The Brilliant Fighting Master
467 An Extraordinary Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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467 An Extraordinary Man

From his previous experience, Jiang Chen knew that this woman wasn't worth saving.

Besides, he didn't know why Su Xing thought he would give up his biggest advantage for a stranger. He was either stupid or misunderstood something.

Yue Lansheng was struck dumb. She doubted herself for the first time in her life.

Did he really save me that day? she thought to herself.

Seeing how Jiang Chen wasn't joking, Su Xing let her go.

Yue Lansheng didn't feel lucky at all. Instead, she felt lost. As one of the Four Beauties, she hadn't received any of his attention. It was a tough feeling for her.

"Jiang Chen, there's only one exit, and I'm the one in charge. I can make an exception for you due to your strength. As long as you leave the Hero Palace, you can leave here," said Su Xing.

"Speaking of that, I would rather die here with you. It would be great for us to die together. Don't you think so?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"What…" Su Xing considered him more unpredictable than Li Nanxing. He couldn't see through Jiang Chen at all.

Then he recalled how when they had been at the temporary imperial palace, Jiang Chen had killed Murong Yuan in the presence of Murong Long. He had been pretty crazy to do that.

He's mad! It dawned on Su Xing. Feeling helpless, he said, "How could I negotiate with a madman?"

"Jiang Chen, don't you want to leave? Are you willing to die here? With your talent, you can go very far," said Su Xing.

Jiang Chen seemed to be persuaded. He looked like he was at least thinking about it.

Su Xing waited quietly. No normal man would refuse him, but he wasn't very sure of Jiang Chen's character.

"You know about the hatred between me and Murong Long. Murong Long and I, we can't both cooperate with you," said Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing that, Su Xing was on alert. He suddenly found Jiang Chen very smart.

He rolled his eyes. This time, he didn't make any mistake. He said seriously, "Jiang Chen, don't get me wrong. You're strong, but you're not ranked in the top three. What you have isn't enough for you to negotiate like this."

"Jiang Chen, are you trying to have me killed?" Murong Long asked in jokingly after flying into the air.

Facing the two at the same time, Jiang Chen was still smiling, but he was extremely concentrated and alert.

"Don't get the wrong idea. Even if you defeat us, you can't kill us, since you still want to leave. Even if you don't mind dying, those who have formed part of your tactical formation, are they willing to die, too?" Su Xing said again.

On the mountain, Li Nanxing murmured, "He shouldn't have been given the chance to speak."

They had just heard about the restrictions of the exit. Jiang Chen and the others had planned to win and use the exit.

Their motive must have been influenced after learning that.

As expected, the energy in Jiang Chen's body started to fluctuate.

Su Xing perceived it. He said, "Are you really going to die with Jiang Chen?!"

Then the energy fluctuation became stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, like water flowing out of a broken water tank, the swordsmen that had formed part of Jiang Chen's sword formation appeared behind him one by one.

What was interesting was that Jiang Chen still looked extremely extraordinary after losing the support of the tactical formation.

However, Su Xing and Murong Long both sensed the threat posed by Jiang Chen had been much alleviated.

"If you would have told me about the tactical formation earlier, the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts wouldn't have been sacrificed," Su Xing complained.

Murong Long grinned, but didn't speak.

"Jiang Chen, you had your chance, but you failed to take advantage of it. Go to hell and confess." Su Xing looked towards the swordsmen standing behind Jiang Chen while speaking. He said, "Neither of you is a member of the Hero Palace. You don't have to die for nothing. As long as you work together and fight against Jiang Chen, I'll let you leave."

Han Siming and the others looked at each other. They all had different expressions on their faces.

"Su Xing, as Li Nanxing said, you're second-rate in terms of scheming," Jiang Chen suddenly said.

If he hadn't mentioned Li Nanxing, Su Xing would probably have just laughed it off, but at that moment, he glanced over with an extremely cold, sharp look.

However, before he could speak, a blast came from the air.

"No way…"

Murong Long and Su Xing turned pale. They looked up and saw the lake-like exit vanishing.

"No, no!"

Murong Long dashed over like crazy. He wanted to leave before the exit completely vanished.

"What did you do?!" Su Xing's face was extremely hideous. He had never been so angry.

"It was easy. Let's die together," Jiang Chen said, beaming.

Those disciples of the Hero Palace who had disappeared showed up again under Yin Jue's lead. It was them who had sabotaged the exit.

"Crazy! You're crazy! Do you think this is a joke? None of us can leave this place now!" Su Xing screamed.

Those hiding in the dark also showed their faces. Those who had defected to the Evil Cloud Palace because of the exit lost their minds, as if they were the living dead.

"You wanted to kill me. Of course, I wanted you to die, too," Jiang Chen said, as if it was an easy thing to understand.

On the mountain, even Li Nanxing was astonished by this move of Jiang Chen's. He said, "So he spoke because he wanted to distract Su Xing. But the thing is, how can we leave now?"

He wasn't complaining. He was thinking seriously.

"Did you know he would do that?" Su Xing asked the swordsmen. Before waiting for their answers, he looked towards Yin Jue. He said, "Yin Jue, are you willing to die here?"

"The Evil Cloud Palace, started the war first," said Yin Jue.

"I'm going to kill you, kill you!"

At this moment, Murong Long charged down from the air like a madman. Waving his golden knife crazily, he looked he was going to cut Jiang Chen into thousands of pieces.

Jiang Chen dodged, retreating dozens of miles.

"You, pay for what you did."

Su Xing looked at Yin Jue and others aggressively. He recalled what Li Nanxing had said before. If he had left with his men, he would have been victorious.

He felt it was quite ironic.

"There's no way you can kill us!" Han Siming suddenly said.

Those who had formed part of Jiang Chen's tactical formation disappeared again. They had transformed into a holy sword, and Han Siming was the sword holder.

Yin Jue and the other disciples of the Hero Palace had formed a great tactical formation as well.

Su Xing was extremely surprised. It suddenly occurred to him that Jiang Chen had calculated all of this at the very beginning.

The swordsmen had never had the intention to defect after hearing what he had said. They were going to split into two forces to fight against him and Murong Long.

Why? Su Xing thought. Then he looked down in shock.

On the mountain shrouded in clouds, Li Nanxing and the others suddenly heard footsteps.

He saw Yin Shuang coming up to them with men. She said quickly, "Jiang Chen has cracked the tactical formation deployed here. He told me to take you out! Let's go!"

They didn't have much time. She started to lead the way immediately.

"This man is extraordinary," Li Nanxing commented after understanding Jiang Chen's plan.


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