The Brilliant Fighting Master
455 An Incident at the Mine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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455 An Incident at the Mine

Yin Shuang's state could only be regarded as mid to upper-level among the people present, but her words were worth a lot, especially after she had rejoined her team, whose leader was ranked in the top ten of the Dragon Rise List…

"Miss Yin Shuang, this is the Hero Palace's privacy we're talking about."

While Lin Jingyu was speaking, he looked towards a man behind Yin Shuang with fear.

"I'm Jiang Chen's friend. You slander him like this, but expect me to turn a blind eye? And you haven't come up with any evidence yet. You've just been saying whatever you want to." Due to her profession, Yin Shuang was far more eloquent than Lin Jingyu.

"Evidence? All right!" Lin Jingyu pointed into the air, and an image appeared immediately in the sky.

The video recording started from when they had come to the mine. Those who he had taken advantage of were shouting across the mine, extremely angry.

Then they saw Jiang Chen appear on the ground. He pulled his bow to shoot an arrow because of a slight quarrel, and one of those people was killed.

"Wu Yu!"

Seeing this scene, the members of one team turned pale, their eyes full of anger. This was the Wus' team.

The quarrel in the video continued, and Jiang Chen suddenly shot a star chasing arrow.

Lin Jingyu dodged it with his shield, while others weren't that lucky—they were all killed by the residual power of the star chasing arrow.

Due to the angle of the shot, it was impossible to see whether Lin Jingyu had intentionally turned his shield, causing them to be killed.

Mo Jianfei had no idea when the video had been taken. He felt frightened of Lin Jingyu, and meanwhile had esteem for him.

"These people were just like you. They were the Hero Palace's supporters, too. Even your friends and families were among them, but Jiang Chen killed them cruelly using the Evil Cloud Palace's Star Chasing Bow," said Mo Jianfei.

The image started to distort from that point due to the power of the arrow. Nothing that happened afterwards could be seen clearly.

"Bring them here!" Lin Jingyu waved his hand, then around ten dead bodies appeared in the mine.

"All of them were kept here by Jiang Chen to exploit crystals as his slaves. They were killed as well when they tried to rebel against him." Lin Jingyu didn't even blink an eye while speaking, and he pretended he actually felt sad for those people.

All of them had died of injuries caused by a sword.

In the air, there were people crying on each team. They frantically threw themselves onto the corpses.

Ying Wushuang, Han Siming, and Yin Shuang didn't even know what they could say.

"How could he do this?" Ying Wushuang murmured. She couldn't understand why.

"Wushuang, you're too good a person to tell who's good and who's bad." Mo Jianfei came to her looking caring. Since Murong Yuan had died, he started to hit on her again.

Before his ugly heart was exposed, his handsome looks were quite beckoning.

Ying Wushuang bit her lips, shaking.

"Wushuang." Mo Jianfei reached out, intending to hold her in his arms.

"Get away!"

Pushing him away all of a sudden, she said, "Even if Jiang Chen really did those things, he's still thousands of times better than you!"

She said it so loudly in front of so many people that Mo Jianfei's face was overcast with anger.

"B*tch! I think you must have deserted to the Evil Cloud Palace with Jiang Chen!"

As he spoke, he threw his palm out. He was about to hit her in the face when someone grasped his wrist.

"Your behavior has brought shame on your sword."

Full of disdain, Han Siming glanced at the sword Mo Jianfei was carrying on his waist. He made efforts to hit Mo Jianfei away.

"Han Siming, are you disregarding me and beating my man?" said Lin Jingyu, his eyes shining with a biting, cold light.

"You should watch your man, then," said Han Siming.

"Huh, there's a huge gap between us. How dare you speak to me like this? Because we grew up in the same place? As I recall, we never got along well."

"We didn't, because we're too different."

"Exactly. Especially after I exceeded you, our difference was like that between clouds and mud," said Lin Jingyu.

This was a fact that Han Siming couldn't deny. He tried to hide the reluctant look in his eyes, since he knew that was exactly what Lin Jingyu had expected.

"Now you're on Jiang Chen's side. Looks like you two are good friends. Well, that makes sense, since you're both weak," Lin Jingyu scorned.

"Stop trash talking! Hero Palace, how are you going to punish Jiang Chen?!" someone from the Wus' team snarled loudly.

The other furious and sad people couldn't hold back their feelings, either. What had happened was so clear that they had to believe it. They wished they could kill Jiang Chen in person.

Among those present, only Lin Jingyu's Sword Association and the Holy Sword Society were from the Hero Palace, so the Holy Sword Society had no authority at all.

"Don't worry, guys. I'm waiting here for exactly that—to kill Jiang Chen. We can't reach him underground, but he has no way to escape, either. Once he leaves, my bird will know." Lin Jingyu waved his hand in a righteous manner.

"All right! We trust you, Apprentice Brother Lin Jingyu!"

"Yes. We must make a despicable guy like Jiang Chen pay the price!"

Most people were already furious. Those who supported Jiang Chen didn't speak for a moment.

"Brother, could you help Jiang Chen?" Looking at the leader of her team, Yin Shuang said anxiously, "He saved my life. I can't see him get killed without doing anything!"

Her brother was a large man with a steadfast expression and a resolute look. He hadn't spoken a single word since the beginning, as firm as a massive rock.

"Sister, the Bank of Sacred City just does business. The people present are from various groups in the Dragon Field. If we offend all of them, you'll lose the position in the family you've made great efforts to gain," he said.

"I don't care, as long as he can live!" Yin Shuang said immediately without thinking.

The man glanced at her with a meaningful look. Looking down and letting out a sigh, he said, "Sister, it's not as simple as returning a favor, is it?"

Yin Shuang didn't speak. Her look was full of tenderness.

"In that case, I can't do anything," the man said.

"Why?!" Yin Shuang was so anxious that she grasped her brother's arm.

"Lin Jingyu is nothing. If the man you're in love with can't resolve this by himself, his death won't be a pity at all." The man looked up again. His face was so resolute that it looked there was no room for negotiation.


Yin Shuang wanted to tell him that what he had said didn't make sense, since Jiang Chen didn't like her at all, but if she told him that, it would be less likely that her brother would do anything.

Yin Shuang intended to keep persuading him when the ground started to shake. The mountain was collapsing.

The whole mine was shaking violently. It fell apart suddenly, collapsing from inside, like how a house fell apart. The whole mountain became almost 100 yards shorter. People could only see debris. The mountain looked more like a pile of stones than a mountain.


At the thought that someone was still down there, the crowd reacted oddly.

"There was already a snake in the grass when Jiang Chen bombed the pit. Now it's breaking out," said Lin Jingyu.

"Is he dead?" someone asked curiously.

Lin Jingyu closed his eyes. The golden bird sped up and kept whirling around the mine.

After dozens of laps, Lin Jingyu said, "His energy is gone!"


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