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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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458 One Fist!

After so many calculations, the perfect plan that he and Mo Jianfei had thought out had failed.

And Jiang Chen hadn't done anything special. He had just disclosed the ridiculous scheme easily.

"So, did the Sword Association kill those people who collaborated with Jiang Chen?"

All of the teams turned against the Sword Association and surrounded the latter as quickly as they could.

It was true. They had seen later in the video how Lin Jingyu had ordered his men to kill them from the air and colluded with them to frame Jiang Chen.

"I learned today how a thief could ask others to catch a thief. Shame on you!" Gao Huoling cursed.

The others couldn't agree with her more. They nodded to express their disgust for Lin Jingyu and his companions.

"Don't forget that it was Jiang Chen who shot the star chasing arrow! If I hadn't put up my shield, what could have happened? And the Wus, Jiang Chen did kill Wu Yu, didn't he?" Lin Jingyu defended himself loudly.

"What about the others? You killed innocent people at will. Do you have a good reason for that?" Yin Shuang questioned him.

"I thought Jiang Chen was related to the Evil Cloud Palace. They were with Jiang Chen. Of course it was reasonable for me to kill them! Even if I wronged them, this was a fight for our separate interests. What do you expect?" Lin Jingyu said.

He stopped disguising himself and showed his sinister face. Staring at the man opposite him, he said, "None of those people were from your bank!"

"Well, we'll report this to the Hero Palace and inform the whole Dragon Field of it!"

"I don't believe the Hero Palace will protect you."

"Lin Jingyu, the whole world will despise your true colors!"

The teams woke up. None of them were a match for Lin Jingyu, save for Yin Shuang's brother. However, the bank always adopted a neutral position.

As expected, Yin Shuang's brother went back to his team and stopped intervening.

"Haha, you guys are as blind as a bat. What can you do to me? Ridiculous!" Lin Jingyu scorned loudly, looking at the people who were reluctant to give up.

"Lin Jingyu, all of your deeds don't escape God's eyes. You'll pay the price!" said Han Siming.

Lin Jingyu smiled coldly. Looking towards Han Siming, he said, "You seemed to have forgotten that the reason you didn't attack me was not because you didn't want to, but that you weren't a match for me. I want to attack you, too!"

Then a shining sword appeared in his hand. He threw it out desperately.

Han Siming was very surprised. He hurried to raise his sword to meet his rival's attack.

However, there wasn't any suspense over the gap between them. After only two blows, Han Siming's sword was hit away.

"Your fight doctrine level isn't high enough to use a sword yet. How crappy you are! I'm ashamed that we used to be called the Two Heroes of Shui Yuan City!"

The exchange of blows was easy for Lin Jingyu. His gestures were arrogant, his sword movements cruel.

He intended to kill Han Siming with his next sword attack.

"Aren't you missing the point?" a scornful voice said at this moment. Jiang Chen joined the fight, showing up between the two, facing Lin Jingyu.

"Are you eager to die?" said Lin Jingyu, thrusting his sword out. The cold radiance of the sword moved quickly towards Jiang Chen.

Many people were surprised at the scene.

Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang were extremely nervous. They knew clearly how powerful Lin Jingyu was.

Even though they knew Jiang Chen had killed Green Ghost, they were still worried about him facing Lin Jingyu.

Jiang Chen moved his Red Cloud Sword casually. The hot air it released cracked Lin Jingyu's attack.

He said, "I told you that your life was mine."


The uneasiness Lin Jingyu had been feeling since the beginning was growing stronger and stronger. Despising hating Jiang Chen from the bottom of his heart, he was discontent with this feeling.

"I'm curious as to whether you'll kill me or the reverse."

"Take my attack!" Jiang Chen was quite aggressive and launched an active attack. The crowd exclaimed.

"Huh, crap, I thought you would be powerful, but you turned out to be asking to die," Lin Jingyu laughed at him.

"Neither his spirit of the sword nor his fight doctrine level is a match for Lin Jingyu's. And his strength isn't, either. Sister, the guy you're in love with is extremely average," Yin Shuang's brother said quickly.

"Ah?! Brother, you have to lend him a hand!" Yin Shuang hurried to say.

"I told you I wouldn't help him. Besides, he attacked first. If he intended to use this to make you beg me to help, he's not only unsuitable for you, but isn't even a man!"

"Brother!" Yin Shuang said anxiously.

On the other side, the fight had already started.

Yin Shuang's brother was right. When the two swords met, Lin Jingyu was still at an advantage, like he had been while facing Han Siming.

"As a genius swordsman, no matter whether I'm facing a good-for-nothing ranked thirty-first or a piece of crap ranked fortieth, it's all the same for me!" Lin Jingyu shouted arrogantly.

"Yeah? You only have the nerve to act arrogant in front of people weaker than you. When facing stronger opponents, you just turn pale in fear, afraid they would defeat you."

Lin Jingyu's expression changed, looking toward Yin Shuang's team.

"Because I'm not as stupid as you, so eager to die!" said Lin Jingyu.

"That's why you're only a coward that bullies weaker people and fears the strong, and a rat, too!" Jiang Chen cursed.

Squinting, Lin Jingyu said in a sarcastic tone, "So you're going to kill me with your mouth?"

"Don't worry. You'll die anyway."

Then Jiang Chen put the Red Cloud Sword back into the sheath. He was holding nothing in his hands, not even his knife.


The crowd had no idea what he was going to do.

Although there was a gap in their sword skills, if he didn't use a sword, it didn't mean Lin Jingyu wouldn't use one, either. There would be a bigger gap between them instead.

"You're so funny, but I don't want to waste more time on a clown like you."

Shaking his head, Lin Jingyu rolled his wrist. His sword sparkled. He made a swift attack.

He and the sword turned into a white light. Wherever they passed, a lasting crack was left in the air.

"That's powerful!"

Han Siming was shocked. Not until then did he realize Lin Jingyu hadn't been very serious when fighting against him. He felt sorrowful, and also worried, for Jiang Chen.

To the crowd's surprise, Jiang Chen dashed towards the radiance of the sword, too.

Seeing his closed fists, they knew what he was going to do.

For someone that had just learned the fight doctrine, fists were indeed better than knife and sword.

But the problem was that this was undoubtedly courting death facing a fight doctrine master like Lin Jingyu.


Suddenly everyone felt hot air. The temperature was rising.

Soon, Jiang Chen looked the same as Gao Huoling when she had been showing him the bible, wearing a holy coat made of light, his clenched fist like the burning sun.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation—Break the Universe!"

He threw his fists out. Like two star chasing arrows, the light emitted by the power of the fists drowned Lin Jingyu. The sky-cracking radiance of his sword disappeared, too.

"This can't be true!"

Lin Jingyu felt like he had hit a massive mountain, and as a result, his bones all broke. He even lost his sword.

There wasn't any noise at that moment.

Lin Jingyu, who was so powerful, had been defeated by Jiang Chen with one fist attack!

Everyone felt like it was a dream. They couldn't believe it was true.


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