The Brilliant Fighting Master
470 It’s A Shame to Be Your Peer
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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470 It’s A Shame to Be Your Peer

Nobody could stop Murong Long. Under everyone's gazes, his body experienced a significant change, letting out the sound of thunder and wind blowing or the roar of an angry dragon from time to time.

The powerful energy was endless. It had surpassed everyone else's energy in a short while, and it still kept soaring.

In the end, when everything had gone back to normal, Murong Long's temperament seemed to have undergone a complete change. He seemed like another person.

He was wearing the same clothes that he had been wearing during the fight. They were ragged, but didn't harm his aggression and majesty.

A Venerable, the only Venerable in the small world.

Those of the Evil Cloud Palace knew better than anyone else what this could mean. They had intended to eliminate the disciples of the Hero Palace with the aid of a Venerable.

"Shake before me, you weak people."

The crowd didn't know to whom Murong Long was speaking, but everyone could feel his despise and disdain.

However, no one answered, including Su Xing and Li Nanxing. They were just glancing at each other.

"Murong Long, can you Murongs sit still anymore?" said Li Nanxing.

Murong Long, already a Venerable and experiencing his own power, became prouder and prouder, since all those around him were so weak.

"The world belongs to the strong. Your Hero Palace participated in a battle a thousand years ago. Just because of that you're throwing your weight around. It's so annoying!" said Murong Long.

"Throwing our weight around? I guess you mean that we're trying to stop the Murongs from expanding?" said Li Nanxing.

"Of course!"

The Murongs were too strong. As the strongest of the Eight Great Aristocratic Families of Inheritance, they were extremely ambitious, steadfast in expanding their territory.

No one could stop such a force. They would sweep across the whole Dragon Field in a snowball effect.

The Hero Palace wouldn't allow that to happen.

They had been offering help to the groups the Murongs wanted to swallow up.

Of course, that wasn't them taking aim at the Murongs. They applied the same strategy to all of the aristocratic families of inheritance.

The Dragon Dynasty had gone to war against the Hero Palace for the same reason, and they had ended up collapsing.

"What's your plan then?" asked Su Xing.

"You wouldn't understand. The competition between the Hero Palace and the Evil Cloud Palace doesn't matter at all in the Dragon Field. The Murongs are the only protagonist!"

Murong Long sounded so obviously complacent. Su Xing's reaction made him even more arrogant. He said, "I can tell you one thing. Everything regarding the small world is under the arrangement of the Murongs!"

"You have ways to get out?" asked again Su Xing.

"Cut the crap." Murong Long said with a cold smile, "Why would I have broken through if I couldn't leave?"

The desperate people stared at him. The eagerness in their eyes was vividly apparent.

"Give up. All of you will die in this small world," Murong Long said without hesitation. With the strength of a Venerable, he didn't have to care what these people thought.

"But before I leave, I'll cut one of you into thousands of pieces." Murong Long finally pointed to Jiang Chen, which most people had expected. "I wouldn't have exposed myself if it weren't because of you."

Murong Long's look was extremely sharp. His killing intent was so resolute that it seemed like he wouldn't let go of Jiang Chen in any case.

"Dogs that bite seldom bark. Looks like the saying isn't so accurate," said Jiang Chen helplessly.

"You never say uncle, do you? You'll only cause yourself more suffering when you die."

Murong Long stepped forward. Seeing Jiang Chen close his fist again, he said with disdain, "Even if you're in your prime, you're not a match for me."

It was true. When they were both in the Reaching Heaven State, they competed on the same level, but Murong Long had arrived at the finish line first and broken through to a higher state.

No matter what Jiang Chen turned to, if he hadn't also crossed the finish line, the two were in two different worlds.

A Venerable could kill Jiang Chen easily.

Murong Long did nothing more than show off, but the pressure he exerted made Jiang Chen pale.

All of a sudden, a figure came up to Jiang Chen, protecting him from Murong Long's energy.

"Li Nanxing, do you want me to kill you as well before I go?" said Murong Long coldly.

Li Nanxing incited no fear in him anymore.

"If you attack, I'll draw my sword." Li Nanxing said the same thing that he had said at the Martial Imperial City, as if he had forgotten that Murong Long was already a Venerable. He put his hand on the handle of the sword.

"You think this intimidates me?"

Murong Long didn't think at all. He drew his golden knife out and launched a fierce attack.

The knife attack of a Venerable was so fast that it was almost intangible, yet it was extremely powerful.

Even those standing far away could perceive the dreadful power of it. It was too strong for a Reaching Heaven State to compete with.

"Samsara Sword."

Li Nanxing had the same calm look on his face. He drew his sword out again. The whole process was so familiar to everyone, the wind created by the movement of the sword whooshing across the sky.


In the end, the knife and the sword collided. The scene people had been expecting didn't occur.

Li Nanxing wasn't cut into two by the knife. Instead, he had blocked Murong Long's attack with his sword.

"How?" Murong Long couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"You're not the only one that can break through to Venerable."

Then Li Nanxing's sword and his knife started to illuminate. Numerous blades surged from them, flying all over and pushing Murong Long back.


Su Xing was numb for a moment. He had been eager to be the smartest guy on the Dragon Rise List, but he had turned out to be the stupidest one.

He realized what Li Nanxing's plan was. It was true that he could fight against the Evil Cloud Palace without Jiang Chen's help.

"That's why number one of the top three of the Dragon Rise List hasn't been decided."

It dawned on people that none of them had tried their best in order to hold back their strength.

Li Nanxing's breakthrough had created almost the same disturbance. Only their energies differed.

Li Nanxing seemed more and more aggressive, as if a holy weapon was being forged. When it was done, its sharpness was shown to the fullest, its brilliant luster able to blind people.

But he managed to restrain himself in a very short time, then looked exactly the same as he had as a Reaching Heaven State.

"Wait for your death here!"

Another Venerable appeared. Murong Long's arrogance was gone. He gave people the impression of someone who had become a millionaire overnight.

He reached into his sleeve. Somehow, the magnetic field around him started to distort.

He was like a character from a painting.

Then in a flash, Murong Long disappeared before all of the people present.

"Brother Long!!"

Those from the Murongs were shocked. Believing he could have taken them out with himself, they were suddenly seized by desperation.

The others felt jealous. They wished they could simply leave like Murong Long.

"Jiang Chen, it's all your fault!" Yue Lansheng, irritated, blamed Jiang Chen again. Her look was full of hatred, as if she wished Jiang Chen would die immediately.

Yin Shuang came up to her silently. Without saying anything, she slapped Yue Lansheng across the face.


Half of her face was swollen. Before she could vent her anger, Yin Shuang said, "I already know how Li Nanxing and the others were trapped on the mountain because of you. Judging from your performance, I can't believe we're peers. What a shame!"


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