The Brilliant Fighting Master
475 Next Target: Venerable!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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475 Next Target: Venerable!

A pillar of light appeared in the sky. Before it, the defense formation of the Sacred City didn't work at all. When it was only about 350 feet away from the highest building, it started to spread vertically, extending into a giant, round, mirrored surface.

Before the aristocratic families and the Hero Palace sent their men there, people kept walking out of the mirror surface.

The people in the city thought they were hallucinating that they were being invaded by an army from an alien world. They felt lucky that the people didn't seem hostile, and most importantly, they only had one Venerable among them.

When someone finally recognized them as the people who had been trapped in the small world, the whole Sacred City went into an uproar.

Around ten Venerables arrived. They surrounded the ones who had walked out of the portal.

The disciples of the Hero Palace weren't nervous at all. Instead, they extended their arms, shouting, "We're back! We're back!"

Some of them from the Sacred City went directly up to the Venerables from their families, telling them what had happened.

After such commotion, the crowd finally learned more or less what had happened.

"So, Yin Shuang, you managed to leave thanks to Jiang Chen's transmitting formation?" a Venerable asked.

"Yes, because of number one." Yin Shuang nodded with a naughty smile.

Jiang Chen said nothing, only smiled bitterly.

"Number one?"

The crowd didn't understand what she was referring to. Although the literal meaning was clear, they doubted what was on their minds could be true.

Before going in, Jiang Chen had been ranked ninety-eight on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

Before Yin Shuang could explain it in more detail, those from the Evil Cloud Palace suddenly appeared. The crowd went into an uproar again. The Venerables from various forces were also put on alert.

"Their powers have been sealed. No worries," said Jiang Chen.

"Take them to the Hero Palace. Keep them in custody!"

Those from the Hero Palace were very serious. Afraid of any possible mistakes, they sent a Venerable to take the disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace away.

As for the others, they didn't stay in the air quietly, either. They weren't from there. After learning about the worries of the outside world, they wanted to go home to let their families know they were safe.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, I'll remember your great kindness forever!"

"Number one, I'm leaving. See you someday in the future."

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, please accept my respect!"

Before leaving, they went up to Jiang Chen to bid him farewell. Their devout and even humble attitudes madde the people of the Sacred City frown.

Even guys like Yin Jue, Han Siming, and Zhang Yu expressed their respect for Jiang Chen this way.

Even Li Nanxing, standing beside him, was overshadowed.

"Jiang Chen, your name will be known throughout the Dragon Field in less than a day!" Yin Shuang and Jiang Chen were standing cheek to cheek. They looked pretty close as she touched his arm with her hand.

"I'm dying to know what Murong Long will think when he hears the news," Jiang Chen said, smiling.

"Yeah. He must think we're dead." Yin Shuang couldn't help but smile when he brought up this topic.

At this moment, two strong energies were approaching them in the Sacred City.

Perceiving the two energies, Yin Shuang and Yin Jue became serious.

They were a middle-aged couple, the man mighty and the woman noble.

"Yin Shuang, what happened? As a girl, you should be tactful." Seeing Yin Shuang standing so closely to Jiang Chen, she couldn't help but frown.

"Mother, this is Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen. He saved me from the small world, and thanks to him, we were able to leave that place," said Yin Shuang.

Seeing her argue instead of stepping aside, the middle-aged woman realized something. She cast a sharp look at Jiang Chen, sizing him up.

"Cloud Seven?" she soon asked in a questioning tone, frowning.

Many people noticed it. They looked like they were waiting for a good show.

Jiang Chen suddenly felt an oppressively strong energy coming at him.

It was from the middle-aged man, who seemed to have done nothing. It was merely the power of his psychokinesis, but it was as oppressive as a huge mountain.

Gnashing his teeth, Jiang Chen manipulated the extraordinary power in him to crack this pressure.

The middle-aged man was struck dumb. He looked visibly surprised. There was a streak of subtle appreciation in his eyes.

It had happened so quickly that Yin Shuang didn't notice it. She was busy explaining to her mother, "Mother, Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen has topped the rankings of the Dragon Rise List!"

Not until then did the crowd understand what she had meant by "number one."

Most people found it unbelievable and thought she was joking. Strong people from various families kept asking their fellow disciples whether it was true or not. When they had got the answer, these Venerables were shocked.

"Since when does the Dragon Rise List have a number one?"

The middle-aged woman didn't believe her. She looked towards Li Nanxing, about to say something, but noticed he was a Venerable. Pleasantly surprised, her eyes lit up.

"It's true. Apprentice Brother Li Nanxing and Murong Long broke through to the Venerable stage. Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen and Su Xing fought under a blood contract, and he won," said Yin Shuang.

She explained what had happened, but some people still didn't believe it.

If it had been another person, like the guy ranked fourth, it would have been more believable that he had defeated Su Xing and topped the rankings.

But Jiang Chen was just a nobody. How was it possible that he had become number one?

Then when they suddenly recalled how those who had left had treated him, they thought it might have been possible.

"Miss Yin Shuang, I'm headed for the Hero Palace," Jiang Chen said calmly, not eager to prove anything.

The Hero Palace's grand elders were speaking to him through holy awareness and had told him to go back to the Hero Palace first to give them more details.

"But… okay." Glancing from him to the middle-aged woman, she let out a sigh.

Jiang Chen and Li Nanxing flew back to the Hero Palace with the other disciples of the Hero Palace, leaving behind a curious crowd that was busy discussing the situation.

As soon as he arrived at the Hero Palace, a group of grand elders who got along well with him, including Nan Gong, called him over.

Jiang Chen didn't hide anything from them. He told them what had happened in the eight days since they'd found out there was no exit.

"Jiang Chen, you almost killed all of the top five on the Slay Demon List and made a clean sweep of the disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace. That's a huge contribution. The Hero Palace will give you a handsome reward."

These grand elders had a fear. Although Jiang Chen had told the story in an extremely calm tone, they could read between the lines how dangerous it had been there.

Fortunately, he had saved the day, so they rained praises on him. They had promised they would reward him and told him to rest before the Hero Palace decided what his prize would be.

Jiang Chen nodded and walked out of the hall. As soon as he walked out the door, he saw Li Nanxing standing there. They brushed by each other as the latter went into the hall.

"They probably just want to confirm that what I told you was true."

He didn't think it was a big deal. It would be strange if the Hero Palace had believed him without investigating.


Gazing at Li Nanxing's receding figure, he thought to himself, My next target!

He started to think about his practice. He was going back to the Gaos to practice in seclusion for a while.

During his trip to the small world, Jiang Chen had made more gains than anyone else and received many spiritual storing wares. These resources were enough for him to break through to Cloud Nine.


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