The Brilliant Fighting Master
452 Lin Jingyu’s Cruelty
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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452 Lin Jingyu’s Cruelty

"Jiang Chen, you're going even farther here in the small world than outside, killing whoever you want without blinking an eye. You've brought shame on the Hero Palace."

When those in the air had been pushed back by the Star Chasing Arrow, Lin Jingyu showed up arrogantly. He was overlooking those below, behaving like he was better than anyone else.

"I was wondering why a dog dared to bark. Its master turned out to be behind its back." Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. He said, "Apprentice Brother Lin, did you ever kill anyone from the Evil Cloud Palace after entering the small world?"

Lin Jingyu frowned slightly at the question. Of course, he had killed some, but he wouldn't admit it, nor would he deny it.

"Everyone I killed was evil," so he said.

"Evil? Who gets to judge that they were evil? You? You're bringing these shameless people back here, pretending that you're seeking justice for them, but what you actually want are the crystals, so that you'll get something to return with when you go back."

Lin Jingyu's eyes were burning with anger, since Jiang Chen had exposed his plan. He said, "Do I need these people to deal with you?"

"Hard to say. The crystals are useless for you. You didn't discover them, either. But if you want to take the credit alone, you'll have to kill me. However, how could you kill a sibling disciple in front of so many people?" Jiang Chen said in a sarcastic tone.

Lin Jingyu looked gloomy. He threw Mo Jianfei a blaming look.

"Your plan was stupid. It's been seen through so easily," he said to Mo Jianfei through holy awareness.

Mo Jianfei's forehead was covered with sweat. He plucked up the courage to say, "Apprentice brother, the intelligence of this plan is that even though he's seen through it, he won't be able to change anything."

Lin Jingyu was reminded. He looked relieved.

"Nonsense. You aren't any better than those from the Evil Cloud Palace. You even tried to enslave others to mine crystals for you. Others had to kneel down—"

Jiang Chen couldn't put up with the bullsh*t anymore. He interrupted, "Apprentice Brother Lin, if you want to fight me, go ahead. There are no seniors or venerables here. Why are you so skewed? It's quite possible that you will not only kill me, but everyone here."

Those in the air turned pale.

"Jiang Chen, do you think I'm the same as you? Would I kill innocent people? What a joke. Since you don't want to hear me talk anymore, I'll show you this."

A cubic wooden box appeared in his hand. He threw it down, and it smashed into pieces when it fell to the ground, a human head tumbling out of it.


Jiang Chen's eyes narrowed. It was Leng Chuixue, who had thought Jiang Chen was an undercover spy from the Evil Cloud Palace and thus told him many secrets.

"You acted along with someone from the Evil Cloud Palace. Although you claimed you were taking advantage of him, in the end, you let him go. Does that make sense?" said Lin Jingyu coldly.

The crowd was shocked. It would be a huge deal if disciples of the Hero Palace collaborated with those of the Evil Cloud Palace.

"I promised him I would let him go after everything was over. What was wrong with that?" Jiang Chen's look was frigid. Somehow, he flew into a rage at the thought of the scene in which Leng Chuixue had said he wouldn't tell others his secret, patting his shoulder before he had left.

"Look at yourself. You're angry because of the death of someone from the Evil Cloud Palace! He chose to die rather than tell me about your relationship. That's enough to prove there was something unusual between you two!" Lin Jingyu was quite pleased with the effect. His tone became more aggressive, too.

Gao Huoling couldn't stand it anymore. She said, "That relationship is pure imagination. Now that it doesn't exist, how could anyone talk about it? Lin Jingyu, ranked seventeenth on the Dragon Rise List, you're actually saying black is white."

Ling Jingyu sized her up. Jiang Chen sharply looked towards him when he was about to speak. The latter said slowly, "Did you just say he chose to die rather than tell you about our relationship?"

I won't leak your secret. Don't worry about it.

He could still recall Leng Chuixue's smiling face when they had said goodbye. It had been funny to him. He hadn't given too much thought to it, but to his surprise, Leng Chuixue had kept his promise.

And judging from the situation Lin Jingyu had described, he had apparently insinuated that Leng Chuixue could have lied to him. Even if it was true that there had been nothing special between them, he hadn't said anything.

Jiang Chen closed his eyes. With a deep breath, he said, "Lin Jingyu, I'll take your life."

As soon as he had finished speaking, he released the fingers that were grasping the tail of the Star Chasing Arrow.

The Star Chasing Arrow was worthy of its name. It flew into the sky at an extremely high speed, aiming perfectly between Lin Jingyu's eyebrows.

He's able to exert the power of the Star Chasing Arrow to this extent. He's a great threat. I have to kill him.

Lin Jingyu curled his lip. Of course, he had a secret weapon. A golden shield appeared in his hand. It was three feet long and rectangular, with a dragon carved in the center.

This was a magic weapon that he had found in the small world.

Lin Jingyu had figured out how to use the shield. It could crack half of the enemy's attack and transfer the other half, so he wasn't afraid of the Star Chasing Arrow.

Seeing the arrow approaching, an idea occurred to him. The golden shield in his hand was shaking slightly.

"That's not good!"

Noticing this detail, Mo Jianfei panicked. He hurried to dodge the arrow, but those behind him were less lucky.

They had almost died, but they still hadn't cherished their lives after surviving, coming back to pick a fight against Jiang Chen. When the Star Chasing Arrow had hit the golden shield, an extremely glaring energy wave immediately appeared. It reached far and wide, swallowing them in an instant.

The ten-odd men didn't even have the chance to scream. They all died tragically.

Lin Jingyu is even more cruel than me!

Mo Jianfei knew Lin Jingyu had done it intentionally. Given a good scare, he didn't even feel happy that this could bring bad result to Jiang Chen. He was only afraid that Lin Jingyu would kill him as well so that no one would find out.

Fortunately, Lin Jingyu hadn't noticed that he knew.

Despite the shield, he still flew off the ground, whirling in the air many times before stopping.

"Gosh! Jiang Chen, you're so vicious. How could you kill so many people… Eh? Where is he?"

Lin Jingyu made the speech he had prepared without looking around, but in the end, he found Jiang Chen wasn't there.

"Did he run away?"

Lin Jingyu looked around, not very sure, since he hadn't seen any trace of Jiang Chen.

A human being couldn't move that fast.

Not only had Jiang Chen disappeared, Gao Huoling was also gone.

"Apprentice Brother Lin, he ran into the pit," someone said.

"Okay!" Lin Jingyu said slowly. He relaxed. This would be as simple as catching a rat in the hole.

He didn't even want to chase them immediately. Instead, he glanced at the remaining people in the mine.

They were all on Jiang Chen's side. They didn't know that Lin Jingyu had done that intentionally. They only thought it was an accident.

Both parties had been responsible for it, but the story would be told by those who survived.

Therefore, they ran away.

"Apprentice Brother Lin?"

None of his men were affected. Looking at the fleeing people, they looked towards Lin Jingyu, waiting for his command.

"Kill them," Lin Jingyu said coldly without too much hesitation.


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