The Brilliant Fighting Master
461 Fight to Death
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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461 Fight to Death

"The next lord of the Gaos?!"

Lang Ping couldn't believe it at all, but Gao Huoling couldn't be joking about this.

He then experienced a complete shock to his system. His arrogance was completely gone.

"The Bank of Sacred City will never collaborate with you, Lang Ping, again," Yin Shuang said before he could think of any excuses.

What Lang Ping had said had already pissed her off, not to mention that he had said so many disrespectful things in Jiang Chen's presence.

Lang Ping was shocked. Not until then did he notice the others' disdainful looks.

Only a few people present knew Jiang Chen would be the next lord of the Gaos, but all of them had seen how Gao Huoling and Yin Shuang had treated him.

If only Lang Ping had been a little bit more patient and listened to others, he wouldn't have done such a silly thing as boasting about his useless background.

"Young master… Jiang Chen, please forgive my ignorance," Lang Ping hurried to say.

Although he was a genius ranked in the top ten of the Dragon Rise List, it wasn't the only thing that mattered in this world.

Once the Gaos flew into a rage, the Langs would suffer a terrible disaster, and a genius like him would also fall.

"Get away." Jiang Chen still said the same thing to him. His eyes were half closed, as he didn't even bother to look at him.

Lang Ping was angry, but he didn't dare say anything about it. He gnashed his teeth, flicked his sleeve, and left.

When this incident was over, more people had arrived. The sky was nearly full of people.

Their spiritual spells were vibrating more and more violently. This meant the exit would be open soon.

The Murongs' team, which had Ying Wushuang and the others concerned, had arrived, too.

This team was likely one of the strongest ones. Their leader, Murong Long, was as arrogant and as bossy as ever.

They went into the crowd without slowing down. As a result, others were forced to step back to make way for them.

"There's a mine?"

Murong Long noticed there was a collapsed mine. There was a slight change in his expression.

Someone from his team went down the mountain as quickly as possible and came back into the air soon. He said, "Brother Long, it's a mine of crystals of fire dragon!"

Murong Long curled his lip. He said unhappily, "I've been looking for treasure for a whole month. However, it would have been better for me to dig mines here."

Then he looked around in the crowd. His black eyes were emitting a sharp light.

"Some of you must have found many crystals of fire dragon. Why don't you make a deal with me? The Murongs won't let you down," said Murong Long.

What he said was almost the same as what Lang Ping had said. The only difference was that he was speaking to everyone.

If anything, another difference was Lang Ping had been threatening them, while Murong Long was trying to bribe them.

After all, he was the young master of the Murongs, a powerful and wealthy family.

Except for Jiang Chen, all those who had a portion of the crystals of fire dragon had died at Lin Jingyu's hands. Since the mine had collapsed, there was almost nothing left for the newcomers.

Numerous people looked towards Jiang Chen. As a result, Murong Long's gaze was attracted to him, too.

When the two's eyes met, the air seemed to freeze. It was quiet all around.

Murong Long's face was overcast. His strong energy was distorting the space around him.

In comparison, Jiang Chen was smiling as if everything was so light that he didn't have to worry about it.

"I knew it. No matter where you were hiding, you had to come to the exit in the end," said Murong Long.

Those who had no idea about their conflict started a heated discussion.

Those who had been part of the defense lines around the temporary imperial palace knew the inside story, so they couldn't help but secretly let out a sigh.

Murong Yuan's death wasn't a pity at all, considering what she had done, yet Murong Long insisted on killing Jiang Chen, regardless of right or wrong. He would even rather fight against Li Nanxing.

Speaking of Li Nanxing, no one had seen him yet.

"Make way!" Murong Long suddenly snarled.

Those standing between him and Jiang Chen hurried to make way, in the same manner as a gale blew fallen leaves off of trees.

"Young master Long, why are you so angry?"

Yin Shuang walked out of the crowd. What Jiang Chen had just told her was a waste.

"Miss Yin Shuang? This is our problem."

Facing one of the Four Beauties, Murong Long restrained his anger a bit. He said, "Before entering the small world, my uncle, namely the lord of the Murongs, told me to take good care of Murong Yuan! But what happened? He threw her into a herd of fierce beasts while she was still alive. She died so tragically that I couldn't even bring her corpse back!"

He was incredibly angry. It wasn't for Murong Yuan, but for the consequences he had to face for what Jiang Chen had done.

He would surely receive a severe punishment when he went back.

Those who had been ignorant of the incident couldn't help but exclaim. They looked toward Jiang Chen as if he were a monster.

"How crazy this guy is. How dare he kill a young lady with the direct lineage of the Murongs!"

"More than that, she was the daughter of the Murongs' lord, the first young lady of the Murongs!"

"The Murongs will definitely fly into a violent rage."

"No one related to Jiang Chen will get out of it!"

For these people, killing Murong Yuan was absolutely a striking thing.

"Murong Long, why didn't you mention the reason that Jiang Chen had killed her?" Someone in the crowd finally came forward after hesitation. It was Zhang Yu, who had fought together with Jiang Chen at the first line of defense.

Jiang Chen had been outraged precisely because Zhang Yu's men had suffered severe casualties.

"I don't care about the reason. I only know I have to kill him!"

Murong Long squinted and attacked without any sign. He almost teleported up to Zhang Yu to give him a heavy punch.

This was a punch from one of the top three of the Dragon Rise List. Zhang Yu, ranked in the forties, was unable to take it at all. He was hit away.

He flew like an arrow that wouldn't stop even after having reached the end of their sight.

It was Jiang Chen who caught Zhang Yu. The latter's bones were all broken. He was practically dead.

"You shouldn't have come forward," Jiang Chen said helplessly.

"My bad…" Zhang Yu didn't blame him at all. Instead, he felt guilty, because Jiang Chen might have to suffer more than him.

Shaking his head slightly, Jiang Chen gave his injury some initial treatment and let his men continue to take care of him.

"Murong Long, come for me if you have a problem with me." Jiang Chen glanced at Yin Shuang while speaking.

Yin Shuang's expression kept changing when she saw what had happened to Zhang Yu, but she didn't flinch until Yin Jue pulled her away.

"Jiang Chen, how do you want to die?"

Seeing no one else come forward, Murong Long gazed at Jiang Chen with a strong killing intent.

"Fight to the death," said Jiang Chen.

"I'll satisfy you!" Shouting in a low voice, Murong Long threw his fist over again.

Murong Long, ranked in the top three of the Dragon Rise List, an inheritor of dragon blood, presented his striking power.

The snarl of angry dragons; the roar of wind and thunder.

The violent vibrations made many people in the air dizzy. They had such a strong headache that they almost fell.

In the next two or three seconds, everyone went back to the ground.

Their own safety was far more important than watching the scene.

The new clothes on Jiang Chen started to burn. The shining golden dragon armor showed up again as he launched an active attack.

The two fists collided with each other. Neither of them stepped back, but the power produced shocked the whole sky.

Those on the ground felt lucky that they had left in time. Otherwise, they would have been dead.

Some who weren't ranked in the List A of Dragon Rise List couldn't help but exclaim, "We're all Reaching Heaven States. How could we have such a huge gap?!"


Murong Long hadn't expected Jiang Chen to take his fist. He was given a scare when he saw Jiang Chen's change in look.

"I meant it, I'll make you fight to the death!" said Jiang Chen.


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