The Brilliant Fighting Master
472 Top of the Dragon Rise Lis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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472 Top of the Dragon Rise Lis

The group of people travelled to an unknown mountain under Jiang Chen and Li Nanxing's lead.

Jiang Chen was going to open the exit there.

However, he didn't do anything as special as they had imagined, and the exit simply showed up.

Jiang Chen led the disciples of the Hero Palace to reform the mountain, which was a big project. They would need seven or eight days to finish it.

People couldn't help but feel worried. They were wondering whether they had been cheated.

If he was a fraud, they would realize it sooner or later.

When Li Nanxing was with Jiang Chen alone, the former asked, "Are the chances of success great or not?"

It was the first time that the two had talked together face to face, but the atmosphere wasn't awkward at all, because their temperaments were quite similar. Any stranger that saw them would think that they had been good friends for many years.

"One hundred percent," said Jiang Chen.

He had reconnoitered the valley before entering the small world, so he had already made some preparations for his plan.

It was impossible for him to allow others to decide his own life.

The betrayal he had experienced in his previous life had made him insecure. By this time, he still didn't feel completely secure.

Li Nanxing nodded. He cast a look that was as calm as the surface of an autumn lake at the mountain. No one knew what he was thinking.

"Apprentice Brother Li, I'll continue working," Jiang Chen said. Then he landed on the mountain. Precisely speaking, what he was going to work on wasn't the exit, but something called a transmitting formation.

Transmitting formations, which allowed people to travel between two worlds, had been forgotten in the Nine Heavens Continent of 500 years later.

But for Jiang Chen, it was merely a toy that he had used to play with when he was still a boy.

On the seventh day, the transmitting formation was just about done. Everyone was excited to hear the news.

However, Su Xing led those of the Evil Cloud Palace there at dusk.

"Su Xing, I didn't kill you because it wasn't necessary, but if you want to court death, I won't go easy on you," Jiang Chen said seriously.

Su Xing didn't get angry. Taking a deep breath, he said, "I'm here to—"

"If I let you out, you'll bring great danger to the world. I won't accept whatever you offer," Jiang Chen rejected him decisively.

Su Xing gnashed his teeth, and his evil energy rose again, but when he saw Li Nanxing keeping his silence, he managed to restrain himself.

"I have important information. It's about the Dragon Field! The Hero Palace, even the Gaos, all of you will be doomed!"

The disciples of the Hero Palace turned pale. Even Gao Huoling felt nervous.

"Judging from your performance in front of Murong Long, I don't think your information is valuable." Jiang Chen didn't believe him right away. He could have been lying to stay alive.

There were so many people from the Evil Cloud Palace. If he let them all out, he would be the one to blame for any crimes they committed in the future.

He would have rather died than let them out.

Su Xing stopped speaking. He had perceived Jiang Chen's attitude towards him.

Even if he had been telling the truth, Jiang Chen would still always reject him.

"Jiang Chen, aren't you ashamed to rise to the top of the Dragon Rise List in such a way?" Su Xing changed the topic.

"The top?" Jiang Chen was confused.

"Since Murong Long and Li Nanxing are Venerables now, they can't stay on the Dragon Rise List. Now, it's just you and me. If I die, of course you'll be number one," said Su Xing.

"You want to see the results while we're here," Jiang Chen asked, realizing what Su Xing was implying.

"Do you dare?" said Su Xing.

Yin Shuang said, "You're betting on this fight, but your plan isn't good enough. Jiang Chen doesn't have to fight against you. When he achieves Cloud Nine, he'll become number one on the Dragon Rise List anyway."

"So we don't have a choice." Su Xing raised his hand to make a gesture.

Hundreds of disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace behind him acted at the same time. They were all holding different kinds of containers, their faces hideous. The whole group of people looked like bloodthirsty fierce beasts.

"This is the liquid diluted from twenty-four Mad Demon Elixirs. Although it doesn't have the strongest effect, it's still effective. We'll fight to the death at all costs."

Su Xing's words made everyone pale. Then a flute appeared in his hand. He said, "This is a magic weapon I found in the secret treasure. It can attract fierce beasts to the location it's being played at."

What he meant was evident.

If Jiang Chen rejected them, they would try everything they could, at any cost, to make the group with Jiang Chen pay a big price.

"Su Xing, as your opponent for so many years, you've disappointed me." Li Nanxing took a step forward. Gripping the handle of his sword, he said, "I could have eliminated the Evil Cloud Palace seven days ago. You should know that."

"I know. You didn't want to smear your sword with blood in front of so many people, and you wanted us to die with dignity."

Su Xing let out a sad smile. He said, "But even if we die, we'll make others suffer! That is the dignity of the Evil Cloud Palace!"

It would definitely be a slaughter if a Venerable dealt with a Reaching Heaven State. Besides, they didn't have to fight, and the Evil Cloud Palace would be eliminated anyway.

So that day, they didn't attack the Evil Cloud Palace.

Jiang Chen had actually anticipated what the Evil Cloud Palace would do, but he had been too embarrassed to ask Li Nanxing to kill Su Xing.

What if the first enemy he had killed after he became a Venerable was a Reaching Heaven State?

That didn't sound good, not to mention if it was done by a gorgeous guy like Li Nanxing.

By then, Su Xing was forcing him to fight, so he didn't have to worry about these things anymore.

"So, let more blood flow."

Su Xing put the flute to his mouth. Once Li Nanxing attacked, he would play the flute to call on numerous fierce beasts.


Jiang Chen came forward. He nodded at Li Nanxing when he passed by the latter.

"Since you want a fight, I'll satisfy you," said Jiang Chen.

"Okay. Don't worry. You don't have to take all of our men out. We'll select a tenth of our group. There won't be more than fifty people."

What Su Xing had said was surprising, but he sounded sincere.

"Of course. Even so, I can still see the hatred you have against the Evil Cloud Palace, so I won't believe any verbal contracts you make with me," said Su Xing again.

"What do you propose?"

"We'll make a contract with our blood!"

Su Xing said seriously, "If you lose, I won't kill you, but you'll have to follow the blood contract and let us leave along with you."

Blood contracts, which were frequently used in duels, had the power of a curse.


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