The Brilliant Fighting Master
454 Where the Exit Was
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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454 Where the Exit Was

Underneath the mine…

After learning Jiang Chen's plan, Gao Huoling was neither happy nor sad. There was only resolution in her pretty eyes.

It wasn't a good plan, but it was the only plausible one in their current circumstances.

In addition, she was surprised to see that Jiang Chen was able to use the crystals of fire dragon for practicing purposes.

When she learned about the restrictions, she felt proud of the phoenix blood in her body.

"By the way, why didn't you use the bible when you were fighting Green Ghost?" Gao Huoling asked out of curiosity.

"Bible?" Jiang Chen acted like it was the first time he had heard about this.

"Gosh, you don't know? I thought maybe you didn't want to expose your identity. So what's the level of your phoenix blood?"

"Fire phoenix," Jiang Chen told her truthfully.

"Me, too. It's enough just to exert the bible. I assume the family didn't expect you to achieve fire phoenix in such a short time, which was the reason they didn't give you the bible."

Gao Huoling's eyes were shining with excitement.

"And with the aid of the practice formation here, maybe you'll be able to defeat Lin Jingyu soon!"

Jiang Chen didn't understand what she was talking about. He said confusedly, "I've already taken advantage of the benefits the fire dragon has brought me. Thanks to that, my fighting power has been greatly enhanced. Will the bible help me improve further?"

"Of course. Just think about it, if the level you're at now was it, would the Gaos have been in the position they were today?"

She broke through to Jiang Chen. As a man of genuine phoenix blood, ever since his awakening, he hadn't received as much help from it as he had from extraordinary power. It couldn't even be compared to wind, thunder, or dragon power.

"The relationship between phoenix blood and the bible is similar to that between martial arts techniques and methods. The exertion power of methods relies on the level of one's martial arts techniques. It's the same with the bible. Look!"

Gao Huoling showed it to him. He didn't see her moving, but her skin transformed into the color of fire, and she became a shining body of fire, on the verge of exploding.

Then Gao Huoling closed her eyes. When she opened them again, a layer of light appeared around her. Her outline became much clearer.

Jiang Chen stepped back. He noticed she looked as if she was wearing a coat of fire. However, there was only radiance, but no flame.

She was like an enlightened monk, bathing in Buddha's light.

After the surprise, Jiang Chen realized one amazing thing about it: Gao Huoling's body temperature was high enough to melt steel. A strong energy surged in her.

"My fighting power doubled. It'll be even better for you."

That was why she was so excited. She said, "As long as you master the bible, Lin Jingyu will know how great the Gaos are."

"Will it be restricted by the fight doctrine?"

Jiang Chen intended to do it, but his fight doctrine level wasn't high enough to take in so much energy.

"No, it won't. The fight doctrine helps to exert power, but you gain your power from practicing, and this deals with the force provided by our blood," said Gao Huoling.

"So let's do it!" It was to his surprise that besides the core of thunder, he had such potential to develop.

"Okay," Gao Huoling said, "But I can't tell you sentence after sentence about the content of the bible, because it's impossible. The only way is to teach you. Maybe… maybe the effects won't be so good."

She wasn't very confident.

Her comprehension of the bible was only six or seven out of ten.

If Jiang Chen could only learn through what she had learned, of course it would be smarter for him to read the bible himself.

"If only you had gone back home before entering the secret treasure…" Gao Huoling felt pity for him. In that case, Lin Jingyu wouldn't have been a concern for them.

"I broke through to fire phoenix in the small world, but it's useless to speak about that. You don't need to have any concerns. Just tell me whatever comes to your mind. I'll be able to digest it," said Jiang Chen.

As time went on, more and more people appeared in the mine.

They hadn't come because the location of the mine had been exposed. They had actually gathered nearby for something else and discovered the mine by accident.

As for what this something else was, Lin Jingyu really wanted to swear on their mothers' graves.

It was because this was where the exit of the world was. These people had come there because they had received a notification from their spiritual spells.

Facing such a big mine, they didn't stand there doing nothing. They started to look on their own.

Lin Jingyu didn't bother to stop them, but since Jiang Chen was still underground, he was afraid that it would incur an unforeseen event.

Soon, some found the collapsed pits and asked what had happened.

Lin Jingyu gave Mo Jianfei a hint. The latter flew into the air. "Jiang Chen is a traitor of the Hero Palace. He joined the disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace. They killed many innocent people and endangered even more. He's hiding underground from Apprentice Brother Lin Jingyu," said Mo Jianfei.

All the teams went into uproar.

There was more than one exit. Different spiritual spells had been directed to different locations. It had been designed this way to prevent hostile forces from killing each other at the end.

As a result, all the teams there were on the Hero Palace's side. They all held grudges against the Evil Cloud Palace. What Mo Jianfei had said rendered them emotional.

"Aren't you afraid Jiang Chen will dig a tunnel and run away?" someone said curiously.

"It's impossible. Apprentice Brother Lin Jingyu's psychic bird is searching down there. They're still underground," said Mo Jianfei.

"That isn't the point."

Someone who had come forward from the crowd said in a low voice, "Why did you say Jiang Chen ganged up on you with the disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace? Do you have any proof?"


Seeing the pretty woman before him, Mo Jianfei was in a complicated position. He felt more irritated seeing her protecting Jiang Chen.

"You're on Jiang Chen's team, so of course you won't believe it. But likewise, I suspect the Holy Sword Society is also related to it!" said Mo Jianfei.

"Huh, what do you mean?" said Ying Wushuang in anger.

"Holy Sword Society, stay here quietly before we leave, otherwise—" said Mo Jianfei.

"Otherwise what? Just because I questioned you, you're going to deal with us? You're the only one who decides what's right and what's wrong?" Ying Wushuang interrupted him toughly.


"The current disciples of the Hero Palace are getting worse and worse. Jiang Chen stooped so low, and those with him still refuse to own up to it."

Lin Jingyu walked over slowly and aggressively, his black eyes emotionless.

Ying Wushuang immediately felt like a big mountain was pressing heavily on her. She couldn't even breathe.

"How great. No doubting is allowed here. What are you, a judge or some big shot?"

To their surprise, another man walked out of the crowd, fearless of Lin Jingyu's aggression.

"Han Siming, do you think you're strong enough to question me?" Lin Jingyu said with disdain, looking at him.

"You're strong, so you can claim black is white?" Han Siming asked, not showing any inferiority.

"Exactly. Jiang Chen worked with us and was chased by Green Ghost. How could he be a member of the Evil Cloud Palace?" Cheng Qing said.

"You're all related to Jiang Chen. You haven't proved your own innocence yet. Shut up."

Lin Jingyu looked down on these people. He had no desire to argue with them.

"So, Apprentice Brother Lin Jingyu, if I pose any question, will I be regarded as a member of the Evil Cloud Palace as well?"

To his surprise, a beautiful voice sounded. Lin Jingyu was embarrassed immediately. The crowd also exploded, because the person who had spoken was Yin Shuang!


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