The Brilliant Fighting Master
465 Unique Formation of Three Ghosts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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465 Unique Formation of Three Ghosts

Another team was lost in the mountain that was shrouded in clouds.

They should have escaped by air in this case, but it wasn't that they didn't want to; rather, they couldn't.

Their shoulders drooped in exhaustion. Only the young leader looked a little better.

"We shouldn't have been so greedy," one of them said helplessly.

A pretty woman was irritated by him. Looking towards the guy who had spoken, she said, "What do you mean? Did you just accuse me?"

She had a pretty body, and her skin was fair. She was splendidly beautiful. Although her hair was a mess and she was sweating, she didn't lose any of her attractiveness.

Lowering his head, the guy murmured something that no one could hear.

Yue Lansheng was still angry. Looking towards the leader, she said, "Apprentice Brother Nanxing, I didn't know the mountain was deployed with such a dreadful tactical formation. I thought there was extremely valuable treasure here."

"Focus on our current problem," said Li Nanxing calmly. He cast his melancholic look to the surroundings, as if trying to learn something from the fog.

The fog grew lighter in an instant. They could suddenly see everything around them and figure out where they were, but when they were about to fly away, they noticed the fog was still there.

They could see what was happening from a short distance—those who had once supported the Hero Palace defected to Su Xing under his pressure.

They learned from their conversation that the other exit had vanished, and the exit of the Evil Cloud Palace was the only way out.

When everyone had taken a stand, Su Xing glanced at them, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

"He wanted us to see it," someone realized immediately.

It was true. In the others' eyes, the fog was still there. No one else could see them.

"The Evil Cloud Palace wants to dominate the whole Dragon Field. What wild ambition!"

Except Yue Lansheng, the others were all Li Nanxing's men and disciples of the Hero Palace.

"They planned this a long time ago. They made me rise to the bait," Yue Lansheng said. She had said this to cover her foolishness.

It wasn't her who was wrong. It was the world.

When the team had passed by the mountain earlier, they had been very interested in the fog.

Yue Lansheng landed on the mountain eagerly while others were still observing the situation. This way, she got them into the trouble of being trapped there, so they were quite unhappy when hearing her excuse herself.

At this moment, Su Xing came over to them, looking over them from high above.

More precisely, he was looking at Li Nanxing.

"This round, I win," said Su Xing.

Li Nanxing was about to say something, but then he shook his head and let out a sigh. He didn't bother to say anything.

"Stop bluffing. The Hero Palace will have no way to change anything after losing you," said Su Xing coldly.

Li Nanxing kept his silence, as if he didn't care what Su Xing said.

Su Xing grew irritated. He said, "Tell me, what else can you do?"

"You sound ridiculous," said Li Nanxing.

Of course. Even if he had a countermeasure, would he tell him?

Gnashing his teeth, Su Xing said in anger, "So let me tell you. The last fighting forces of your Hero Palace will be eliminated in the next hour.

"If I deploy the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts by combining all of my men's power together, even you won't be a match. Besides, Murong Long and I are both trump cards. Even if you weren't trapped here, you wouldn't be able to defeat us, either!"

Li Nanxing's expression changed slightly at the mention of the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts, but he managed to hide it.

"You're too greedy," said Li Nanxing.

"What?" Su Xing didn't understand what he meant.

"You'll get your victory if you leave with these men now. But you want an overwhelming victory. It's an error that you made them provide you with proof of their allegiance," said Li Nanxing.

"I did nothing wrong," Su Xing said confidently.

"Not necessarily," said Li Nanxing.

Su Xing took a deep breath. He knew it was useless to argue with Li Nanxing and couldn't hold back a cold smile at the thought of the advantage he had.

"Let's see what you say when all this is over."

Then Su Xing prepared to leave.

"Wait a minute!"

Yue Lansheng, after hesitating and struggling, suddenly said, "Apprentice Brother Su Xing, I'm not a member of the Hero Palace. I don't want to die here!"

"Yue Lansheng! You're the reason that we're trapped here! How could you say that?!"

"You don't deserve the title of one of the Four Beauties!"

"What an ugly heart you have!"

All of Li Nanxing's men flew into a rage. They looked so angry that it seemed like they desired to get rid of her immediately.

"Come on! I'm trapped here because of you! If the Evil Cloud Palace weren't against you, would there have been a trap here?"


They became even angrier, about to launch an attack.

However, they managed to restrain themselves under Li Nanxing's gaze.


Su Xing was happy to see that. He raised his hand and Yue Lansheng flew into the air, outside of the restrictions of the tactical formation.

"Thank you, Apprentice Brother Su Xing." Yue Lansheng finally showed a smile. She left those below behind and exited with Su Xing.

Su Xing laughed and took her to the peak.

"Miss Yue, just watch this good show with me," said Su Xing.

"All right." Yue Lansheng hadn't forgotten herself after getting out of trouble, but she was too afraid of him to treat him as coldly as usual.

Fortunately, news came soon that Jiang Chen was leading the remaining forces of the Hero Palace there.

Su Xing waved his hand and the Unique Formation of Three Ghosts was instantly deployed over the mountain.

For the Evil Cloud Palace, the most important thing was to rescue Li Nanxing. As long as he guaranteed they couldn't manage to do that, he wouldn't lose anything.

"Jiang Chen? The Jiang Chen who's ranked ninety-eighth?" Yue Lansheng suddenly asked.

"I suppose." Su Xing wasn't sure, either, but his instincts told him that it was the same guy.

"Looks like the Hero Palace has no one else, if they would make such a guy their leader," Yue Lansheng said sincerely.

"Yeah? Miss Yue, you know anything about him?" Su Xing asked curiously.

"Yes," Yue Lansheng nodded. She told him the story of how Jiang Chen had saved her when they had just entered the world. Of course, in her version, everything had been planned by Jiang Chen.

Su Xing didn't care whether it was true or not. He just let out a laugh.

Jiang Chen appeared in their sights soon.

To their surprise, he was alone. The other members of the Hero Palace weren't with him.

"This is Jiang Chen? Why does he look so different?"

Yue Lansheng was struck dumb. She saw Jiang Chen in golden armor looking extraordinary and heroic. His hair was blowing. The orange radiance around him made him a silhouette of burning fire.

The pattern of the Gaos' phoenix was clearly visible between his eyebrows. Around his eyes there was an imperceptible light. He looked bright and sharp.

"Evil Cloud Palace, today is the day of your doom!"


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