The Brilliant Fighting Master
476 Sudden Thunder
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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476 Sudden Thunder

As Yin Shuang had said, the news swept across the Dragon Field, creating a disturbance.

In the words of the survivors, Jiang Chen was like a protagonist from a heroic story, incapable of nothing and strong enough to turn the tides.

What people admired most was the fact that he had been fighting all the way to raise his rank from ninety-eighth to the top of the Dragon Rise List. There hadn't been a number one decided for years.

Despite the doubts of some people, those survivors who gave their firm and solemn accounts helped to make Jiang Chen more and more popular with their stories.

In addition, people came to learn about each of his fights in the small world through different narrators.

Since there had been bystanders during each fight, although it wasn't always the same group of people, the information had been gathered from of the small world, and someone had done a statistical analysis on all the fights.

Mediocre rivals were needless to say. The most wonderful fight was the one against Zhang Yu in the Martial Imperial City, in which Jiang Chen mastered fight doctrine.

Zhang Yu commented on him in person, "I had had no idea what a genius looked like until I saw him."

It wasn't easy to get such a comment from a defeated rival.

Besides, the fight against Greenghost was also thrilling. Almost everyone in the small world witnessed how Jiang Chen was being chased by Greenghost for more than 300 miles.

But soon, after the advance gained in the Martial Imperial City, he turned the tide to kill Greenghost.

Moreover, what had happened in the mine incited many arguments in the Dragon Field.

And Jiang Chen had killed his sibling disciples in front of a great crowd. People were wondering how the Hero Palace would deal with him.

The Murongs' attitude was another pending matter. Murong Yuan, the lord's daughter, had been killed by Jiang Chen. They must do something about it.

Of course, there was another exciting thing.

Jiang Chen was not only talented, but also handsome and unrestrained. He and Yin Shuang were very close in the small world. They were seen hugging together.

And Yue Lansheng, also one of the Four Beauties, was even willing to give herself to Jiang Chen in order to leave there.

In Sacred Wind District, one of the best locations in the Sacred City, there was a mansion covering an area of 16 acres. Able to possess such an enormous land in such an expensive area, the owner of the mansion can't be just some average people.

At the gate, a plaque hanging high told who the owner was.

The Yins, the proprietor of the Bank of Sacred City.

In the mansion's majestic hall, Yin Shuang and Yin Jue were telling the story about the small world.

"So the Murongs are scheming on something."

"Their audacious ambition is always obvious, but the Hero Palace has always been restraining them. They can't be happy about that."

"If there hadn't been so many changes, Murong Long would have killed everyone according to the Murongs' plan."

A weird silence befell in the hall.

"But in the end he didn't do it. We can do nothing about him."

The top management of the Bank of Sacred City left the hall one by one after the discussion. Only Yin Jue, Yin Shuang and their parents left.

"Yin Jue, you can go."

Yin Ba, their father, said.


Yin Jue didn't dare say no. He left.

"Yin Shuang, what exactly happened in the Martial Imperial City? It seemed you were hiding something just now. It's said you and Jiang Chen hugged. How did that happen?" Mrs. Yin asked.

"Ah…" Yin Shuang turned pale. She knew what the consequence would be if she told the truth.

"Sweetheart, even if you don't tell us, we have ways to know," said Yin Ba.

That was why Yin Shuang didn't deny it. Under the pressure, she told her parents how she had been drugged since she had trusted the wrong person.

Of course she protected Jiang Chen when telling the story.

Yin Ba and Mrs. Yin's faces clouded.

"That bastard. How dared he treat my daughter like that? How dared he have such an idea? He was asking for the moon. I'll eliminate the whole family of his!" Yin Ba said in anger.

Yin Shuang was petrified, but she came to herself in time. Her father hadn't been talking about Jiang Chen, but that shameless guy.

"Don't get so angry," Mrs. Yin comforted her husband. Then she looked towards Yin Shuang and said, "Sweetheart, what are you gonna do?"

"What do you mean?" Yin Shuang didn't understand.

"If what happened in the Martial Imperial City is spread, you should know how it will affect you. Your grandpa will give you up," Yin Ba said seriously, holding his anger.

"But we did nothing," Yin Shuang hurried to say.

"You don't know what terrible influences rumors could bring you! I won't ease up until Tang Juan and Jiang Chen die."

"No!" Yin Shuang, always being soft before her parents, opposed toughly.

"So, I'll marry you to Jiang Chen," Yin Ba suddenly said with a flash of complacency in his eyes.


Yin Shuang's eyes lit up. She sounded joyful, but when she had realized how evident her joy was, she turned red.

"Look at you. Totally lost your manner as the best auctioneer," the middle-aged woman said unhappily, but there was affection in her eyes.

"Jiang Chen is the young master of the Gaos, not too bad for our daughter," said Yin Ba.

"Father, Jiang Chen is in love with someone else." Something occurred to Yin Shuang. She showed a bitter smile.

"Huh! He saw my daughter's body and he wants to be with someone else? No way!" Yin Ba said toughly. He obviously wasn't persuaded.

Yin Shuang felt rather anxious, but she found herself expecting something secretly.


Jiang Chen, in center of the limelight, was enjoying the prize the Hero Palace had granted him. He was practicing in the sea of thunder.

When he was still in the initial stage of the Reaching Heaven State, he formed the power of wind and thunder here. Since by then he had achieved a much higher level, he needed to enhance it.

As he was getting more skilled at his fight doctrine, he was able to apply the power of wind and thunder to the doctrine of the sword.

As to the dragon power, Jiang Chen decided to practice that movement of the dragons' martial arts techniques. When the four variations were combined into one, it would generate striking power.

In his Qihai, his halo of heaven, which already had seven rings, was emitting a gentle light.

Electric arcs were jumping all over him. Although he was in the sea of thunder, they were still clearly visible.

""Achieve sudden thunder at one go,"" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

The core of thunder had different levels of intensity, too. The thing was Jiang Chen's current core of thunder was too weak to be named.

Sudden thunder, angry thunder, striking thunder, tumbling thunder, and holy thunder.

As the most destructive power in the world, these five levels were almost distributed all over the practicing states.

The sea of thunder of the Hero Palace could only help him to achieve sudden thunder. If he wanted to go further, the sea of thunder here was far less than enough.

So it was difficult for him to imagine that one day he could achieve striking thunder, tumbling thunder or even holy thunder.

Three days later, he didn't achieve sudden thunder, but his state broke through to Cloud Eight.

It was the result of the carrier of martial arts being stimulated by thunders. The energy that hadn't been completely exerted due to his fast breakthrough in the small world was finally stimulated.

Five days later, the core of thunder in his Qihai experienced some changes. It became pretty vibrant and powerful. The power of thunder penetrated into the halo of heaven. He only needed to use a little power to activate the thunders.

"I'll go back to the Gaos to practice the bible and refine more essence blood. Then I should be strong enough to go the Alien Battlefield."


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