The Brilliant Fighting Master
466 Unstoppable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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466 Unstoppable

Jiang Chen walked in the air, pointing his sword at the mountain shrouded in clouds.

The weather suddenly changed, an oppressive atmosphere shrouding the place. The members of the Evil Cloud Palace all over the mountain felt chest congestion and found it difficult to breathe.

"What…" Su Xing was surprised. He felt worried, thinking to himself, Is this a part of Li Nanxing's plan?

Then he looked towards Murong Long.

Murong Long had asked him to kill Jiang Chen, as if he had anticipated this.

Soon, someone replied Jiang Chen, "Tut, tut, tut. I'm terrified. People would think it was the arrival of a Martial Saint." It was a kid. He was smiling sarcastically, unhappy with Jiang Chen's arrogance.

Those who had defected to the Evil Cloud Palace recognized the man that looked like a child.

"The Bloody Kid, ranked fourth on the Slay Demon List!"

"Don't look down on Jiang Chen. Even Murong Long couldn't defeat him!" those who had witnessed Jiang Chen's strength shouted. Not until then did they realize how afraid they were of him.

"Even Murong Long couldn't defeat him?"

Yue Lansheng was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe what she had heard.

The Bloody Kid shrugged his shoulders in the air. It was difficult to tell whether he didn't believe it or just didn't care because he had something to rely on.

"He probably knows nothing about the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts. We should inform him of it!"

On the mountain, the elite disciples of the Hero Palace saw hope when Jiang Chen came into their sights.

Then they thought of the tactical formation Su Xing had mentioned. They shouted passionately at Jiang Chen to warn him, but it seemed Jiang Chen hadn't heard them.

In the meantime, the Bloody Kid launched an attack—the first formation of the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts, called Bloody Ghost!

He didn't need the deployer of the tactical formation to stay with him. He could use the benefits provided by the tactical formation within a certain range.

People saw his body start to change and distort. His bones kept giving off cracking sounds. He was expanding.

In only a few seconds, the five or six-year-old kid had grown into an adult.

He was wearing a bloody coat, and his hair was red, too. His features had become extremely fine, as he could even be described as handsome. People couldn't help but exclaim at the magic of the evil method.

Like Jiang Chen, after he transformed into Bloody Ghost, his fighting power had a major enhancement. He was formidable.

He was even strong enough to fight against the top three of the Dragon Rise List.

"Ah!" Bloody Ghost shrieked. He dashed forward, so fast that people could only see a bloody shadow.

This attack was not only dreadful, but also imposed such a unique atmosphere that it brought people the illusion that they were surrounded by dead bodies and blood.

Jiang Chen was very calm. He kept standing there, still.

"A Sword Attack without Permanence!"

Not until Bloody Ghost was already very close to him did Jiang Chen throw his sword out.

The terrifying atmosphere was cracked first, then Bloody Ghost.

He, who had launched the attack first, felt he had hit a blade.

"How was this sword attack so formidable?"

Bloody Ghost didn't understand it, but he knew he wasn't strong enough to compete, even with the aid of his tactical formation.

The cold and emotionless radiance of the sword streaked across his body. His arm was cut off, then the sword was stuck into his heart.

In an instant, Bloody Ghost turned back into a dwarf. The Red Cloud Sword, which was stuck in his body, looked enormous.

Jiang Chen drew the sword out. He kept walking ahead, not casting a single look at the dead body.

"One sword attack? Only one?" Su Xing lost his calmness on the peak. He stood up to see Murong Long.

"What's going on there?"

Murong Long didn't hold the facts back from him. He told Su Xing about the sword formation.

"Why didn't you tell me such important information earlier?"

"Even with this tactical formation, he won't be a match for me, so I didn't think it was necessary to tell you about it. How would I know your men were so useless?" Murong Long said, as if it was none of his business.

"Murong Long, don't forget you have no way to leave here without me!"

Murong Long curled his lip and said, "Of course I know. But don't forget that you never asked me about Jiang Chen's fighting power. I told you he was the next lord of the Gaos. The phoenix blood in him isn't affected by the fight doctrine. He's strong."

"The next lord of the Gaos?"

Yue Lansheng felt like her brain had almost stopped working. Jiang Chen was so strong, and he had such a great background. He was more than sufficient enough to be her husband.

Jiang Chen was approaching the mountain.

Every step forward he took brought more pressure to the people there.

The other two that were a part of the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts were a pretty woman and a muscular man.

They were Lonely Ghost and Evil Ghost, both far more dreadful than Bloody Ghost.

However, they felt like they couldn't be too careful. They even felt a bit nervous around him.

Jiang Chen looked like an untouchable god, their natural enemy.

"Which one of you wants to die first?" said Jiang Chen.

"Damn it!"

Evil Ghost's body was like an iron tower, his bones visible. They were extremely sharp, and his skin was like ink.

Electricity was sparkling around his fists, but unlike Jiang Chen's wind and thunder, it was more like the creepy lightning that came from black clouds on an extremely gloomy day.

However, it was very powerful, powerful enough to destroy everything.

Bang! Jiang Chen didn't use his sword. Instead, he extended his hand.

The dreadful fist was hindered by his palm, unable to advance further.

Brilliant lightning surged from his iron arm, forming a contrast with the black lightning, like the contrast between good and evil.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen bent his fingers. He grasped Evil Ghost's fist and moved it away with little effort.

Evil Ghost became defenseless. His life was at risk.

The Lonely Ghost came to his rescue. Her hands had no flesh at all, but the white bones had the texture of metal. They whooshed across the air, emitting a harsh sound.

"So you want to die together. I'll satisfy you.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Jiang Chen kicked Evil Ghost towards where Lonely Ghost was, then he raised his sword and dashed over.

He exerted his sword movement in his current status, like he was a god of the sword.

Three radiances of sword whooshed between the two, blossoming like a flower of death.

Neither Lonely Ghost nor Evil Ghost knew they had been fatally injured. Not until they felt weak did they discover their wounds with their hands.

"Who else?"

Jiang Chen shook the blood off the Red Cloud Sword. He looked around the mountain and finally cast his look to the peak.

"How could he be so strong?!"

Everyone was exclaiming, no matter on which side they were on, especially Li Nanxing and his men, who were on the mountain shrouded in the clouds. They were very excited, since they had seen hope again.

At the peak, Su Xing gnashed his teeth.

The Unique Formation of Three Ghosts, one of his trump cards, had been cracked so easily by Jiang Chen's sword. Then it was his and Murong Long's turn.

Would they end up in the same situation as the three ghosts?

Suddenly something occurred to Su Xing. He grasped Yue Lansheng's neck and took her into the air.

"Jiang Chen, dismiss your sword formation if you want her to stay alive!"

He had recollected what Yue Lansheng had told him. No matter whether it was true or not, he would give it a try.

If Jiang Chen was really into Yue Lansheng, it might work.

Somehow, Yue Lansheng felt expectant. She was anticipating Jiang Chen's answer.

If a guy like Jiang Chen was in love with her, it would be great.

"Her? Just kill her," said Jiang Chen.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》