The Brilliant Fighting Master
459 Dragon Armor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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459 Dragon Armor

It was such a big shock that if Lin Jingyu hadn't shouted desperately, it would have taken the crowd longer to come to themselves.

Lin Jingyu had suffered a severe defeat, but he was still reluctant to give up.

He managed to stand steadily regardless of his injuries, and with eyes extremely red, he took a scarlet panacea.

"This is bad! That's the Mad Demon Elixir of the Evil Cloud Palace!"

"Why does he have that? Is he actually the one who collaborated with the Evil Cloud Palace?"

"Should we run? If Jiang Chen can't subdue him, he'll kill whoever he sees!"

Seeing what the panacea was, the crowd went into a panic, all like headless chickens.

"Brother." Yin Shuang was nervous, too.

"Let's wait a little bit longer."

Her brother had a serious expression for the first time, which proved how terrifying the panacea was.

Mad Demon Elixir was a banned substance owned by the Evil Cloud Palace. Only a few people would have it. This panacea could push people beyond their limits at the price of their lifespans.

The users would become mad, but their strength would be enhanced several times over.

The price was that when the drug's effects wore off, the user would fall into an extremely pitiful situation. Even those from the Evil Cloud Palace used it sparingly, only when they had nothing else to turn to.

Some people would rather die than use the Mad Demon Elixir, since they wanted to keep their dignity, but Lin Jingyu was merciless to himself. After taking the panacea, an uncontrollable power was emitted from his body.

The crowd heard a sound like a whir, then saw his hair accessories break into pieces. His black hair was blowing in the wind, a dark evil energy flowing among his hair streaks.

He looked extremely crazy. There was no sense in it at all.

"Go to hell! Go to hell!"

His voice was extremely terrifying, too.

Dominated by the evil energy, the treasured sword had become an evil sword whose blade was as black as Chinese ink.

As soon as he threw the sword out, the earth was shrouded in darkness, as if a holy fierce beast had appeared, intending to eliminate the world.

"This is bad!"

Yin Shuang's brother's pupils contracted. He threw his knife out violently. The knife's glint was like moonlight and stopped Lin Jingyu.

"I want you to die!" Lin Jingyu was irritated by this knife strike. He changed his target. His figure flashed and disappeared.

"Eh?" Yin Jue held his breath, on full alert, holding his long knife in front of his chest.

Yin Shuang suddenly shouted in surprise from behind him, which shocked Yin Jue. He cursed and turned around.

"Brother, don't walk into his trap!" He heard Yin Shuang's anxious voice as soon as he turned around.

As if he had been waiting for a long time, Lin Jingyu threw his evil sword out and speared Yin Jue's stomach.

"You dirty rat!" Yin Jue cursed. He switched on his protective energy jar to push Lin Jingyu away.

"This one was for real." Lin Jingyu flew away, but he took the chance to attack Yin Shuang.

"How dare you!" Yin Jue snarled in anger. However, feeling a terrible pain in his stomach, he couldn't move fast enough to catch up with Lin Jingyu.

Lin Jingyu went up to Yin Shuang first and raised his evil sword with a cold smile on his face.

"Hey!" a voice suddenly said, giving him a good scare.

He saw Jiang Chen standing before Yin Shuang, protecting her and staring at him. The latter said, "I didn't expect you to be such a dirty rat even after you had gone to the dark side."

He intended to attack Yin Shuang to break Yin Jue.

Having taken the Mad Demon Elixir, Lin Jingyu didn't regard Jiang Chen as a threat anymore. He planned to kill Yin Jue first, then kill everyone there!

"Go to hell!"

Lin Jingyu was struck dumb, but then realized it was only Jiang Chen, so he threw his sword out.

"Watch out! You're not a match for him. Run with Yin Shuang!" Yin Jue shouted.

Jiang Chen didn't seem to have heard him. The light around him was becoming more and more brilliant. Its shape was growing more and more defined. A pair of long wings grew on his back.

"He managed to exert the bible to such a high level!" Gao Huoling exclaimed.

Jiang Chen threw his fist out again. The endless fist power kept surging to meet the evil sword.

However, the evil sword's power was amazing. Tearing the fist power apart, it approached Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen wouldn't allow himself to step back at the thought of Yin Shuang behind him. His arm muscles bulged. The light around him transformed into real flames. His clothes were burnt once again, but his fist power was stronger. It managed to stop the evil sword.

At the same time, the image of a fire dragon appeared again on Jiang Chen's back. Starting from his back, a set of armor covered his whole body.

His long hair was blowing, even though there was no wind. In the golden light and the dragon armor, he looked like a descending god.

The armor of fire dragon was also called dragon armor.

Jiang Chen had it because he had absorbed the energy of the origin of fire dragon. Although he hadn't been sure how he would be able to use it, he was confident that it would be helpful somehow.

It was true. Under the crowd's shocked gaze, he threw fists as hard as iron forward.

The evil sword was shattered. Lin Jingyu's palm was bleeding.

"This…" Lin Jingyu had experienced defeat once again. He didn't know how to put his feelings into words.

Jiang Chen didn't give him any time to come to himself. He strode over and pounded Lin Jingyu's chest with his fist.

The fist power, penetrating Lin Jingyu's body, continued to spread like a wave for as far as three hundred feet behind him.

Jiang Chen looked down at him. A phoenix, the Gaos' symbol, appeared between his eyebrows. His long hair glittered.

Lin Jingyu looked up, feeling like he was a mortal looking up at an immortal.

"Now, who's the piece of crap?!" Jiang Chen strained his neck with effort. Then there was a crack.

Lin Jingyu died with a hideous and desperate look.

He had died!

Jiang Chen had killed Lin Jingyu, who had taken the Mad Demon Elixir, so easily.

Those who had planned to run away couldn't believe what they'd seen. When they looked over, they believed it even less.

Standing there, Jiang Chen looked sacred and majestic. They didn't even dare look at him for too long, afraid they would offend him by doing so.

After throwing Lin Jingyu's dead body away, Jiang Chen turned around to ask Yin Shuang, "Are you all right?"

"Jiang Chen…"

Yin Shuang had totally fallen in love with Jiang Chen when she saw him. She had never seen a man as majestic as him, like a God of War.

"I'm fine," Yin Shuang said shyly.

"Come on…" Yin Jue had flown over, covering his bleeding wound. He said, "I'm not fine."

He didn't look down on Jiang Chen or hold disdain him anymore. Instead, he saw the latter as a peer.

"Brother!" Yin Shuang seemed to wake up from a dream. She flushed and hurried to help him.

Jiang Chen nodded at Yin Jue, still looking like a God of War. Then he flew up to Mo Jianfei and the others.

"Take your own life. That is how you can keep the last bit of your dignity," he said coldly.

"Nooo, Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen. We don't want to die!"

Everyone except Mo Jianfei knelt down to beg him.

"Jiang Chen, are you really going to kill me?" Mo Jianfei might have had hope since Jiang Chen had let him go many times.


Jiang Chen didn't answer him, like an elephant wouldn't take an ant seriously. He flicked his fingers, and fire devoured Mo Jianfei and the others. They didn't even scream, but were burned directly to ashes.

After all this was done, Jiang Chen suddenly flew down the mine.

The crowd had no idea what he was going to do. Only Gao Huoling knew he was going to change clothes.


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