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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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468 Top Four

Jiang Chen, aided by the sword formation, could fight against two people on his own, but he had to pay the price for that.

Most importantly, he didn't know whether Su Xing or Murong Long also had Mad Demon Elixirs.

He didn't know these two well, nor did he know what their trump cards were, so he chose a safer way.

The safer way was to destroy the exit, sabotage the Evil Cloud Palace's authority, and give Yin Shuang time to rescue Li Nanxing.

One thing that was outside of his expectations was Murong Long's anger.

The guy had gone crazy since there was no way out. He intended to kill Jiang Chen by waving his knife madly.

How could he fight against Murong Long alone?! This is the biggest bug in Jiang Chen's plan, the bystanders couldn't help but think. Without the support of the sword formation, the gap between Jiang Chen and Murong Long was huge.

However, when they took a closer look, they found Jiang Chen had managed to take Murong Long's attack. His left hand was waving the Red Cloud Sword, his right hand closed in a fist. He threw that fist out.

After the two tactical formations he had deployed, his swordsmanship had improved greatly, since the sword formations contained the spirits of sword of the best swordsmen from the Dragon Field. Experiencing these strong swordsmen was not only eye-opening, but also gave him direction.

In addition, he had mastered the third variation of the dragons' martial arts techniques.

The dragons' martial arts techniques he had learned had four variations, Kalpa of Reincarnation—Break the Universe, Kalpa of Reincarnation—Smash the Sky, Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Extermination, and Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Smash the Sky.

He had mastered the first two variations. After so many desperate fights, he had also mastered the third.

The names told of their power. The third was much more powerful than the first two variations.

The dragon power and phoenix blood in Jiang Chen were boiling, the dragon and the phoenix chiming together. His fist's lethality was far more impressive than his sword's, yet his sword method had so many changes that it was impossible for one to defend themself from it.

One of his hands was artful, and the other was powerful.

In this way, Jiang Chen managed to exchange blows with Murong Long.

How could this be?

Yue Lansheng felt bitter. If Jiang Chen's previous great performances could be attributed to tactical formations, at this moment, he was using his own power.

That fact told the crowd that Jiang Chen's strength was good enough to be ranked in the top three of the Dragon Rise List.

Then Yue Lansheng recalled what she had said on the first day—her man must be ranked first on the Dragon Rise List.

By that point, Jiang Chen had practically qualified, but he didn't care about her at all.

"Murong Long, if you don't kill Jiang Chen in three minutes, we'll be doomed!"

Su Xing found Li Nanxing and his men escaping from the mountain shrouded in clouds. He tried to stop them, but failed.

Once Li Nanxing left, they would be at a disadvantage, so they had to kill Jiang Chen as quickly as possible!

Murong Long was resolute to kill Jiang Chen. He didn't need Su Xing to tell him that.

"Dragon Blood Boils!"

Murong Long stopped holding back his strength when he found he couldn't get rid of Jiang Chen quickly and used one of his trump cards.

The fierce dragon blood in him surged like waves. Dragon scale appeared on his arms.

A small golden dragon was swimming around the knife in his hand, too.

"Dragon Claw Strikes!"

Murong Long threw his knife out. The attack, like terrifying waves, was too strong to dodge.

He's so fast! Jiang Chen was incredibly surprised. Although he had expected Murong Long to hold back, he hadn't expected the latter to be so dreadful.

Pah! Pah!

The blade kept striking the dragon armor, which created a deafening disturbance.

Is this the fighting power of the top three?

The dragon armor wasn't broken, but Jiang Chen felt like he had been heavily injured.

He realized there was still a huge gap between him and the top three.

"Do you need my help?" He heard the black dragon's voice in his head.

The black dragon had been awake since he had been woken up last time. He had been observing the situation.

"You've recovered?" Jiang Chen said in a pleasant surprise.

"No, but I can fight. It's just, the consequences will be severe," said the black dragon.

"Then, no." Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. As long as he could hold on for three more minutes, until Li Nanxing left, he could enter the sword formation again.

"Dragon Travels Thousands of Miles!"

But Murong Long wouldn't give him the chance. He exerted a unique movement!

The golden knife was violently shaking, not because of the hand holding it, but because the energy it bore was too strong for it to take.

This knife was a magic weapon!

It was imaginable how formidable Murong Long's movement was.

The knife form was completed soon. A giant golden dragon was swimming in the universe under his golden knife's control, dashing towards Jiang Chen.

"Damn it."

Murong Long's power was beyond Jiang Chen's expectations once again. He had no other countermeasure than to have the black dragon and Azure Demon fight in spite of the price they would pay.

"Let us handle it. Otherwise, if you die, we'll end up worse," Azure Demon also said.

"No! I'll take his attack!"

Jiang Chen put the sword back into its sheath again. He held his hands together. Arcs of electricity were flashing around the iron fists, then many scarlet stripes appeared on the dragon armor, like veins filled with blood.

When these stripes appeared, the dragon armor emitted extremely hot flames. He had literally become a man of fire.

Even his eyes were emitting flames.

"Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Extermination!"

Waving his fists, Jiang Chen dashed over with his last bit of strength.

"It's really… I don't know what to say."

Many people had witnessed the two fighting at the mine, but their fight was even more exciting in this new place.

With the god and the golden dragon showing up at the same time, it was an absolutely striking scene.

"Go to hell!" Murong Long waved his knife. The golden dragon dashed over, snarling.


Jiang Chen's growl wasn't inferior. He suddenly felt pain on his back, then a hot feeling.

It turned out that the origin of fire dragon in his body hadn't been used up yet.

The dragon armor had only used a tenth of it.

During the fight, more origin of fire dragon had flown into his body.

The dragon armor on him changed, as if it had been improved by a master. It looked more majestic and imposing. There were even dragon patterns on the chest.


A blare. The fist hit the giant dragon. There was almost no stalemate. The two striking powers erupted immediately.

Su Xing, Han Siming, and Yin Jue were scared out of their wits. Not daring to launch any more attacks, they traveled thousands of miles away using all of their efforts.

What happened next proved they had made the correct decision. The storm created by the energy raged in the sky for several minutes. It was so devastating that even Su Xing would be injured if he stayed there without any defense.

When the peace recovered, they went back over the mountain.

When they had seen the two's situations, they couldn't help but think, From now on, the significance of the top three has become the significance of the top four.

Although Jiang Chen hadn't fought against number four yet, no one questioned his strength anymore.

Jiang Chen and Murong Long stood there, looking at each other. Neither of them had fallen, but they were already covered in wounds. Even Jiang Chen's dragon armor showed signs of being broken. Fortunately, it was actually made of energy, so it would become brand new again when his energy recovered.

Murong Long's condition was worse. Without the dragon armor, it was his body that had been hurt.


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