field.

She couldn't help but wonder who on earth Jiang Chen was in love with.

"By the way!"

Ying Wushuang shook her head to forget about this idea. To change topics, she said, "Many people question your place as number one. They even came to the Hero Palace to send you letters of challenge."

"Letters of challenge?" Jiang Chen found this funny.

"Yeah, some people just want to become famous."

Ying Wushuang showed him a copy of The Sacred Daily. Frowning, she said unhappily, "The report they published in the paper is disgusting. Check it out."


Jiang Chen was curious to know what it said. He took the paper and saw a headline about him. He laughed loudly with disdain after reading a few lines.

"You're even in the mood to laugh. Many people believe what it says," Ying Wushuang said anxiously.

"People always believe rumors," said Jiang Chen.

The paper said that everything about the number one place was untrue. It was just a lie told by the survivors whom Jiang Chen had saved.

According to the article, how could a nobody ranked ninety-eighth who was barely known have reached the top of the list in a month? It was simply unreasonable.

Everyone knew that Murong Long and Li Nanxing had become Venerables. Among the previous top three of the Dragon Rise List, only Su Xing had stayed on the list.

Now that Su Xing had been killed by Jiang Chen, the latter was regarded as number one on the list.

But the paper claimed Su Xing could have been severely injured by Li Nanxing before Jiang Chen had killed him, or it was just a show Su Xing put on in order to save the disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace.

Otherwise, why did Jiang Chen rescue all of the people from the Evil Cloud Palace after the victory, while he had so resolutely refused to save them before that?

That was right. He had rescued them rather than let them go. The Sacred Daily was apparently misleading its readers.

"They don't have any proof at all. It's only their imaginations. The Sacred Daily is quite vengeful."

The paper had once given Jiang Chen the nickname of "the worthless Reaching Heaven State." Then they had apologized to him publicly due to his great performance.

"Many people are questioning you, and they're jealous of you, but they don't have any proof or support. Now that The Sacred Daily published this report, they'll just take advantage of it to attack you."

Ying Wushuang said, "Maybe we just have to wait until your next fight. By then, the rumor will have faded away naturally. However, the paper might claim you achieved this after leaving the small world, so it has nothing to do with the small world."

"You're right."

Jiang Chen was persuaded. He thought for a while, then said, "Do me a favor. I'll meet whoever wants to challenge me in the Sacred City in two days."

That was exactly what Ying Wushuang had been expecting. She agreed and flew towards the Sacred City.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen."

A few disciples of the Hero Palace came personally. They flushed, rather excited to see Jiang Chen.

They greeted him with respect when they went up to him.

"Hi," Jiang Chen replied with a gentle smile.

These disciples almost shouted in excitement, especially a female disciple who was totally dizzy. Her face was full of admiration.

Since he couldn't go back to the Gaos for the moment, he intended to master the fourth variation of the dragons' martial arts techniques. When he could combine the four variations into one movement, it would be as unique and good as The Sword Method of Ksana.

However, before he could start, Nan Gong came to see him and tell him something.

Jiang Chen felt reluctant when he knew what this was about, but he had to agree due to Nan Gong's kind invitation.

Nan Gong had invited him to go to the Sacred Institute to give a speech to the younger disciples as number one on the Dragon Rise List.

It was also in two days. What a coincidence.

In the Golden Dragon City, the Murongs' land

Murong Long flew into a rage when he learned that Jiang Chen had gone out with everyone.

Since Jiang Chen had also rescued the Murongs' disciples, whom he had left behind, when they came back to the clan land and saw him, they were quite embarrassed.

In addition, before he left, he had told the others that everything that had happened in the small world had been planned by the Murongs. This brought him severe blame.

For the same reason, the Murongs were going to act before all the other forces were on guard against them.

Suddenly, Murong Long heard a long dragon chime echoing, but there was one subtle difference. It was more majestic than the Murongs' dragon chimes.

"It's him." Murong Long thought of someone. The fact that this man had finished his seclusion at this moment made Murong Long realize what his family was planning.

They want him to compete for first place? Murong Long thought. He suddenly smiled coldly. He said, "It's said that this guy's clansmen were all killed by Jiang Chen. How interesting!"

"Jiang Chen, I want you to die!"

Then an angry growl was heard along with the dragon chime. Murong Long was touched by the killing intent contained in the voice.

Soon, he realized in surprise that this Ning Haotian from the Fire Field had gained formidable strength!

"Is it because he's a mix of two bloods?"


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