The Brilliant Fighting Master
450 Hard to Be a Good Person
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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450 Hard to Be a Good Person

In addition to this, Gao Huoling's overall behavior was also quite satisfying.

Jiang Chen went down into the mine. He lined everyone up and freed them from their chains, one by one.

They all thanked him, appreciating what he had done and expressing their admiration for him.

When he came to one man, the man asked Jiang Chen, "Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, did you take Green Ghost's spiritual storage ware?"

"Eh?" Jiang Chen looked over. He was a plain man who had nothing attractive about him. He didn't like the man's cunning look, either.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, when Green Ghost caught us, he took away everything we'd collected in the small world." The man gave a crafty smile, but he didn't continue speaking.

However, what he had said reminded the others. They started a heated discussion in low voices.

"What's your name?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Apprentice brother, my name is Li Xiaofei." The man kept a low profile, but there was no respect at all in his look.

Glancing at the others, Jiang Chen said, "I certainly won't steal your belongings."

His announcement was greeted with glee. They started to compliment Jiang Chen with the sweetest words they could think of.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, during these ten-odd days trapped in the mine, we've been exploiting crystals continuously. Could you…" Li Xiaofei said again, still very carefully, but what he had said was what the others didn't dare to mention.

"Are you expecting Jiang Chen to share the crystals evenly?" Gao Huoling stared at him. She looked like a flower in full bloom when she was angry.

Li Xiaofei smiled embarrassedly. He said in a low voice, "Isn't that the right thing to do?"

As he spoke, he lowered his head. His look kept moving, and there was a smile hanging on his face.

The others were also excited. If Li Xiaofei hadn't brought it up, they wouldn't have thought about that.

But by then, the idea made sense to them.

They had worked hard to dig every piece of those crystals out. They couldn't even remember how many times they'd been whipped.


Gao Huoling flew into a rage. These people behaved like the crystals of fire dragon were their personal belongings.

"If Jiang Chen hadn't come, we would probably have died and lost everything we have. How could you still be greedy for the crystals of fire dragon?" said Gao Huoling.

"Miss Gao, you shouldn't speak for him just because you're on his side. He came here to revenge himself. Green Ghost even threatened him with our lives, but he didn't give a damn about it," someone else said, since Li Xiaofei had given them the idea.

And he hit the nail on the head. Many people agreed with him.

"If Jiang Chen had put down the Star Chasing Bow, he could have died, too, not to mention that he saved us anyway. It was nothing but Green Ghost's trick!" Gao Huoling said in anger.

"But in the end he killed Green Ghost, didn't he? And he didn't use the Star Chasing Bow," Li Xiaofei murmured, as if talking to himself, but everyone could hear him.

"It was a life-or-death fight. Jiang Chen had a better choice, so why should he have taken risks? He wouldn't know for sure whether he could manage to kill Green Ghost or not before the final result came out," said Gao Huoling.

"Enough." Jiang Chen, who had kept silent all this time, shook his head, smiling. Looking at Li Xiaofei and the others, he said, "I'm stronger than Green Ghost, and you were like ants before him, but you have the nerve to challenge me. It's hard to be a good person."

Some people lowered their heads out of shame. After all, not all of them had lost their minds for wealth.

"But the thing is, since when have I become a good person in your eyes? Just because I unchained you?"

Jiang Chen's smile suddenly became extremely cold. He attacked without any warning, sticking his sword into Li Xiaofei's Qihai.

Li Xiaofei was immediately paralyzed. He fell onto the ground, screaming. His Qihai had been injured. As a result, more than twenty years of practice had gone to waste. He stopped hiding his true colors. His face was full of spite.

The others kept stepping back. Looking at Li Xiaofei's tragic situation, they turned pale.

Overlooking Li Xiaofei, with the Red Cloud Sword pointed at his cheek, Jiang Chen said, "Do you still want them?"

Gnashing his teeth, Li Xiaofei didn't answer.

"Jiang Chen…"

Someone tried to mediate, but before he could finish what he was going to say, the chains freed by Jiang Chen had automatically gone back to them, binding them again.

But not on all of them. Those who hadn't spoken a word and looked ashamed, not struggling, were just fine.

It turned out that Jiang Chen had been observing.

"From today on, you'll carry on exploiting the mine here, until our time in the small world ends," said Jiang Chen in a low voice.

Those who had agreed with Li Xiaofei felt bitter. It was too much for them that their lives had highs and lows so quickly. They couldn't help but curse Li Xiaofei to themselves.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, it was our faults. We lost our heads before the treasure."

"Yeah, we forgot about your mercy and help. We're b*stards."

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, we believe you're merciful enough to forgive us. Please forgive us."

These people hurried to beg for his pardon. They really didn't want to stay in the mine any longer.

"I didn't reason with you at all. Did you finally wake up after the sword attack and those chains? Hahaha, how ironic." Of course, he wouldn't make them mine, but he had to teach them a lesson.

"Jiang Chen, don't forget you're still a member of the Hero Palace!" someone trash talked, since he was reluctant to face the reality.

"So? You can ask for anything you want from the members of the Hero Palace? Hehe, I haven't told you whether you'll survive or not after the small world ends. You could end up like Green Ghost, after I send you to hell on the last day here," said Jiang Chen.

Those in chains panicked immediately. They started to curse the one who had trash talked. Then some people knelt down, begging Jiang Chen.

"You miserable wretches, go away!"

Jiang Chen lost interest and flicked his fingers. Then everyone's chains came off automatically.

They didn't dare ask for any crystals of fire dragon anymore. They ran away as quickly as they could.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen, thank you. We're different from them."


The remaining third of the group thanked Jiang Chen again in guilty tones.

"People are different. Don't allow any group to snatch your independence away. I won't make things difficult for you because of them. If you want, you can stay and mine with me. You can keep whatever you dig out."

Jiang Chen smiled, as if he was putting on another face.

Li Xiaofei, still lying on the ground as he couldn't fly away, was shocked. Not until then did he realize there were still abundant amounts of crystals in the mine. Him being short-sighted had prevented him from getting more of them!

Jiang Chen's way of doing things is really…

As a bystander, Gao Huoling was amazed by Jiang Chen's different attitudes to different people. She was especially stunned by his way of lecturing others. She couldn't help but admire him.

He wasn't so confined to rules as other disciples of the Hero Palace were, nor was he as evil as those from the Evil Cloud Palace.

He had his own standards and manners. If she had to find a word for him, she would say he was irregular.

But of course, in a good way. She had never seen such a guy.

It was a pity that they were cousins.

Gao Huoling's face colored when this idea rose in her. Fortunately, no one had noticed.

Li Xiaofei was left there, alone. No one cared about him anymore. His end would undoubtedly be miserable.


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