The Brilliant Fighting Master
449 Green Ghost, Die
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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449 Green Ghost, Die

Green Ghost couldn't help but look at Jiang Chen's right hand. He sensed a familiar strong energy gathering again.

"No way."

He shook his head slightly, dismissing his doubt. He refused to believe it could be true.

"Demon Power Shocks the World!"

Green Ghost confronted Jiang Chen's attack calmly. He gave off an energy that seemed to be a mixture of blood and iron.

By then, he didn't look like an average man at all. He would have looked exactly like a demon if he had red eyes and horns on his head.

"Demon Hands Sees the Buddha Off!"

Green Ghost exerted his unique movement. He clapped his palms and pushed them forward, as if pushing a boat along a stream. An extremely strong palm power was immediately emitted.

"How powerful!"

Those in the mine felt an invisible pressure fall upon them. No matter what state they were in, high or low, they all felt weak in the knees. They couldn't help but almost kneel down.

Green Ghost has been hiding his strength, too! Gao Huoling thought. She was worried for Jiang Chen.

As soon as Jiang Chen had entered the attack range of the palm power, he felt himself stuck in a storm like a kite without a string.

"You want results? I'll give you results!"

Jiang Chen pulled out all the stops. He exerted the creation of nature and martial arts techniques and the fight doctrine at the same time. Controlling his body, he dashed over fearlessly.

"A Limitless Sword Attack!"

The sword in his left hand exerted the proper movement, its energy opening a passage for him.

"You're still refusing to recognize the reality. What a funny guy." Green Ghost's voice didn't sound like a man or a woman, though it was quite magnetic. The place echoed with it.

As his palm print changed, the palm powers spreading in the air gathered around Jiang Chen.

The resistance Jiang Chen was facing became stronger and stronger. At the same time, his palm gave off a brilliant red glow, showing a different beauty.

However, what was more beautiful was more dangerous.

"When Jiang Chen stops moving, he'll be crushed by the palm power!" said a man who was good at palm methods. He recognized how powerful this palm attack of Green Ghost's was. Knowing he couldn't compete with the latter, he was possessed by a sort of sadness, because he was also a slave. If Jiang Chen died, none of them would be saved.

Under the others' gazes, Jiang Chen kept approaching Green Ghost, but he was slowing down, as well.

If this went on, his sword wouldn't be able to reach Green Ghost.


Jiang Chen's left arm muscle bulged. The Red Cloud Sword, already updated to magic level, was carrying the power of the doctrine of the sword.

The palm power was shattered again as he and his sword turned into one. Nothing could stop him.

What a damned sword this is!

Perceiving the power of Jiang Chen's unusual sword, Green Ghost cursed silently. He gnashed his teeth, also doing everything he could.

The shapeless palm power turned into a substance, forming the air into a boiling bloody sea.

Jiang Chen slowed down again when he was only fifty yards away from Green Ghost.

Both of them grimaced, exerting the last bit of power they had in their bodies.

It was their sleeves that were torn apart first.

Some minutes later, Jiang Chen was only twenty meters away from Green Ghost. This made Green Ghost's men nervous.

As far as they could recall, no one else had been able to approach Green Ghost so closely under the attack of his unique movement.


They weren't any closer to the end. Green Ghost kept growling, his hands red due to the force he used.

Jiang Chen finally stopped when he was ten yards away from Green Ghost.

"Go to hell!"

Green Ghost couldn't wait any longer. He was busy making gestures. With With Jiang Chen at the center, the mighty palm power that had spread into a bloody sea was about to develop into devastating power.

"Didn't I tell you I was going to show you my fist?"

Jiang Chen, who seemed to have frozen, doing nothing but waiting for his death, suddenly smiled coldly.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation—Smash the Sky!"

The tightly closed right hand finally exerted a fist attack. In a golden flash, the extraordinary fist power overpowered the bloody sea.

Green Ghost's palm power disappeared. Transformed into a sun, Jiang Chen dashed towards Green Ghost.

"No way!"

Those in the mine heard Green Ghost's scream.

Then the sky seemed as if it had been torn apart by the two men. Wind blew violently. A mighty suction was created in the twisted sky.

Many people flew away. Fortunately, they fell onto the ground after making it only several feet in the air.

When they looked up again, the sky had turned gold and red. The remaining energy lingered there, demonstrating how formidable the last attack had been.

"Fortunately, they were in the air. Otherwise, the whole mine would have collapsed!"

This was the first thing that occurred to them. Then they started to wonder who had won, looking for the two figures.


Soon, sharp-eyed people noticed a figure flying over from as far as they could see.

When the figure was close enough, they found it was Green Ghost.


The mine was suddenly filled with screams. Jiang Chen was still not a match for Green Ghost. Although it had been a wonderful fight, the result wasn't what they'd expected.

"No. Look again!"

Someone made a new finding. They all looked up, and the place went into uproar.

It turned out they had made a mistake, since the figure had been too far away.

It was Green Ghost, but someone was carrying him. They couldn't tell from his closed eyes whether he was still alive.

It was Jiang Chen standing behind him.

He cut a sorry figure in his shabby clothes. His breath was unstable, but his resolute look was shocking.

"That's not good!"

Green Ghost's men were all scared out of their wits. They hurried to flee.

Those in the mine wanted to chase them, but their iron chains hadn't been removed yet, so they had to give up.

Jiang Chen came over to the mine. He landed slowly at the peak, glancing at those below.

"You're free now. I'll help you get rid of the chains, but before that, I need to treat my injuries first."

No one had a second opinion. Instead, they kept cheering for him.

Gao Huoling even ran onto the peak to ask him whether he needed any help. There was a huge difference in her attitude compared to the last time they had met.

"I'll free you from your chains first. Protect me while I'm treating myself, since we're family."

As he spoke, he removed the chains without effort.

Without waiting for Gao Huoling's reaction, he turned around and walked into a stone chamber in a pit.

By then, he had been heavily injured and was exhausted.

Since Gao Huoling had been set free, she had to choose whether to take the opportunity to kill Jiang Chen or give away the position of lord of the family.

Jiang Chen had done this intentionally, intending to test Gao Huoling.

If she was such an evil person, Jiang Chen wouldn't allow her to live.

He recovered in an hour. He would experience the benefits brought by the desperate fight gradually as time passed.

"If everything goes well, I'll focus on practicing until I achieve Cloud Nine, but sure, if I want to enhance my fighting power instead of state, I'll start working on the core of thunder instead."

Jiang Chen was greedy. He had formed the core of thunder not long after he had become a Reaching Heaven State.

At that point, he had achieved Cloud Six. His powers of wind and thunder were lagging behind.

He walked out of the stone chamber. Gao Huoling came up to him and gave him a bag.

"Jiang Chen, this is Green Ghost's spiritual storage ware," said Gao Huoling.


Jiang Chen looked at the bag in surprise. It was as big as a bag of rice. Such a big spiritual storage ware container meant the space inside was also surprisingly big.

His eyes lit up as soon as he opened it. It was filled with crystals of fire dragon.

"So, all of his profits from the mine are in here." Jiang Chen smiled, glancing at Green Ghost's dead body.

This was a big surprise for him.


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